27 Online Jobs That Are Legitimate And Flexible In 2020 (Easy)

Written by Franklin Hatchett

Our goal at EcomElites is to help readers get the information they need, we partner with companies to help bring you that information. If a purchase or signup is made through our partners, we receive compensation for the referral. Learn More

Our goal at EcomElites is to help readers get the information they need, we partner with companies to help bring you that information. If a purchase or signup is made through our partners, we receive compensation for the referral. Learn More

Working from home is the way of the future. It may not be apparent right now, but times are changing. More and more people now see the value of working from home, and today is the best time to decide if you need to start pursuing this.

To help you get started, we will show you the most rewarding work at home jobs that you can do online. Not only are these high paying, but these online jobs are also legitimate, easy and flexible.

1. Transcriber

Potential Earnings: $60 per project

A transcriber is someone who listens to an audio file or watches a video, and writes down the content in words. The text that you create may be used as subtitles for a video. In some cases, your customers are doctors and lawyers who make recordings.

If you have seen a medical doctor in movies who have recorders while doing autopsy, then you now have an idea what types of audio files you have to transcribe. They need their recordings converted into text so they can file it as the law requires it.

As a transcriptionist for subtitles, you may also have to write sounds as words—like the blowing of air, or the hissing of a snake. Essentially, you want readers to “hear” what is going on even if the sound is fully turned off.

2. Web Content Writer

Potential Earnings: $30 per project

As a web content writer, your job is to write articles and blog posts for your clients. There are many types of written content, and you do not really have to choose which ones you like because they are easy to do.

Here are some examples:

  • Tutorials
  • Listicles
  • Essays
  • Tips and guides

The important thing in getting into this job is that you select the kind of niche you specialize on. There are thousands of niche websites that need content. You have to choose specific subjects that you know and understand.

If you do not understand technological issues, such as what is new on Python and SQL programming, do not take these jobs as you will not be able to fulfill your commitment.

Instead, take writing jobs for niches that require little to no expertise, but have tons of resources.

Examples of these are: 

  • Parenting
  • Health and nutrition
  • Making money
  • News and opinion
  • Gambling

3. Drop Servicing

Potential Earnings: $10 to $20 per project

Drop servicing is a business where you sell services. However, you do not perform these services yourself. Instead, you pass on the service to another person. Drop servicing is like sub-contracting but done online.

Here are some examples of services you can drop:

  • Graphic design
  • Infographics
  • Writing
  • Animation
  • SEO services

For as long as the work can be done remotely, you can sell that service and pass it on to someone else. In this business model, you have to build your website and then post the services there. Before you do, you must already have a list of freelancers who will do the job for you.

Once an order comes in, you contact the freelancer to get the job done. The profit you make is the difference between the freelancer’s price and your selling price.

4. Affiliate Marketer

Potential Earnings: unlimited

As an affiliate marketer, your job is to promote the products of another company. In exchange, you get a commission for every successful sale that you make. You do not get paid directly for your marketing efforts. You can only make money through commissions.

What you can do to get started is to choose a niche. For example, skateboarding maybe your interest. Start a blog that is dedicated to skating, and then register for affiliate programs about skating.

Affiliate programs are run by companies. These companies sell skateboarding stuff or skateboarding courses. After you register, you will receive a link that you have to use in your blog posts. If a site visitor clicks that link and makes a purchase, you will receive a commission.

5. Proofreader and Editor

Potential Earnings: At least $150 for a book

As a proofreader, you will be editing mostly essays and books. Most of your customers are writers who want to ensure that everything about their material is correct.

Here is a list of what you do as a proofreader:

  • Re-write sentences
  • Correct the flow and structure
  • Correct spelling ad typos
  • Check grammar and syntax
  • Use correct punctuations

It is not your job as a proofreader to ensure that the material is copyrighted—that is the job of a publishing company. It is also not your duty to make sure the written material is not violating any law, as that is the job of a lawyer.

Your main duty is to polish the written work of a writer because it is rough in the edges. You have to make the article or book good enough to pass like as if it was written by a professional.

6. eBook Writer

Potential Earnings: $15 per book

If you know how to write, you can turn this into a passive income by writing eBooks. Depending on your expertise, you can write either fiction or non-fiction books or both.

Here are some types of books you can write:

  • Instructions
  • Idiot’s guide
  • eBook Course
  • Romance
  • Investigative thriller
  • Erotica

There are so many types of books you can write—your success depends on how you market the book. After writing the book, what you have to do is to sell them on different platforms.

Here are some examples:

  • Google PlayBooks
  • Amazon
  • Smashwords
  • Your own website

You have the liberty to price your book the way you want to, but you have to take a look at how other writers are selling similar books. This should help you decide how you can offer your books at competitive prices. On average, people will be willing to pay $15 per book, especially if it is a tutorial.

7. Social Media Manager

Potential Earnings: $100 per project

As a social media manager, your main duty is to post content to the various social media pages of a business. This work cannot charge an hourly rate, as social media pages are not managed that way. Instead, you charge per project.

You can be a social media manager for different platforms, it is up to you to choose which ones you want to specialize on. The most common are Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Here are the tasks you will do as a social media manager:

  • Create high-quality images that you can post to the social media accounts
  • Create logos and branding strategy
  • Use hashtags
  • Increase engagement and respond to comments
  • Grow the social media followers organically
  • Increase traffic to an online store via social media

It is up to you if you want to offer all or just a few. What’s important is that you itemize the content of a project, so the customer knows what he is paying for.

8. Dropshipper

Potential Earnings: Unlimited

Dropshipping is like drop servicing, but instead of selling services, you sell someone else’s products. In dropshipping, you put up a dropshipping store, and then you post photos and product descriptions. After that, you market the products via advertising or through social media.

You can dropship everything that is physical. The only issue you have is to find a reliable supplier. As a dropshipper, here are the steps that you need to take:

  • Select a niche
  • Create a dropshipping store
  • Post the items on your store
  • Market the products

Once an order comes in, what you have to do is to go to your supplier online, and then order the item. The supplier is going to ship the item to your customer. The profit that you make here is the difference between the supplier price and your selling price.

9. Logo Designer

Potential Earnings: $35 per project

A logo is the heart and soul of every business. Even if there are tons of logo designs out there, it is your duty to be artistic and make your logo embody the spirit of your client’s company.

Here are some tools that you can use to build a logo from scratch:

  • Inkscape
  • Photoshop
  • GIMP

You can also use online software called logo generators. Most of these are free, and some are paid. Examples of these are:

  • Tailor Brands
  • Free Logo Design.Org
  • LogoMakr and Logo Maker (one has no “e”)
  • Wix
  • Free Logo Services

It is up to you to price your logo. Your competitors may charge less, but your designing skills will justify your price. You can create a logo with software, or you can create the logo from scratch. Most clients will want the source file, so be prepared to share the vector file with them.

10. Graphic Design

Potential Earnings: $60 per project

Graphic design has a wide range of overage. For as long as you know how to use Photoshop or other image editing tools, you can start working on this gig.

Here are some examples of what you can offer: 

  • Business cards
  • T-shirt design
  • Photo editing
  • 3D drawings
  • Artwork for animation
  • Cartoons

You can also do infographics in your design offers, which is a huge demand today, along with posters. The great thing about graphic design is that you do not have to create the text content. It is your client who has to give this to you.

You can use high-end graphic design tools like Photoshop, or you can use online editing software like Canva. Canva has a free version, but you can also pay for the premium to get more services and free images.

11. Translator

Potential Earnings: $50 per project

Translation can work both ways—you translate and English to another language or vice versa. Translation services are not limited to re-writing text, but you can also offer translating videos. You can also offer dubbing services where you speak and translate a video into another language.

Here are some of the most in-demand languages for translation:

  • Russian
  • Indian
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Chinese

So far, these are the biggest countries that need a lot of translation services. As a translator, it is up to you if you want to charge your project per word for written materials, or by the minute for video translations. Now, as a translator, you have to make sure that your grammar and punctuations are correct.

Do not fake this one—do not use Google translate or other translation tools because your client will find out. Only translate languages that you really know.

12. Virtual Assistant

Potential Earnings: $10 per hour

As a virtual assistant or VA, you are like an employee, but you work from home. Pretty much, you do all sorts of office jobs that you can perform from your house, and you charge your client by the hour.

Here are some examples of VA tasks: 

  • Data mining
  • Data entry on Excel or CRM
  • Calendar management
  • Manual typing of data
  • Formatting of files
  • Property research
  • Contact details research
  • Lead generation

As a VA, your duty is to provide your client with a finished work that he can use for his business purpose. For example, a client may need a list of all dentists in New York City. In this case, your client may need the data so he can sell something to these dentists.

Accuracy and speed are the keys to being a VA. Clients love it if you can deliver work fast the right way the first time you submit the results.

13. E-Commerce

Potential Earnings: Unlimited

In e-commerce, you have to build your website and sell your own products. The alternative is to use online marketplaces like Amazon and eBay.

As an e-commerce entrepreneur, your challenge is to get your product out there and convince people to buy. You need to spend a little on your marketing while also focusing on the quality of your products.

Here are the tasks you have to do as an online entrepreneur:

  • Manufacture your own products
  • Market your products
  • Take orders
  • Fulfill orders
  • Package, label, and ship the items
  • Deal with customer complaints or inquiries
  • Process returns or refunds
  • Research how to improve your products

An online business is a real business. However, you do not have to spend a ton of money on building a brick-and-mortar store. You can use your funds to create products instead of paying for your store’s overhead.

14. Bookkeeping and Accounting

Potential Earnings: $100 per client

Whether it is tax season or not, businesses need the help of a bookkeeper so they can comply with the law. Bookkeeping is a time-consuming exercise, and business people are better off paying someone to do this than doing it themselves.

Here are the services you can offer as a bookkeeper:

  • Monthly recording of sales and data
  • Bank and credit reconciliation
  • Balancing assets and liabilities
  • Accounting
  • VAT and Income Tax Return
  • Tax Filing
  • Budgeting
  • Expense reports

As a bookkeeper, you have to familiarize yourself with online tools such as Quickbooks, Xero Accounting, Peachtree, and others. Most clients today want their data to be accessible, and most of them will be using one online software.

You also need to use Excel, as this tool can help you automate repetitive calculations. If you do not like Microsoft, you can use alternatives like Google Sheets, especially if your client wants to access data at any time.

15. Modelling

Potential Earnings: Unlimited

As a model, your job is to take photos of yourself and be the brand’s face. This is very simple, but you have to be able to capture the kind of effect that your client wants.

Here are some tools you need to get started with this:

  • A camera—a real camera, not a phone camera
  • Lighting tools
  • Image editor

As a model, you will be holding a client’s product most of the time. The great thing about this job is that you can get freebies like clothes, shoes, and so much more. You may also be asked to do videos instead of images.

Be prepared to provide high-definition copies of the photos and videos. Clients will use your modelling photos and videos for their business. As a model, you have to understand that you have no right over the materials you produce.

16. Paid Ads Manager

Potential Earnings: At least $150 per project

A paid ads manager is different from a social media manager. Think of yourself as an advertising company. As such, you need to prepare ads that will get leads for your clients. Most importantly, you need to build a record of how your ads are converting.

As an advertising manager, you need to have a list of ad creators if you cannot do this yourself. Your clients will expect you to create an ad for their business, and that these ads will eventually lead to sales:

Here are some things expected of you as a paid ads manager: 

  • Create the ads
  • Determine the target market
  • Launch the ads
  • Provide a report of the results

There are many platforms to advertise, like YouTube, Google, Facebook, Instagram, and so much more. The key to succeeding is to be able to prove that your ads get results—like engagement and leads.

17. Photography

Potential Earnings: at least $10 per project

The most common photography project is product photography. Here, your duty is to take a client’s product, take photos of it, and then send the photos to the client. Your client will use this for his marketing campaigns.

Here are the most common types of photos that people will order from you:

  • Lifestyle photos
  • Product photos
  • Nature
  • Animals
  • Cities
  • Landscape

Your clientele is not limited to this. You can actually take random photos and get paid for it. You can sell these photos online, such as in Fiverr or Shutterstock.

18. Affiliate Marketing Manager

Potential Earnings: At least $30 per hour

This job is different from being an affiliate marketer. Here you will work directly with the company that is looking for affiliate marketers.

It is your duty to create promotions, select the software for the affiliate programs, reach out to the affiliates, and create banner ads that they can use for promoting the company’s products.

Here some more tasks that are expected of you as an affiliate marketing manager: 

  • Integrate the affiliate program with your client’s website
  • Look for affiliate marketers
  • Screen the affiliate marketers
  • Create a marketing plan
  • Recommend commissions and create the commission structure

Since you will be taking care of the entire aspect of your client’s affiliate marketing program, you have to charge by the hour, especially if the project is huge. If you do not want to be tied up with one project, you can offer this service on a per-project basis.

19. Tutorial Service

Potential Earnings: At least $10 per hour

As a tutor, you are a teacher. It is up to you to choose the subject that you want to specialize in. This is great for teachers who are looking for an online gig after their classes.

Your duties as a tutor are: 

  • Read the student’s books
  • Prepare course materials
  • Teach the student on an hourly basis
  • Create assessments

There are tons of subjects that you can teach, and you are not limiting to teaching kids. There are many college students who are in need of support to get through their academics.

One thing you may want to look into is to teach English or your native language. There are many people in the world who want to speak English, most especially in countries like Russia and China. China alone has a population of 1 billion people, and finding one—just one-client should not be so difficult.

20. Sales Funnel Builder

Potential Earnings: At least $30 per project

A sales funnel is a sales plan that takes a site visitor or a lead to the end of the funnel, which is making a sale. The most common sales funnel is a landing page.

You can offer your services as a sales funnel builder or a landing page builder to clients who need to generate leads and market their products.

Here are your duties as a sales funnel builder:

  • Build a landing page
  • Integrate payment processors like PayPal
  • Create an opt-in form
  • Integrate the opt-in form to the funnel
  • Build a membership site
  • Create affiliate programs for the marketing program
  • Integrate SSL and domains to the funnel page

As a funnel builder, your main point of focus is to do the technical stuff. While you may not need the skills of a copywriter, you need to at least know how to convince a customer to sign up for your client’s offer.

21. Pinterest Manager

Potential Earnings: At least $30 per project

Pinterest is one of those social media platforms that require a lot of time and effort to manage. Most experts suggest that you post at least five times a day to be able to increase your impression rate. A lot of people cannot do that.

This is where you come in. Your goal is to improve the impression and engagement rate of your client.

Your duties are:

  • Create graphic arts for pins
  • Pin at least five times a day
  • Automate the pinning if possible
  • Respond to comments
  • Share your Pinterest pins on other social media platforms

With this job, you are better off charging by the project and not per hour. You should not promise numerical results—what you have to promise is the kind of actions that you will take.

22. Flipping Websites

Potential Earnings: unlimited

In this job, what you need to do is to buy a website that a blog owner no longer wants to continue. You need to select blogs that have the potential to earn, and then make it better before you sell it for a profit.

It is like real estate flipping. In house flipping, you buy an old house, remodel it, and then sell it for a profit. Online, a website is like real estate.

Here are the things you will do as a website flipper:

  • Look for websites for sale and then assess their potential
  • Remodel the website
  • Edit the content or add more

There are two things you can do here. The first is to make it profitable before selling it. And the second one is to just sell the website after remodelling it. You can make more money if you make it profitable first before you sell.

23. Course Creator

Potential Earnings: Unlimited

As a course creator, you have two options: create courses that you can sell under your brand, or create a course for someone else. Needless to say, you must be an expert on a niche or subject matter before you can do this.

Most courses now are videos, not books. As a course developer, you have to:

  • Outline the course
  • Record the course
  • Create the course modules
  • Edit the videos

If you make your own course, you can sell the courses on Udemy, Coursera, and other platforms. If you make a course for someone else, you charge the client per project.

You need video editing skills to be able to create courses. It will not make sense to pay an animator or video editor, as these services are expensive.

24. Voiceover Artist

Potential Earnings: At least $10 per project

As a voiceover artist, your primary customers are those who want to release their ads. You have to read a script and record it.

Here are the tools you need for this job:

  • Audio recorder
  • Audio editor
  • Microphone

You need to record your script in a quiet room, and then edit the audio to remove unwanted noises. If you know how to write a script or copy, then you can charge more. As a voiceover artist, you have to charge per word count.

The most common price that voiceover artists charge is $10 per 100 words. Once you are done recording and editing, you have to send the audio file to your client. The most difficult thing to do is to dub an animation or a show. If you can do this, you can charge more.

25. YouTube Channel

Potential Earnings: Unlimited

YouTube is a great platform to earn from affiliate marketing and advertising. Here, your job is to create videos that cater to a particular niche. Your market here is unlimited, and so is your earning potential.

Here are the types of channels you can make:

  • Politics
  • Comedy
  • Toy review
  • Product review
  • Kitchen and cooking
  • Software tutorials
  • Pets

As you can see, the niche is endless. To earn on YouTube, you must have a significant amount of following. Once you have a massive following, you can charge companies for product placement, or earn money from YouTube ads.

26. SEO Manager or Consultant

Potential Earnings: At least $30 per project

As an SEO Manager, your duty is to tell the client what he has to do to rank his website on Google search engines. It is not your job to make him number one. Instead, you make recommendations on how to make his website perform better in rankings.

27. Data Analytics and Reports

Potential Earnings: At least $15 per project

The last on our list is data analytics. There are companies that have a lot of data, like sales, but they do not know what to make out of that data.

Your job as a data analyst is to create charts and graphs that will give meaning to these numbers. You have to present the data in such a way that the business owners can see a clear picture of what is happening to their business.

Your output will be used by the business owners to make business decisions. If your presentation shows that Product A has the least sales, then they may bump up their marketing budget to improve the sales for that product.


Working from home may not have the same government benefits as being an employee. If you are fortunate, you can find an employer who will let you work from home and still get benefits like social security and health insurance.

The great thing about working from home is that you do not have to commute—you do not have to pay for gas, and you are your own boss. Take a closer look at our list of 27 online jobs that are legitimate, easy, and flexible. Determine if you possess any of these skills, and start working on your portfolio now.

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