21 Products That Sell The Best On Shopify!

Written by Franklin Hatchett

Our goal at EcomElites is to help readers get the information they need, we partner with companies to help bring you that information. If a purchase or signup is made through our partners, we receive compensation for the referral. Learn More

Our goal at EcomElites is to help readers get the information they need, we partner with companies to help bring you that information. If a purchase or signup is made through our partners, we receive compensation for the referral. Learn More

There are products that sell because they are in demand, and there are products that sell because they are a trend. In some cases, there are products that sell because the seller has found a niche market. Whatever the case, any seller would want to take advantage of customer demand, even if it is only a trend.

Here, we will take a look at the best types of products that you can sell on Shopify, and these details are according to Shopify itself. Along with this list, we are naming several recommendations from Oberlo, an exclusive dropshipper app in Shopify that has enough statistical data to back-up its claims.

1. Ionic Hairbrush

This is not your typical hairbrush. It is a kind of brush that helps you remove hair flyaways. The reason it sells is that it is portable, and it does magic to a woman’s hair to keep it flowing smoothly.

In Google trends, this product has a search score of more than 50, which means there is an interest and people are looking for it.

2. Shapewear

This has a search result sore of more than 75 in Google Trends. Shapewear is a kind of underwear that shapes the body. Usually, this is worn by women, and it has a strong focus on the waist to make it smaller. Today, there is shapewear that is made for the legs and thighs, too.


This is best sold if you have a model influencer who can post the item on Instagram while she is wearing it so people can see how it works. A before and after photo is also great to market this product.

3. Pet Accessories

Pet products will always be in demand. It is only a matter of uniqueness. Pet accessories include nail clippers, pet beds, pet grooming devices, kennels, collars, leashes, and so much more.


The pet grooming industry is estimated to become a 3.5 billion industry by 2025. It is a growing market, and it will continue to grow as people today would rather have pets than children if they are still young.

4. Bathroom Stool

A bathroom stool is a small stool that children use to stand up and pee in the toilet. It can also be used as a footrest while the child is sitting on the toilet.

This product is popular because it prevents constipation. What you need to sell are anti-slip versions so the children will not get into an accident.

5. Safety Shoes

Safety shoes are specially made for construction workers. They have steel toes and can prevent serious injuries in the workplace. Today, many people wear it even if they are not in the construction business because they have become fashionable.

This product has been growing annually at 8% and is expected to be a top seller until 2023.

6. Posture Corrector

This product is like shapewear, but it is made of hard materials to help keep your back straight. The first types of products sold in this category were backrests for drivers for the seat.

Today, it is a wearable item that is easily hidden under your clothes. Search trend on Google for this once reached a score of 100 in 2018, and it is still at the 75 score range.

7. Smartwatch

There was a time when this was only a luxury item because only Apple was selling it. Today, there are many brands to choose from, and most of these work on the Android operating system.

This product sells 1.2 billion units per year.

Smartwatches are great for those who want their watches to have the same content as their phones for easy viewing, especially runners and active people.

8. Athleisure

Athleisure is athletic wear that will pass as casual daily wear. Most of these are leggings and jogging pants which are fashionable and trendy. With a search score of between75 to 100, there is a market for this product.

This is a great addition to your shop if you are selling sports items or fashion products. Make sure you also ask Instagram Influencers to help you market it to the right people.

9. Weight Loss Machines

These machines do not have to be an expensive type. Do not sell running tracks that cost a thousand dollars. What is trending are those products that are portable and lightweight, such as the ab roller, fitness stepper, or vibrating tummy machines.

10. Swimsuits

Swimsuits are great if you sell to men, women, and children. You should also sell many variants such as one-piece, two-piece, or other designs like complete body rash guards. This product has more than 600 orders per week, and it is best sold at low prices during the rainy season.

11. Fake Eyelashes and Nail Extensions

The search score for products like this is always in the range of 75 and 100. There was a time when this was only trending in Asian countries, especially Korea, but this has now become normal daily wear for women because they do not have to grow their nails or do a lot of work on their eyelashes.

12. Men’s Watches and Shoes

Men also love to shop, and the most common thing they buy are shoes and watches that they can use for their daily wear. This usually peaks during the holiday season, and the search trend can reach up to 100 at the right time.

13. Stuffed Toys

This is a seasonal product, and your target market is kids’ parents and those who are in love. Sell this at a high-profit margin during holidays and Valentine’s Day.

14. Dolls

Even if kids are busy with their tablets and smartphones, dolls are making a comeback, especially those that talk and need attention. Baby dolls are in, and children would love changing the diapers of these dolls, including feeding them.

15. Trendy Reusable Bags

Many non-profit organizations and environmentalists have shown us what damage plastic can do to the oceans. Because of this, many people now are too conscious about their plastic use. Reusable bags are trending above 80 in Google Trend, and it will be here to stay.

16. Teeth Whitening Kits

There was a time when people needed to go to the dentist to get white teeth. It was expensive, but it’s now available in affordable do-it-yourself kits.

People love this product because it is affordable and effective. It is always just a little below 80 in the Google Trend score, and you can expect repeat purchases at least twice a year from each customer for it.

17. Phone Cases

People want to adorn their phones and tablets, so it is your opportunity to give them different options to dress up their gadgets according to their mood.

Phone cases have been around since the heydays of Nokia when it dominated the phone industry. Today, the ones in demand are those that have a matte finish, not the glossy ones.

18. Jewelry

The type of jewelry that sells the most is those that do not have real gems or stones in them. These are casual jewelry made of low-quality gold that people can afford. Also, the kind of jewelry that is usually sold are the simple ones.

In Google Trend, it is not unusual to have a search score of between 90 and 100 for this. Sell those that are not too complex but at least have a pendant that can take people’s attention.

19. Kitchen Accessories

Examples of accessories are plate racks, hooks, knives, cutters for decorative foods, and so much more. Your target market here are homeowners who want to organize their kitchens.

This product is an impulse buy because it is linked to food. Show products that can help people make juices or affordable coffee brewers, and see a boost in your sales.

20. Laser Hair Removal

Women typically want to remove body hair. They do it with razors, but this is time-consuming, and they can get hurt if they nick themselves. The laser hair removal is the key to solving this problem.

With a Google Trend score of between 75 and 100, there is a healthy demand for this item, and you must not forget to bundle this with other women products like the fake eyelashes and fake nails.

21. Head Scarf

This is now back in fashion, and it sells even if it is not winter. A headscarf is worn to adorn the head, and it also doubles as a decorative accessory if not used in the head.

The Google Trend score for this is between 80 and 100, with over 60,000 searches in a month. Do not forget to get the help of Instagram influencers to market this product so people can see how it looks if worn.


You can boost your sales by including products that people would buy all year round, or products that are trending because it is a trend. Always use clear photos and add videos if you are selling technology items like the laser hair remover.

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