21 Best Shopify Themes For 2020 (These Are The Ones We Like)

Written by Franklin Hatchett

Our goal at EcomElites is to help readers get the information they need, we partner with companies to help bring you that information. If a purchase or signup is made through our partners, we receive compensation for the referral. Learn More

Our goal at EcomElites is to help readers get the information they need, we partner with companies to help bring you that information. If a purchase or signup is made through our partners, we receive compensation for the referral. Learn More

Every year, there is a trend going on for website themes that you should not miss. If you are in the e-commerce space or dropshipping business, you need to be updated with these new themes. Every year, theme developers add new features to according to what is new on technology.

These added features can boost your conversion, so you need to use new ones if they apply. They can also make your customer experience better, or make your store more app-friendly and customizable.

Today, we will review the Top 21 Shopify themes of 2020. We will look at their features, design, and cost. Some of these are free to use, some have a one-time payment, and some require an annual licensing.

Let us jump right it and help you decide which theme is the best for you this year.

1. eCom Turbo

Cost: $97 to $127

eCom Turbo is from the group called eCom Elites. It was made by Franklin Hatchett, an e-commerce expert who do dropshipping himself. He developed the theme to provide e-commerce businesses theme that is fast, flexible, and reliable.

Customizable Homepage

Change your landing page in the way you want to fit your brand design. You can customize your home page without limitations, unlike most themes where your home page can contain only pre-made sections.

Conversions Boosters

The theme was created to help you make sales. You can use apps that would help you in your marketing campaigns, without damaging your website. The problem with many themes is that once you integrate apps, they don’t work according to how they should.

Fast Load Times

Nothing frustrates a site visitor more than slow loading websites. On top of that, Google will not rank you even if you have the best SEO approach. Google hates slow websites because they give the site user bad experience.

Free e-Commerce Training

If you buy the theme, you will not only receive free training on how to use the theme, but also free training about e-commerce and how you can make sales.

The theme comes in three packages, all of which offer the following:

  • Shopify Store
  • Instant Access
  • Lifetime Updates
  • Lifetime Support
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Full Theme Training
  • Bonus Ecom Training

If you buy the $47 package, you can use the theme in unlimited Shopify stores. If you get the PRO version which costs $127, you can only use the theme on 3 Shopify stores.

2. Narrative

Cost: FREE

Narrative is a free theme developed by Shopify. The theme comes in three versions called Warm, Light, and Cold. The Narrative theme was specifically designed to tell a story. Here, each section of the landing page allows you to use large photos that occupy main screen width.

Hero Video

Instead of using photos on your hero banners, you can use videos. These videos are embedded. The customer does not have to leave the site while watching it. It also works great on mobile devices.

Fixed Navigation

The menu buttons are found on the upper left hand side of the store. You cannot adjust this, as the theme was designed to provide the best customer experience through easy navigation.

Vertical Slideshow

You can add a section on you homepage where a customer can scroll down through several photos. This is great because the site visitor does not have to move from one section of your homepage to another just to view photos of a product.

Wide Layout

The banners and videos would cover the screen’s entire length. This feature allows you to maximize the space and not show blank white spaces on your site.

This is one of the best free themes in Shopify. You can build a store that looks professional, similar to minimalist themes used by huge companies like Apple. Use this theme if you want a site visitor to focus in the product and not on clutter.

3. Wookie

Cost: $79

Wookie is a theme that has a powerful designing system. It is a premium theme found on Theme Forest. It is built to deliver fast load times, and is super responsive.

With Wookie, you are free to create your own store layout with the drag-and-drop landing page builder. It has a lot of modules that you can choose from, and you can make all the changes in your Shopify content management system.

Fully customizable

You can change the positions of your navigation menu, your site content, the position of the images, and product placement.

Comes with support

If you are unsure how to use it, the price you pay is inclusive of six months of support. You can send the theme creators your questions, and they can also assist your with the integration of third-party apps. For $79, you are also entitled to get free updates.

Filter Options

You can create up to 10 filters that would allow your customers to choose products based on the characteristics they choose. This makes it easy to navigate your site if you have a huge inventory.

The theme also comes with an email subscription form. You can either use the one from Shopify or use MailChimp. If you want, you can also use the available Google fonts instead of the default fonts in Shopify. Also, it has a countdown timer so you no longer have to buy this app from another provider.

4. Debut

Cost: Free

Debut is a free theme made by Shopify, and it has two styles called Default and Light. The Default Style does not have a banner, but you can use your brand logo on the top left and create a navigation menu on the top middle.

The Light Style has a feature where you can place a small banner at the top to announce your marketing campaigns, like free shipping or a seasonal discount.

Product Filtering

You can create a filtering option to make it easy for your site visitors to show only the products that they want. These filtering options can be based on colors, product brands, or types. It really depends on your niche.

Customer Testimonials

You can create a section at your home page to show customer testimonials. You can put their photos, their ratings, and their feedback on this section. This would help you boost your credibility as your site visitors get to read these positive feedback. You are in control what testimonials you want to put in this section.

Multi-Level Menu

You can create categories on your menu page, and further drill that down to more sub-categories. This feature works best if you have a huge inventory, as it makes it easier for your site visitors to navigate the site.

The theme works great whether you have a small or a large inventory. It is mobile-friendly and there are other features here like image zoom, social media icons, blog pages, and more.

5. BookShop

Cost: $59

This theme is great for operating a book store, thus the name. The regular license costs $59, and you can use it only on one store.

The theme has a responsive design, and it is ideal not only for book stores, but websites that sell other digital and media products, like DVDs, downloadable items, games, and eBooks.

Product Details

Each product post has an area where you can put the author name, details of the book or games, or publishers. This feature makes it easy for you to make a standard format of how each product is going to look on the store.


The layout builder is a drag-and-drop technology. You do not have to learn how to code to add, remove, or edit certain parts of your store.

Digital Downloads

The theme supports digital downloads, which means you no longer need another app to send a digital download to your customer who paid for it. All it takes is for you to upload the product on the theme, and it will automatically download once it is paid.


The theme comes with six months of support from the creator. You can get assistance should you meet bugs and issues along the way. The theme author would also help you install third-party apps.

If you need more support, you have to pay an extra $16.50 for 12 months more of support from the theme author. The theme also comes with a default email subscription form.

6. Jumpstart

Cost: Free

Jumpstart s called this way because it is a one-product theme. Designed by Shopify, it is used for start-up companies that have a new product to offer. You can only add one product on this theme, but it was designed to make that single product sell or convert site visitors into email subscribers.

Hero Video

The top of the home page is a wide banner or hero section where you can upload a video. The best way to use it is to put a video that demonstrates how your product works.

Crowdfunding Tracking System

On your store, you can add a section which shows how much money you have raised. This is a great tool to encourage people to donate for your cause, especially if your product is a revolutionary one that can help fight diseases, save the environment, etc. The tracker shows a percentage of your goal completion against your target.

Email Subscription

There is a default email subscription tool for the theme, which allows you to ask your site visitors to subscribe. Once you have their email, you can send them messages to sell your products, or donate for your cause.

This theme is best only for one-product stores, especially those that need funding from investors. The theme was designed to allow you to showcase your product photos, videos, and ask for investments. It also comes with SEO, drop-down menus, free stock photos through burst, and all other standard Shopify theme features.

7. Shella

COST: $54

Shella used to cost only $44 last year, but now it has gone up in price because of the demand. The Shella theme is best if what you are looking for is a webstore that has an amazing load time. The page speed score of this theme is 100%, and the YSlow Score is 94%. Both stats are from GTMetrix, a dependable website that tests theme and web load speeds.

Content Builder

Build your content the way you like it. On your banner, you can add a slideshow, hero banners, and so much more

81 designs

With this theme, you can choose from more than 81 pre-designed templates. You no longer have to think of your own store design and arrangement. All of these have different layouts, so choose one and then just customize it to suit your taste.

Browser compatibility

Unlike other themes, this was designed to be compatible with several browsers. What this means is that your website would not look ugly no matter what your customer is using. It is compatible with Safari, Opera, Edge, Chrome, and even Firefox.

Shella has six months of support, but you have to pay $14.63 if you need more time. The theme supports collections pages, blogs, and galleries.

8. Venture

Cost: Free

Venture is a theme made for stores with a large inventory. The theme has a dynamic design, and it has three styles called Snowboard, Outdoors, and Boxing. It is great for companies selling outdoor and sports goods.

The three styles have little differences. The Snowboard is a little laid back, while the Outdoors is bright. The Boxing theme is a little dark.

Multi-column menu bar

You can create several menus where your product photos would appear if a customer would hover his mouse over it. Instead of text, it is the feature photo that would appear. This works great for products that really have a visual appeal.

Slide Show

All three styles have a hero banner at the top where you can use several photos for your slide show. With the hero banner, you can showcase large photos. These photos can be lifestyle photos, or announcements about a big sale.

Promotional Banner

On top of the page, you can add a little strip or line that has text. That text is a reminder or an announcement about your offer. On mobile or on desktop, this is the first thing that a customer is going to see.

The theme works best for those who have a huge inventory. Despite the large inventory, the theme manages to make to make the website really neat, not cluttered. It is also a great choice if your product conversion depends on photos, so you can use it for both fashion and sporting goods.

9. Foodly

Cost: $59

As the name implies, this theme is designed for food stores. It has a 1-click installation so integration with your Shopify account is easy. It is a highly customizable theme, and you can edit it on your own with no knowledge of coding. But if you need more support, you have to hire an expert on CSS3 and HTML 5.


Just choose the kind of section you want and in one click, it will become part of your website. Once you have created your website design, you can now drag and drop photos and videos.


The theme was designed as a mobile-first theme. What this means is that it was designed to work on all types of mobile devices. It is great for food store owners whose target market is people on the go.

87 Constructors

Overall, the theme has 87 choices. You can add sections, photos, add banners, and so much more. Just choose from any of these 87 visual components to make your website professional, and then add the actual content later on.

Social Media

The theme can be integrated with your social media pages like Facebook and Instagram. Apart from these, the theme comes with a MailChimp integration, making it easier for you to capture your site visitor’s email addresses.

10. Boundless

COST: Free

Also from Shopify, this theme is built for fashion stores. It has two styles called Black White and Vibrant. The Black & White style is simple, and the hero slider has a clickable button in the middle of the slider image. Below the hero banner is the navigation menu, followed by vertical product photos.

The Vibrant style has no clickable button on the hero image. Below the hero is the navigation menu, and this is followed by a section where you can put two product photos side by side.

Optimized for Large Images

The photo areas of this theme are huge. One photo alone can occupy one-fourth of the screen space on a desktop. This is best used for products where the customer’s buying decision is affected by the photo.

Full-Width Collections

Usually, your collections have images lined up on a row. This one, however, allows you to use the full width of the screen for one photo, which represents a collection of products.

Sticky Navigation

Most navigation menu of websites are stuck where they are. But this one has a sticky menu, which means that as the customer scrolls down, the navigation menu is going to follow him.

Supply is a theme that is great for products like bicycles, cameras, clothing, and motorcycles. The theme is made for big photos that are bold, which allows customers to see better lifestyle photos while the products are being used.

11. Kaline

COST: $49

Kaline is a responsive theme that is best used for fashion and accessories. The user interface and experience are both optimized to deliver great results and high conversion rates. The theme was designed for fast navigation, which is good for stores that have a high inventory count.

Multiple options

The theme offers eight styles for product pages, five types of headers and footers. Choose one that you like, and this choice will be applied to your store right away. You can also take advantage of what is called a mega menu. You can create dropdowns with five content types for each.

Customized FAQ

You can build a page that is designed for FAQ. The questions are tabs that would drop down the answers if tapped or clicked, making the FAQ page look neat.

Live search

There is a search bar customers can use that will show results on top of the page. The search results do not take the customer to another page. This can help in customer page retention if the products they are searching for are not available.

The theme comes with free support for up to six months. It is compatible several browsers like
Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Edge, and Opera.

12. Minimal

COST: Free

The Minimal theme, as implied by its name, is minimalist. You cannot put a lot of stuff on this theme as it is designed to only show what matters on your website. It has three designs called Vintage Fashion, and Modern.

Home Page Video

Use videos on your landing page instead of photos. The videos can be embedded so the customer does not have to leave your site to watch it.

Image Zoom

If a customer hovers his mouse on a product, the product photo would get large. The site visitor can choose the photo sections that he wants to zoom in to. This is great for products where artistry matters.

Product Filtering

If you have a lot of categories, colors, or brands, you can use this feature to create filters. At your store front, a customer simply has to click these filter boxes. After that, the website would only show products that meet these filters.


This theme has an automated upsell feature. While your customer is looking at a product, below that would be photos of your other items for sale, which pretty much is a recommendation. This is what Amazon uses on its website, and it works great to increase your average order value.

The Minimal theme is great for stores that need a clean look. It does not work best for stores that want to look busy. The theme also comes with a blog, an email subscription form, featured collection, and other standard Shopify features.

13. Ap Exgym

COST: $56

If you are selling gym equipment, or anything that has something to do with sports and health, then this theme is the best. It is an all-in-one Shopify theme that comes with four types of home pages you can choose from.

Supports Shopify Sections

If there are some sections you want to maintain from the Shopify web builder, you can do it. This theme can integrate its own web design with Shopify.

Fully responsive

The theme works on desktop, mobile phones and tablets. The theme will optimize how the website is presented depending on the customer’s device. Your store would be easy to navigate, which can lead to higher conversion rates.

Slide Show and mega menu

You can create a slide show that covers the entire screen width. Use this to showcase lifestyle photos of people using your product. The mega menu allows you to build several layers of drop downs in the navigation bar. You can also use carousels to showcase your products on your landing page.

Quick view

On your collections page, your customer can have a quick view of each product without leaving that particular page. The quick view is a pop up that has the photo and short description of the chosen product. The customer can close this and then choose another one.

The theme is fully and well documented. It works on all types of devices and browsers, plus you get six months of free support from the developer.

14. Simple

COST: Free

Designed by Shopify, this theme comes with three styles called Light, Beauty, and Toy. The Light style has no hero pages, but the other two have hero banners on top of the page.

Sidebar menu

This is a menu that has an accordion style at the left side of the home page. Even if the customer is on a product page, the side bar menu on the left is a sticky, making it easy to go back to previous pages or navigate to others.

Image Zoom

Use high-resolution photos to take advantage of this. If a customer hovers his mouse on a particular part of a product photo, that part would be magnified, giving the customer a better view of the item.

Image animations

The photos in your banners and product pages would transition into the next one. These animations are not exactly videos, but simply transition effects that you typically see on Powerpoint presentations.

Product recommendations

At the bottom of each product page, the theme would show similar products to the site visitor, making him aware of your other items for sale. This feature can increase your conversion rate.

Since this is made by Shopify, the theme is a perfect choice for your Shopify store. It ort best for businesses that have small catalogs, especially those that have high focus on product photos, not the text or description.

15. Ap Wooden

COST: $56

The Ap Wooden theme is best used for handicrafts and art. It is inspired by wooden furniture, but still has a modern look.

It is a highly responsive them that works on mobile and desktop devices. It offers five layout designs for the homepage, plus it can be integrated to the multi-lingual app, which can make your website available in multiple languages.

Large slideshow

Since the theme is for arts and craft, the slideshow at the top of your landing page is huge enough to get a person’s attention. The slide show banner also has two buttons.

Quick view

Customers do not have to leave a page if they only want a quick view of one product. This quick view function would launch a pop-up that has the product photo and details of the item.


There is an app that comes with the theme that allows you to create tabs on product pages. The tabs make the product pages look uniform and organized.

Floating header

You can choose to make your header a floating one. What this means is that it will stay on the screen even if the customer is scrolling down, making it easy to navigate the site instead of scrolling back up.


You can add a carousel section on your landing page to show different types of products in just one section. This makes it easy for customers to view different products without leaving the current page.

The theme is 100% responsive and it comes with 6months of free support. It is updated regularly and it can accommodate high-resolution photos.

16. Brooklyn

Brooklyn has two styles called Classic and Playful. It was made by Shopify, and both styles allow you to put large images on your home page. The landing page has a slider that occupies the entire width, so there are no white spaces beside your hero photos.

Built for Fashion

The theme’s design allows for large photos on your product pages. Also, you are not limited to using only one or two photos for each product. Since the photos are huge, there is a better likelihood that your site visitor is going to convert.

Hero Video

You can use videos on your hero banners instead of photos. The videos can be embedded from Vimeo or YouTube. This is great of you are launching marketing campaigns, or if you want to show the product in a demo video.

Dynamic Display

If the section allows for four photos but you only used two or three, the theme will automatically adjust the size of the spacing. It will also remove the slots for the other photos that have no content.

Overall, the Brooklyn theme is one of the best offered by Shopify. It is easy to use, neat, and allows you to load videos or photos on your hero banner. It is truly a flexible theme even if it only has two styles. The Brooklyn theme is best used for fashion and accessories niches, and also for food stores.

17. Ororus

COST: $48

The Ororus theme is great for a gadget store. The theme developer offers online support, easy customization, and a theme documentation that works well with Shopify. It has pre-made homepages that you can choose from, and all you have to do is to change the content.

Mobile Optimized

The theme was designed to run on mobile devices with no problems. It can detect what device your customer is using, and the theme will automatically shift to a user interface best for that device.


There is no need for coding knowledge. Choose from different layout styles and sections. And just drag them to your content management system in Shopify. Once you have selected the sections you want, just upload the photos, videos, or change the text.


The theme has a blog section where you can put valuable content to build your credibility. The blog posts are also great for driving traffic to your store through organic search.

The Ororus theme is best for electronic and gadgets. It runs great on several browsers, and the theme can detect these browsers plus the device your customer is using for the best shopping experience.

18. Supply

COST: Free

Supply is also made by Shopify, and it is great for stores with large inventories. The theme has room for 50 plus products under several collections. It has two styles called Light and Blue.

The Blue theme has six collections, and you can immediately showcase these themes below your slider. The Light style has four collections below the slider, and you can add a section where you can show a featured collection below that.

Big Inventory

With 50 plus products, you can use this theme for fashion and accessory. In many free themes, you have to delete some products if you want to sell new ones. This one has a capacity to carry products for big niches such clothing, jewelry, and electronics.

Filtered Collection

This theme has a side bar. On this side bar, you can create a filtering system so your site visitors do not have to skim through all your products just to find what they want. All they have to do is to click on the boxes, and your website would show only products that meet these conditions.

Slide Show

You can put a hero banner on your landing page, and use several photos on the slider. The phots automatically change, and the customer can also click backward or forward if he missed seeing one photo. This hero banner does not accept videos, and they have no clickable buttons.

The theme is also packed with other features like blog, product review integration, email subscription, and payment icons.

19. OneShop

COST: $59

The OneShop theme has an elegant design best for home ware like kitchen accessories. It also works for fashion and accessories. The theme is 100% responsive, mobile-friendly, and it is packed with features like mega menu, wish list, quick view, and SEO.

Multiple header color

The theme offers users to choose from four header colors. This feature makes it easier for you to design a store that fits your brand. The color options are default, blue, green, and orange.

Mega menu

Build a huge list of categories and sub-categories that would drop down from your main navigation menu. This is great if you have a large inventory of products because it would make site navigation faster and easier for your customers.

Intuitive search and filter

Customers on your website have the option to filter what types of products they want to see. This improves retention rate because a site visitor will not get frustrated browsing your store. It would be easy to find several products that have the same characteristics, and then make a decision to buy.

The developer offers support to help users understand how to use it. You can expect to get support within 24 hours.

20. Goetze

COST: $56

Goetze is a furniture theme. It is packed with features like tabs, browser compatibility, customization, and dynamic layout. It has five home page layouts to choose from, making the theme flexible in terms of landing pages.

Customizable product grid

You can customize how your product pages look like. You can use the default standard where the product description is on the right, or make the product photos sit side by side.

Drop down cart

The customer can click on the shopping cart button and see what items are already there. If the customer clicks the shopping cart icon he would not leave the current page. Instead, the cart would drop down.

Custom fonts and colors

You can choose from more than 600 Google fonts to use on your store. You can change the colors of these fonts, including the fonts for your titles and pages.

The theme has six months of free support and the developers would charge and extra $15.38 after that. It is compatible with all devices, and is also ready for iPhone’s retina display.

21. Ap Melody

COST: $56

This one is best used for stores where you are selling music or live band services. It supports Shopify sections, and the theme has an artistic feel to it, making it a premier choice for musicians and recording studios.


The theme offers four types of layout for the homepage. Choose one that you like the most. You can edit this home page and add sections if you want.


You can use hero banners at the top of your homepage. The images here occupy the entire width of the screen, making it ideal to showcase photos of concerts.


Like the other themes, you can build several layers of menu and categories in this theme. This is great if you are selling recording albums for different music types like rock, pop, ballad, R &B, and more.

The theme is fully supported for six months. It is compatible with all devices, and it runs smoothly on any browser.


These are the top 21 Shopify themes of 2020. They are designed based on the trend of the year. Use these themes to make your website look modern ad credible.

Before you choose one, you have to visit the demo site of each theme. From there, you can test it, see how the photos are arranged what the size of the text is, and also check how responsive the theme is. Choose a theme that best fits your niche, as changing themes on your store often can make your customers leave.

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