21 Best Dropshipping Niches And Products For 2020

Written by Franklin Hatchett

Our goal at EcomElites is to help readers get the information they need, we partner with companies to help bring you that information. If a purchase or signup is made through our partners, we receive compensation for the referral. Learn More

Our goal at EcomElites is to help readers get the information they need, we partner with companies to help bring you that information. If a purchase or signup is made through our partners, we receive compensation for the referral. Learn More

If you are looking forward to make money in 2020, then dropshipping is one of the best online businesses that you can launch. It has the potential to scale up, requires a small capital, and you can easily earn a lot of profit if you do the right thing.

We’ll show you the top 21 dropshipping niches in 2020. Whether you are just starting out or you already built a dropshipping store, you can choose any of these and improve your conversion!

What Is A niche & Why Is It Important in 2020?

A niche is a category of interest. Some are broad niches, and some are deep niches. An example of a broad niche is clothing or fashion.

But if you want to go deeper, you can focus on just make-up and lipstick, or just women’s clothing. The most successful dropshippers focus on a very specific niches. For example, you may be a seller of gadgets, but gadgets is a huge niche, so you need to drill down.

Successful dropshippers in the gadget niche are those that sell one specific type of product. An example is headphones. All products you will see on this kind of store are just headphones.

Because he is an expert of headphones, his customers will see him as an expert and dedicated master of this gadget. As a result, he makes sales.

A niche is important for the following reasons:

  • It narrows down the options of consumers
  • It allows you to have one area of expertise and concentration
  • Low competition
  • Targeted audience and marketing

You cannot be a successful dropshipper if you are trying to be Amazon. Amazon is a huge billion-dollar corporation, and there are millions of people who sell here, not just one person. If you want to sell in many niches, then dropshipping on Amazon is a better choice

If you have a store, you are better off selecting one niche for one website, and then make a killing by targeting the right people through blogging, paid ads, and influencer marketing.

In here, we will show you very specific niches, and prove that there is interest on that deep niche. All our statistics here are for the past 12 months and cover worldwide searches.

So, what are the top 21 dropshipping niches in 2020 that will make you huge profits?

1. Portable Speakers

There is a demand for portable speakers because they run on Bluetooth, plus these speakers pack enough sound power even if they are not as big as the ones you saw in the 1990s.

Look for speakers that are powered by Bluetooth, and yet has an option to connect with wires or jacks. Also, find those that require batteries but also have a USB charging port. If you can, give your customers options like water-resistant variants, as many people would need something like this if they go to the beach or pool.

Portable speakers come in different shapes and sizes. There are so many designs you can choose from, and you can make more sales if they are all available on your website. Some even come with leather cases, and you can buy them for as low as $10, and sell them for $20.

2. Humidifier

Did you now that Celine Dion spent millions of dollars for humidifiers in her concerts? She needed these things to ensure that her voice was in perfect condition before her performances.

This device is something that people use to improve their health. It prevents dryness in the air. Dry air causes chapped lips, dry skin, and irritation. It is not uncommon during the summer, so many people will be looking for this product before the winter is over, in preparation for the summer.

A humidifier is filled with water, and the device acts as a moisturizer.

It helps relieve dryness, and can provide the following benefits:

  • Prevent dry skin and dry throat
  • Aids in sinus problems and headaches
  • Prevents nose irritation that can lead to nose bleeding
  • Can help in avoiding cracked or chapped lips
  • Prevents dry cough and relieves irritated vocal cords

Humidifiers also serve as decorations. They come in many shapes and styles, are not as costly as you think.

3. Dining Table

With the boom of the real estate industry comes along the demand to fill up the spaces. Dining tables are in demand as people need a place to eat.

Every year, more and more people are leaving their parents’ homes, and they have to rent their own spaces. The USA produces roughly 1.9 million graduates per year. All of these students will now move out of their dorms or parents’ houses, and rent their own flat.

The dining table is only next in importance to a bed. Since most people can sleep on couches and sleeping bags for their first few months, many would rather buy a dining table first than a full sized bed.

Should you go into this niche, choose dining tables that are less than $300.Anything higher than that may not sell, as your target market here are fresh graduates who do not have a job yet.

4. Phone Case

Phone cases are always in demand, and it is a good thing to dropship because you do not need to keep an inventory. If you have a brick-and-mortar store, you will lose a lot of money because smartphones change in sizes all the time.

With dropshipping, you just need to promote the latest designs for the latest phone models, and order the items if a customer bought from your store.

People love phone cases because these things reflect their personality. A phone case comes in many colors, and they are affordable. What this means is that one person can buy more than two from you.

Phone cases have also become an art form. There was a time when you could only get flat colors like black, pink, and blue. And most of them are plastic. Today, the designs are much better, and we now have better materials like silicone or leather.

5. Alarm Clock

Alarm clocks are making a comeback. Despite people having smartphones, they still want to buy alarm clocks because it also serves as a great bedroom decoration.

Besides, alarm clocks use less battery and are not likely to malfunction, unlike phones whose batteries get drained overnight.

As you can see from the screen shot, alarm clocks have a consistent demand. It is only a matter of looking for the right products, and offering them for the right price.

Alarm clocks are affordable, and you can sell them for a decent profit. Many now come with re-chargeable batteries, but there are still classic variants where you have to use double or triple A batteries.

6. Blender

People have become more health conscious now, so there is a demand for blenders that can make healthy juices out of fruits and vegetables.

You can sell high-powered blenders, or portable ones that do not need power. Some people like to blend their own smoothie in the office during break, and these are the people who are looking for portable blenders.

For home use, you can sell powered ones with different settings. Blenders are useful not only for making drinks but also for making other stuff like salsa.

While the graph shows there is a decline in the demand, you can still see that it has managed to be consistently above a score of 50 in Google Trends. It also spiked in November, and we are positive that this will spike even more in the coming summer days.

7. Yoga Mat

Health will always be a top niche in the world. And when people want to be healthy, they need a personal yoga mat where they can exercise. This product is great as you can expect to have repeat customers.

Yoga mats are subject to wear and tear. And those who have been exercising for a while now know that they are better off buying two of this at a time.

If you sell yoga mat, focus on the design and the quality. Choose only those that are made with thick fiber, machine-washable, and made with eco-friendly materials.

If you look at the trend of this product from 2004, you can see that it has consistently gone up. And as more and more health experts promote their own brand of health and fitness, more and more people will change their lifestyles and get into the habit of exercising.

8. Security Camera

There was a time when security cameras were only used in buildings. Also, security cameras used to be expensive, and you have to make a deal with a security company before they get installed.

Now, any person can buy one and install it in his residence.

Support for security camera products have also improved, as many of these have an app that the user can install on his phone. For as long as the person is online, he can view the live feed of these cameras.

Some people, however, just want one that records the videos. It is up to you if you want to target both people. One thing is for sure, those that have apps are more expensive than the regular ones.

9. Dog Collar

Dog collars have come a long way. There was a time when the only thing it did was to carry your dog’s name. Now, it comes in many designs, and some are even battery-operated. There are also dog collars that are tied up to an app.

This app has to be installed on a phone, and it will help you track your dog. But then, these collars are really expensive.

If you are in the pet niche, a dog collar is a must-have in your product categories. Most of them are so affordable that the shipping is more costly than the product.

The customers won’t mind, for as long as you have hundreds of options. As you know, dog owners want to buy collars that reflect their personality, so choose a variety of designs.

10. Pet bed

Look at the spike of the graph below. As 2020 draws nearer, there is a huge interest in pet beds. The winter is gonna be long, and most pet owners certainly do not want their pets to stay outside the house.

Responsible pet owners want their pets to have the same comfort as they do, and yet they do not want their pets to stay with them on the same bed. This is why you see a spike in the demand for pet beds.

Pet beds come in many designs. Some look like houses, while some are simple beds. If you sell these, choose only those that are made of heavy duty materials.

Pets usually knock off these things, or bite them, and you do not want pet beds that are made of flimsy materials. Choose those that are made of cardboards, or those that are lined with heavy metals.

11. Cat Toys

Cat toys are in demand because they easily break apart. Cats scratch and chew on their toys, and once they are done with it, they refuse to play with the toys anymore.

Cat toys are great because you can expect to have repeat customers. As you can see in the chart, the demand is rising as the year closes, but this can have a decline in the summer. This happens because cats are out in the summer, and can play with trees and in the yard.

During the winter, the cats are usually indoors, and they need toys that help them use their energy. Without these toys, they will end up scratching furniture, and home owners do not like that.

The best way to take advantage of this is to start marketing it in low-volume months, and then by the time the winter comes, you are already positioned as the niche expert in this category.

12. Denim Jacket

While this fashion style has been out since the 1980s, it is definitely making a comeback. Nothing really beats the strength and durability of denim, and it is a style that fits almost every kind of personality.

While there was little movement in its interest in the last few months, we can see that there was a spike by the end of 2019, and it even hit a trend score of 100 sometime in November.

The reason? Winter. Do not worry about this. A denim jacket is not a seasonal product. A person can wear this all year round, under any weather.

The jacket also comes in many designs. There are those that have fleece hoods, and some that have cottons sleeves.

A denim jacket is a statement that says that the person wearing it has a rugged personality, yet there are people who also want to soften the effect. If possible, give your customers as many choices as you can.

13. Athleisure

If you look at the trend of this product, it is always in the high range. Athleisure is a kind of clothing that people can use for exercise, and also for casual wear.

Your target market for this kind of fashion are people who are heavily involved in health and fitness. Examples of this are yoga pants, stretchy shirts, and sneakers that one can use in the gym.

For as long as there are people promoting health and fitness courses, you will have a customer base for athleisure.

Make sure you have a wide variety of products in your store, from yoga pants to tank tops and headbands. People like it also if your designs are great for mixing and matching.

14. Car phone holder

The car phone is a necessary tool for drivers. And for as long as the sales of cars is on an uptrend, you have a customer base.

Nobody uses a GPS tool anymore, and anyone with a smartphone can simply use Google maps to navigate his way. The thing is, it is dangerous to hold a phone while driving, so the solution is to use a car phone holder.

There are many types of car phone holders. There are those that you can amount on the dashboard, and there are those that you can clip on the AC vents. Choose different designs and attachment methods so your customer base a wide choice.

15. Tea

Look at the chart below. Tea is definitely a product you have to sell. The demand is high all year round. As people learn the bad effects of coffee, more and more are shifting to tea.

There are so many kinds of tea, and most of these are from Asia. Since this is food, the best thing you can do is to source this product from the same country where you want to ship. So, if you are shipping to UK customers, you must look for a tea supplier from the UK.

If you do not do this, you might end up having problems with customs. Many countries do not allow the entry of food, and your tea might be discarded and never reach your customer.

To source a product like this, try using Spocket. It is a dropshipping tool that allows you to look for a supplier from specific countries.

16. Desk

A desk is great for a work station. As you can see, there is a huge demand for it. If you think about it, many people today no longer commute to work. Instead, they work from home.

It is not unusual to see many successful affiliate marketers, dropshippers, and YouTube celebrities online. These people work from home, and they need a desk that will serve as their work station.

You have more target market other than these people. You can sell the desk to writers, graphic artists, and consultants, all of whom are working from home.

Sell desks that with wide enough space for documents and computers. Many freelancers need the space because they often use more than one computer, or at least two monitors.

Oh yes, you can also target gamers, as they need a desk where they can play at ease, and also stream their games comfortably.

If you sell desks, you might as well as sell chairs, too.

17. Power Bank

In the digital age, no one can live without his phone, and a power bank is the only current solution since there are no solar-powered phones yet.

And as batteries get better and better, they also get smaller. There was a time when power banks are so bulky. Now, you can get more power from something that is just about as big as an external hard drive.

There are so many power bank designs, and different power capacities, too. If possible, choose only those that can charge a phone in full. Small power banks do not really make a lot of sense.

Choose models that have at least 10,000 MAH of power, as that can fully charge a phone up to three times. What this means is that a family only needs one. But if they have several gadgets, they may buy more than two from you.

18. Poop Bag

A poop bag is something you use to pick up the poop of your pet. For some reason, this product is catching on. The trend is stable, which means you have a guaranteed customer base all year round.

The poop bag is a great partner for other pet products. If you decide to sell on the pet niche, you must include a poop bag as an add-on, as this is affordable. A roll costs less than $5 in retail, and people normally buy more than one roll at a time.

19. Sports Bag

This is a definite product to sell in the health and fitness niche. Anyone who buys yoga pants will certainly want a bag to put it into.

A sports bag can be a duffle bag, but there are those who want a back pack. Choose many colors and variants if you will sell on this niche.

A person who buys a bag is not likely to buy another one for many years to come, so he has to be able to choose what he wants, and he must do that from your store.

Also, make sure you have enough designs for both men and women, and avoid dropshipping counterfeit items. It is a lot better to sell bags that have no known brand name than having your shipment confiscated in customs.

20. LED Bulb

While an LED bulb is expensive, it proves to be more effective than non-LEDs. In the long run, this bulb will save customers more money on their electric bill.

Bulbs like this last a long time, so you cannot expect to sell from repeat customers. But there is a catch. Customers do not typically replace all their bulbs together. They want to test out the bulb first, and they will buy more if they like it.

Given this detail, you have to sell only high-quality LED bulbs. Do not sell fake ones from China, as fake products, or products made under low quality standards, can cause fire.

21. 3D Printer and Components

This is the new craze in the world. A 3D printer is a printer that actually creates an object. You design the object on a program, and it will create a real sculpture of that object.

This is a great product to sell to hobbyists, especially those who build train sets. With this device, they can add as many items and characters to their project.

You might as well as sell other components, like the plastic they use to print, or heating blocks. Most of these items are cheap, but you can still make money off it as customers usually buy these in bulk.


So, there goes the top 21 niches that you can dropship in 2020. The trends that we showed are based on the last 12 months of data from Google Trends, which means there is a demand for these products worldwide.

Now, if you want to be more specific, check out how these products are performing per country you ship to. If there is a demand, then you should definitely add them to your store.

Keep in mind that if you are looking for a product, you must go deep. Do not just search for the term “gadgets” as there are many kinds of gadgets in the world. Be specific, as you will get better and more targeted results.

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