27 Best Shopify Apps For Your Ecommerce Store

Written by Franklin Hatchett

Our goal at EcomElites is to help readers get the information they need, we partner with companies to help bring you that information. If a purchase or signup is made through our partners, we receive compensation for the referral. Learn More

Our goal at EcomElites is to help readers get the information they need, we partner with companies to help bring you that information. If a purchase or signup is made through our partners, we receive compensation for the referral. Learn More

There are hundreds of apps in Shopify, and all of them can either make your backend management easier, or they can improve your sales conversion. From email subscription to banners to shipping calculators, all of these can make your store professional and can give your customers the best experience possible.

But which ones are the best? With so many apps out there, it can be very difficult to choose one over the other, especially if they are offering the same function. Here, we have gathered the 27 best apps in Shopify. We will be taking a look at several apps of different functionalities so you no longer have to do the testing yourself.

1. Spocket

If you are looking for an app where you can browse for products from merchants who dropship, then Spocket is the way to go. This app gives you access to thousands of suppliers and millions of products, plus a tool to migrate your chosen products to your Shopify store.

  • PRICE: Free to $99 per month
  • FUNCTION: Dropshipping app to search for suppliers and products


  • Wholesale Pricing – you will find thousands of products sold to you at wholesale prices, even if you order on retail.
  • Backend Management – the app lets you select products, edit them, upload them on Shopify in one click, and fulfil the orders, too.
  • Test Orders – you can order samples of the products so you can take pictures yourself, test the speed of shipping, and also check the quality.
  • Automated pricing – the prices of your products in your store will automatically change according to how you set it up. The prices will change if the supplier also changes his price, so there is a guarantee that you will not lose money.

2. Oberlo

Oberlo is also a product sourcing tool where you can look for suppliers from global merchants. Here, you can find millions of affordable items that you can sell, and then buy them only when an order is placed on your store.

  • PRICE: Free to $79.90 per month
  • FUNCTION: This product is for dropshippers looking for suppliers and products.


  • Chrome Extension – the extension works on Google Chrome browser. You do not have to open another browser if you want to find products directly from AliExpress. Just click on the Oberlo extension, and it will be loaded to your Oberlo app, which you can edit and push to your store later on.
  • Order Fulfillment – pay for orders directly from the app, and then get a tracking number which you can give to your customer.
  • Backend Management – you can look for products, upload them to your store, edit them, and then automate prices with a function called Global Pricing Rules.

3. Kit

Kit is an app that was developed by Shopify. It is an advertising tool that you can use to run Facebook and Instagram ads, especially if you do not have the time to train yourself to use the Facebook marketing features. The program is free to download and install, but you will be paying for the ads on Facebook, according to Facebook’s rates.

  • PRICE: FREE with external charges
  • FUNCTION: Marketing app for Facebook and Instagram


  • Artificial intelligence – Kit will help you create ads even if you are not a marketing expert. It will help you retarget shoppers and create ads to increase your sales.
  • Integration – you can integrate the app with others like Yotpo, SEO Manager, Venntov, and others.
  • Facebook posts – you can automate Facebook posts to help improve your customer engagement rating
  • Appreciation emails – you can program Kit to send a Thank You email to your customers who made a purchase.

4. Printful

This app is from a company that belongs to print-on-demand apps. It offers blank products, like mugs and t-shirts, and all you have to do is to create your own design and Printful will print it for you, even if you only order one piece. You can even ask your customers to submit their own design.

  • FUNCTION: Print on demand where you can choose a blank product and have them print your or your customer’s designs.


  • Price control – you can price your own product. You only have to pay Printful the product and the cost of printing.
  • Free designs – if you are not a designer, you can use the templates of the app. These are design templates. You can use the samples to upload to your store, and when a customer buys, you just need to order that product with that print from Printful.
  • Product fulfillment – you do not have to buy a blank product right away. Just pay for what you order, plus shipping and printing, and Printful will do everything for you, including shipping it to your customer.

5. Printify

Like Printful, this is also a print on demand app where you can choose from more than 250 blank products. Here, you just have to submit your design, the product you have selected, and then the company will print and ship the item to your customer.

  • PRICE: Free to $29 per month
  • FUNCTION: Print-on-demand company where you can source blank products.


  • Lots of product to choose from – there are more than 250 items here like pens, mugs, shirts, and bags.
  • Multiple stores – you can use it in three stores. If you have more stores, you have to pay a subscription so you can use the app on ten Shopify stores.
  • Mock-up generator – you and your customer can use a mock-up app where you can see your design on print.

6. Klaviyo

On average, those that use Klaviyo experienced a 67x increase in sales. Klaviyo is a data analysis app that tells you about your customer behavior, get their emails, and allows you to create marketing campaigns specific to a customer.

  • PRICE: Free with external charges
  • FUNCTION: marketing app and email subscription app in one


  • Send email – send emails to your subscribers to blast a new campaign or new discount; you can also send newsletters
  • Automated marketing – you can program an automated email depending on how the customer behaved on your website
  • Facebook customer audiences – allows you to create targeted campaigns on Facebook
  • Analytics – powerful reporting tool that shows you data from actual transactions
  • Integration – the app is compatible with other apps like Zendesk Rewards, Smil.io, Aftership, and more

7. Smart SEO

This app is used to help you improve your SEO techniques so your products can be easily found on Google. With this app, you can reduce the time you spend on your SEO efforts by as much as 80%. It allows you to enter SEO-related texts in bulk.

  • PRICE: $4.99 per month


  • Automated SEO – you can write a code that will let Smart SEO apply it to multiple pages and products
  • Meta-tags – the app will automatically generate meta-tags, so you do not have to write it manually
  • Guidance – the app shows you guidance on how you can improve your SEO efforts so you can boost your rankings on Google
  • Other SEO – the tool can also be used for your blogs and articles, including SEO for your product collection pages.

8. Shopecodes

This app allows you to create coupon codes so your customers can get a discount. It also gives you the ability to use QR codes, so your customer just needs to scan it to make a purchase.

  • PRICE: Free
  • FUNCTION: Create QR codes and discounts


  • Easy to use – the app is easy to install and use. You can create codes and coupons instantly
  • Incentives – you can create codes only for those customers that you want to reward because of their loyalty.
  • Specific codes – you can create QR codes that link to specific pages or products on your store
  • Reporting– you can track how many people used your QR codes to make purchases
  • Improve offline sales – if you add your QR code on your packaging, a customer can scan it, and his smartphone will launch your store

9. Privy

Many times, site visitors abandon your page or store without completing a purchase. You can avoid this by having exit pop-ups and other marketing activities if the customer is about to abandon your site. This is what Privy does. It allows you to create exit intents.

  • PRICE: Free to $10 per month
  • FUNCTION: Cart abandonment marketing app


  • Pop-ups – create unlimited pop-ups that will show if a customer is about to abandon your site
  • Targeting rules –create dozens of targeting rules. Create pop-ups that will show only according to how you program them, like if a customer has been on a product page for ten seconds.
  • Emails –you can create mass marketing emails, or program the app to send an email to a customer who put products in his shopping cart and abandoned it.
  • Coupons – you can create discount coupons that you can send to your customers who abandoned their cart.

10. Swell Rewards and Referrals

This is an app that can help you create loyalty programs. It also allows you to create referral programs and reward those who successfully brought customers to your store. You can also create promotions where if a customer spends an X amount, he will only pay a smaller than usual price.

  • PRICE: Free to $249 per month
  • FUNCTION: Loyalty and rewards apps


  • Referral program – you can encourage customers to refer others to your store, and you can reward them if these friends order
  • Create discounts – you can create discounts based on the purchase cost of a consumer. If a customer achieves a specific amount, a discount will automatically be applied
  • Product reviews – you can set a part of your store that will show and allow customers to leave product reviews
  • Integration – this app works with others like Klaviyo, Yotpo, Mailchimp, and others

11. Trustbadges by Kamozi

A trust badge is a symbol of credibility. It makes your website look professional and trustworthy. For example, if you have a badge showing McAfee, it means that your website is secure. This is what Trustbadges do. You can put important symbols on your site to make your store look more trustworthy.

  • PRICE: 14-day free trial / $4.99 per month after trial
  • FUNCTION: Puts trust icons and symbols on your store to make it look credible


  • Easy install – takes only one click to integrate the app with your Shopify store
    Multiple badges to choose from – with this app, you can show that customers can checkout securely using PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and more.

12. Affiliatly

As a store owner, you need the help of marketers. The best way of doing this apart from getting Instagram influencers is to use affiliate marketers. The trouble is that you need a software to do this. You need to be able to have a system that will allow affiliate marketers to register and get an affiliate link from you.

  • Price: 30-day free trial / $16 per month after trial
  • Function: Affiliate marketing program


  • Affordable – you can create a complete and functional affiliate marketing program for only $16 per month. Other companies will charge you hundreds of dollars for this.
  • Multiple price points – you can have the app for as low as $16 per month, but you can keep on upgrading until you hit the PRO level and pay $120 per month. At this level, you will be allowed to have unlimited affiliate marketers selling your products.
  • Two backend panels – you will have an admin panel, and your affiliate marketers will also have their own. They can track their own sales and performance, and you can also monitor their sales.
  • Many types of affiliate links – your marketers can use QR codes, coupons, links, emails, and so much more. It is up to you to program these so they can use these for their offers.

13. Enlistly

If you do not like to use Affilialtly, another powerful affiliate marketing app is Enlistly. Like the previous one, you can create an affiliate marketing program, and you can try this for 21 days for free before you start paying a monthly subscription.

  • PRICE: 21-day free trial / $8.99 per month after trial
  • FUNCTION: Affiliate marketing program


  • Automated – you can track the performance of each affiliate from your dashboard
  • Reporting – you have a one-view report where you can see conversions per marketer, overall conversion, performance over time, traffic driven to your store, and so much more.
  • Chat – you have a chat system to make it easy to communicate with your affiliate marketers or make an announcement
  • Media banners – you can create several types of banners of different sizes that your affiliate marketers can put on their website.

14. Pixels

This is a free print-on-demand app. Although it is free, you will pay for other expenses like shopping, the product itself and the printing cost. Pixel is a company that allows you to sell many types of products from their warehouse, and have them print designs of your own choosing.

  • PRICE: Free with external charges
  • FUNCTION: Print-on-demand app


  • Branded – here, you can sell designs from popular brands like DC Comics, Marvel superhero characters, National Geographic, and so much more. You will not violate copyrights if you do this because Pixels have a license from these companies to use several of their branded photos.
  • Order fulfilment – once a customer places an order, you have a dashboard where you can fulfill the order in one click. The company will print the item and ship it to your customer.
  • Fast shipping –the shipping time is averaging two to three business days only. This includes the printing process.
  • Global warehouses – the company has 15 locations around the world, so the shipping and order processing is faster.

15. SMART Bundle Upsell

This is an app that allows you to create bundles. It is like what you see in fast food chains where burger, fries, and coke are cheaper if bought together.

  • PRICE: 7-day free trial / $47 per month
  • FUNCTION: Create product bundles


  • Create bundles – you can create your own bundles so you can also control your inventory and your pricing
  • Upsell and cross-sell – you can set the system to make an offer depending on what the customer already viewed or what he has added to his shopping cart
  • Loyalty system – you can create automated discounts if a customer has reached a price point; discounts like this will automatically be deducted during checkout.
  • Easy setup – the app can be installed and be ready for use in 30 seconds
  • Show related products – the customer will be shown several related items like they do in Amazon. This can make them stay longer in your online shop or make more purchases.

16. Personalizer

This is an app from the developer called Limespot. What it does is to recommend products to your customers as they are browsing your website. It is one of the top upsell apps in Shopify, with over 1,000 reviews.

  • PRICE: 15-day free trial / $10 per month
  • FUNCTION: Automated upsell and cross-sell app


  • Multiple layouts – you can choose how you want to show your customer the recommended product. It can be at the bottom where you can use carousels and grids.
  • Multiple recommendations – every page shows different product recommendations, and they are linked to your product pages and main menu
  • Reporting –view how the recommended products are performing. Once you see their performance, you can decrease the prices to drive more sales, or use different products.

17. Smile: Rewards and Loyalty

If you want an app where some customers can become VIP, then this app is the right one for you. It allows you to create loyalty points, have referral programs where you referrers will be rewarded, and use powerful marketing tools like subscriptions, email marketing, and messenger tools.

  • PRICE: Free to $599 per month
  • FUNCTION: Loyalty, rewards, and marketing app


  • Match your store design – the loyalty programs and banners you create can match your store colors
  • Multiple loyalty programs – there are more than ten ways to reward your customers
  • Marketing – use marketing features to get your customer’s email, send email campaigns, and integrate the app with others like Klaviyo, Mailchimp, ReCharge, and so much more.
  • VIP Program – you can issue a point to every dollar a customer spends. You can set the program to be expired at a certain point so they will be forced to spend faster.

18. Frequently Bought Together

This one is an upsell app that shows products that customers typically bundle together. This will encourage your site visitor to add the same products to his shopping cart.

  • PRICE: 30-day free trial / $6.99 per month
  • FUNCTION: Upsell and cross-sell app


  • Customizable – you can program what products to recommend; you can also change the font sizes and colors to match your store
  • Choose position – you can choose how the recommended products will be shown on the webpage
  • Discounts – you can create discounts that are automated; if a customer reaches a certain price on his purchase, the discount will be automatically applied
  • Ratings – you can show the ratings of the products that the app would recommend; do this by integrating other apps like Judge.me, Loox, AliReviews, and others

19. Bold Upsell – Upsell Smarter

Like the previous app, this one can boost your sales by showing product recommendations. If a customer is looking at a shoe, you can program the app to show a pair of socks, which he may think of buying along with the pair of shoes.

  • PRICE: 14-day free trial / $9.99 per month
  • FUNCTION: Upsell, cross-sell, ad product recommend


  • Multiple offers – you can show up to three product recommendations at any given time
  • Different offers – you can program the app to show different offers on different products if the customer rejected them
  • Design the offer – you can program the app to only offer products that are related to the one that the customer is looking at; if the customer is looking at belts, the system will offer a wallet
  • Discount – you can offer discounted rates if the customer chooses to buy the one he is looking at plus the offer that you showed

20. Ultimate Special Offers

This is more than a product recommendation app. What it does is it lets you create special offers, especially for bundling and giving discounted prices for wholesale customers.

  • PRICE: 10-day free trial / $19 per month
  • FUNCTION: Create upsell, bundles, and volume pricing


  • Multiple functions – this app does not only allow you to show product recommendations, but it also allows you to bundle them for lower prices, and then create a different discounted price if a customer will buy in bulk.
  • Buy One Get One – you can create a promo where the same item is free for the price of one; this is great for reducing inventory or if you want the customer to think that he saved money so he can use that money to purchase more.
  • Bulk discounts – you can offer special pricing per item; you can set the minimum purchase value before the discount is automatically applied.

21. ShipStation

If shipping is a huge concern for you, ShipStation can solve this problem. This app will give you discounts if you use FedEx and USPS as your shipping partners.

  • PRICE: 30-day free trial / $9 per month
  • FUNCTION: Shipping management and discount app


  • Discount – you will have exclusive access to discounted rates from USPS and FedEx. You can get as much as 20% off on FedEx without a minimum shipping target requirement.
  • Lots of carriers – your options are not only USPS and FedEx, but you can also choose from more than three dozen shipping couriers like DHL, Royal Air Mail, Canada Post, and many more
  • Automation and batch processing – if your shipments are just repetitions, you can automate this task. The app can print shipping labels automatically, and you can batch process your shipment, so you do not need to hire a separate person to do this.
  • Branding – your brand will be displayed in returns, shipping labels, packing slips, and tracking pages.

22. Shippo

With Shippo, you will only pay $0.05 per shipping label. This app will help you reduce your shipping costs because you will also get discounted rates from USPS and DHL Express. There is also a shipping price comparison chart that you can use so you can decide which one is the most affordable.

  • PRICE: Free with external charges and yup to $10 per month
  • FUNCTION: Discounted shipping rates


  • Unlimited labels – even at the free plan, you can print as many shipping labels as you want and then pay a flat rate of $0.05 per label
  • No monthly fee or fixed monthly fee – at the free plan, there is no monthly fee, but you pay per label. If you choose the Professional plan, you will pay $10 per month, but the shipping labels are free
  • Custom branding – you can have your packing slips printed with your brand if you are at the paid plan; you can also have your brand on email notification sent to the customer once the item has been shipped

23. Product Options and Customizer

This is an app that allows you to add unlimited product variations. It is from a developer called Product Customizer. In Shopify, there is a limit to the number of variations you can add. If your t-shirt has 30 colors, you cannot upload all that in your store, so you need an app like this.

  • PRICE: 14-day free trial / $9.99 per month
  • FUNCTION: Product options customizer


  • Product combination – you can combine your product variants in one page for easy viewing
  • Filter – you can program the app to so you can filter products according to your choice, like show only yellow shirts, so you can easily update all of them
  • Custom pricing – you can set special prices for your customers. If they are buying a gift, they can choose the gift box, and then you can give them an automatic discount
  • Multiple options – when creating filtering options for customers, you can choose if you want to use radio buttons, dropdowns, or checkboxes

24. EasyShip

This is an all-in-one shipping app where you can get up to 70% in shipping discounts. You can use this discount or offer it to your customers.

  • PRICE: Free with external charges
  • FUNCTION: Shipping discount app


  • Lots of partners – as a seller, you can choose from more than 250 shipping couriers
  • Big discounts – get as much as 70% off on shipping rates. You can also compare the shipping prices between local and international shipping couriers
  • Shipping labels – you can print shipping labels in one click, and you will receive a tracking number once the item is on its way; you can give this tracking number to your customer
  • Calculated rates – the shipping rate is calculated at the checkout so your customers will not be confused as to how much the shipping will cost

25. ByteStand

This app is for dropshippers who also want to sell on Amazon. The app allows you to import all your store’s products into your Amazon seller account.

  • PRICE: 7-day free trial / $25 per month
  • FUNCTION: Amazon FBA import app


  • Multi-purpose – you can connect both US Amazon and Non-US Amazon accounts to your store so both your seller accounts will show the same products for sale
  • Switch accounts – depending on the customer’s address, you can switch between your Amazon accounts in one dashboard
  • Real-time shipping prices – this app will provide your customers with a real-time shipping quote as they shop; with this, they can immediately decide if they will buy or not instead of contacting you for a response or a shipping price

26.Payment Subscriptions by Recharge

This is a powerful app that allows you to charge for monthly subscriptions. This app works best if you are selling expensive products that customers can buy.

  • PRICE: 60-day free trial/ $39.99 per month plus external charges
  • FUNCTION: Payment subscription and recurring billing app


  • Account management – customers can create an account and then log-in, so they can make changes, add, or cancel their subscription and recurring billing
  • Mobile – your customers who subscribed can access their accounts and billing statements with an app
  • Integration – the app works with other apps like Klaviyo, Google analytics, Refersion, and so much more

26. Social Login

This is an app that is best used if you want customers to create an account. As they do, they can choose to simply use the same log-in information that they use for Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Amazon, and many more.

  • PRICE: 15-day free trial / $1.99 per month
  • FUNCTION: Allows your customer to create an account and use their social media profile to log in


  • Easy set-up – all it takes is to install it, and you do not need to worry about coding the log-in process for the different social media channels
  • Privacy – you can set up your own app configuration by creating a secret client identification
  • Analysis – you can view users who are logged in to their accounts through their social media
  • Tagging – you can tag users who registered if you have a new update

Final Thoughts On The Best Apps

There go the best 27 apps. You may not need all of them, but you must  definitely get several of them. These apps are handpicked, so you do not have to test them anymore. All of these can boost your sales, help you search for winning products, get discounted shipping rates, or make your life easier through intelligent backend management tools.

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