32 Best Ideas For What Products To Sell This Fall/Winter

Written by Franklin Hatchett

Our goal at EcomElites is to help readers get the information they need, we partner with companies to help bring you that information. If a purchase or signup is made through our partners, we receive compensation for the referral. Learn More

Our goal at EcomElites is to help readers get the information they need, we partner with companies to help bring you that information. If a purchase or signup is made through our partners, we receive compensation for the referral. Learn More

Winter is here, and the holidays are in full swing. As an online seller it’s time to consider your consumer needs by finding the best products to dropship. It is almost that time of year when the shopping craze takes over. It's nearly time for big holiday sales like Black Friday, Christmas, Cyber Monday, and Thanksgiving, among many others.

If you own a retail shop or online business, this is an exciting time of the year. The shopping bug is just beginning to bite, and buyers are looking to find the appropriate items for winter. The holiday season, in addition to the changing temperatures, puts many consumers in a shopping mood.

If you're not preparing for this increase in shopping, you might find yourself missing out on the year's best deals leave alone disappointing your customers. Here is a list of the top 32 products that you can sell this season.

1. Winter Boots

Buying winter boots for winter is a no brainer. Winter is usually a cold and wet period of the year. Boots become essential to everyone because no one wants to step on that cold puddle of water and get wet. Many shoppers will come looking for a pair or two of winter boots, to avoid the inconvenience of ice-cold water and keep their feet warm.

Choose the coolest boots that are currently in the market to make sure that your customers look trendy throughout winter.

2. Shoe Dryer

Sometimes you will be held up in a meeting long past the time you had planned to leave. In winter, it drizzles a lot, which means the probability of you coming into contact with water is quite high. The shoes that you normally wear to the meeting during summer might not be most appropriate ones to wear outside during this period.

What do you do? Here's where shoe dryers come in handy as they enable you to dry your shoes easily. You can sell your customers shoe dryers and save them from inconveniences that come with winter.

3. Scarves

Scarves become almost fundamental items to wear during winter. Unless you're wearing a polo necked shirt, no item of clothing caters for your neck. Aside from adding trendy wear to their outfits, customers will look to have an adequate supply of scarves to avoid feeling cold on the neck.

Pocket scarves are also a good product to stock since they will guarantee the safety of essentials like phones and money. Have a variety of unique scarves to cater to the various tastes of your customers. if you would like to find suppliers on this products this article will help.

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4. Waterproof Shoes

It always rains in winter! Adults may avoid the outdoors, but children generally won't mind because they love to play especially with snow. Winter does not have to stop children from having fun. So if you can't stop children from playing in the water, why not prepare for it? Get them waterproof shoes and worry less about wet shoes!

5. Waterproof Pants

Waterproof pants are great for those who love the outdoors, regardless of what they do. It doesn't matter what they like to do be it skiing, snowboarding, hiking, camping, or any outdoor winter activity, these pants are a necessity. They protect you against getting wet, and so many of the people who brave the outdoors during winter love them.

These pants are a great addition to any store that is preparing for winter sales.

6. Wool Coats And Trench Coats

Winter is always cold, and temperatures can plummet to as low as 40 degrees below zero. Without an appropriate warming coat or a layer of warm clothing, a person will be shivering in a short time while outdoors. It is in these conditions that wool coats and trench coats come in handy.

They will supply the warmth that is needed to keep you comfortable. Wool coats are some of the must-have items for winter since everyone must wear warm clothing when it's cold.

7. Thick Socks

The floor can be cold, and you need to avoid turning your feet cold by having around two to three pairs of thick socks. Walking barefoot in the house is no longer comfy, and therefore, thick socks are required. These will not only ensure a comfy experience in the house but will also provide that extra warmth while outdoors.

They are a great addition to the winter stock, and your customers will be happy to purchase them.

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8. Gloves

When it's freezing outside your hands will be the first to feel it. You could just pocket all the time, right? No. Most activities will require the use of hands, and therefore, they will expose your hands to the biting cold. You require a pair of gloves to keep your hands warm during such activities.

Because there are so many activities that require hands, gloves are one of the basic needs for winter. You can sell this winter necessity and keep your customer’s hands comfortably warm.

9. Fishing Equipment

Winter should not be about indoors only. Moreover, staying indoors too much may lead to boredom and depression. So why not go outdoors? Ice fishing is one of those exciting things that you can only do during winter. All you have to do is grab an ice fishing equipment pack, and you're all set. Add ice fishing equipment to your list of items that you can sell this season. Check out list of fishing suppliers to find the best suppler for your store.

10. Yoga Mats

Yoga has been shown to have a positive impact on the physical fitness and mental health of those that practice it. Those that do not may find time during winter to try it since they're mostly indoors anyway. Yoga practitioners and those who want to try it out this winter will be looking to buy yoga mats. They are a great addition to your store’s winter stocks.

11. Indoor Workout Equipment

Working out in winter may become a little difficult for those who are used to outdoor runs and exercises. However, they can continue their workout routines by buying indoor gym equipment, for example, dumbbells, benches, and jump ropes.

This equipment will be crucial for fitness during winter and is a great addition to your stock, especially because of the reduced outdoor activity during this time.

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12. Skiing Equipment

Winter brings with it particular sports, for example, skiing. For those who want to engage in this exciting sport, having the right equipment is vital. As a result of these sports, excited shoppers and winter sportspeople will be looking for skiing equipment like goggles, helmets, and skis.

13. Ice Skating Equipment

Ice skating is one of the many winter sports known and a wide variety of people ranging from amateurs to professional skaters’ skate on ice. Ice skates and other related equipment will be some of the most sought after items by those looking to enjoy this sport. These will guarantee buyers an exciting winter season.

14. Warm Slippers

As much as people want to keep warm, they also want to feel comfy and stylish. Warm slippers provide both warmth and style if chosen carefully. A smart seller will choose the best slippers and stock them so that shoppers feel pretty this winter.

15. Tea And Coffee

Tea and coffee are added to food and beverages to make them tastier and more enjoyable. Since people generally want to stay warm during winter, they often drink warm liquids and beverages. Tea and coffee are the perfect ingredients to make a warm drink, and hence, shoppers will be looking to replenish their supplies ahead of winter. Tea and coffee also have a positive impact on mood and general health.

16. Electric Blanket

The thought of jumping into bed only to find it cold sends shivers down many people’s spines. During winter, beds can almost always be ice cold and can dampen moods by reducing comfort. This is why electric blankets come in handy.

You need not worry about jumping into a cold bed anymore since it will already warm and just the right temperature. Attend to your customer’s sleeping needs by ensuring you have electric blankets in stock for the ultimate comfort during winter. There's no better place than a warm bed during a cold season, share this with everyone!

17. Underwear And Lingerie

Winter is the perfect time to spend more time with your partner since you are almost always indoors. Most people will be shopping for new trendy underwear as they want to look attractive. Make sure you take full advantage of the season and have a sexy lingerie collection for women to shop as well as cool underwear for men in stock.

Since people like trying new things, this is the time that they are most predisposed to try adult and having them in stock is a good idea.

18. Jewelry

Winter coincides with the festive months of the year. Therefore most people are going to attend parties, cocktails and festive functions. They need to look stylish and pretty during these functions and hence will turn to jewelry. Jewelry will add the style to their dress and hence contribute to the pretty overall look.

It is a good idea to stock jewelry because most fashion-minded shopper will be seeking for it.

19. Snowblowers

One of winter's most beautiful, yet sometimes annoying accompaniments is snow. Snow falls and covers everything in its whiteness. It may look beautiful, but you quickly discover that it's a hindrance to any movement outdoors, especially for cars or any machines with wheels.

To get rid of this slippery problem at home by yourself is easy for those with snow blowers. If you don't have one, then prepare for the back-breaking work of shovelling it away. Snowblowers are therefore highly sought-after equipment for winter and cannot miss in your list of items.

20. Fitness Trackers

One of the most challenging tasks for anyone to accomplish is to gauge how much of working out is enough. Add that to the problem of working out indoors and you got a real problem. No need to sweat over that, however, because that is exactly the reason why fitness trackers exist.

So If you're working out in your garage and need to find out just how many calories you've burnt during a workout, fitness trackers can be of great help. Tracking the amount of exercise done is especially important for those who wish to continue their fitness regimes during winter.

21. Gift Boxes

Winter or fall is always a time filled with magical scenes and moments. To make the most out of this, why not gift someone special? Some of our most cherished memories are from past winters. Most people receive and give most gifts during the festivities that happen during this period.

What is a gift without an appropriate gift box? That would be incredibly boring because part of the allure of gifts is the anticipation before opening it. Gift boxes are, therefore, must-have items in your stock. If you want to make the season magical both for ourselves and our loved ones, then beautiful gift boxes are a must-have.

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22. Waterproof Car Covers

It's almost always snowing and raining outside during winter. Sometimes we have to park our cars out. Generally, no one wants to drive a car covered in an inch or two of snow. It is important to have waterproof car covers so that when you park the car outside in the snow, you won't come back to find it dripping wet inside.

Using car covers is an easy way to ensure that your car remains dry even when you leave it exposed to the snow.

23. Quilting Fabric

Most people spend most of the winter months indoors. For crafty people, this is a perfect opportunity to continue exploring their interests. Quilting is one of the delicate crafts that people engage with during the winter months.

For whatever reason that your customers want to do quilting, be it to make cool apparel or just to create beautiful art, having ample supplies is essential. Such shoppers will look to add to their existing stash of quilting fabric. Hence you should add their fabric stock before the onset of winter or fall.

24. Snowboards

Snowboarding is a recreational activity that involves sliding downslope on a snow-covered slope while standing on a snowboard that is attached to a rider's feet. Needless to say, this is a winter sport. Depending on the type of snowboarding one wants to engage in, they will buy specialized equipment created just for that type.

Choose unique and beautiful snowboards so that your shoppers feel unique out there.

25. Hooded Raincoat

Winter comes with snow and rains. As much as we can plan to avoid the rain, sometimes it catches us off guard. You could be walking along the street, and then it suddenly begins to rain. Maybe you had not carried an umbrella, and in that case, you will be exposed to the rain.

If you have a hooded raincoat though, you could just put on your hood and proceed to look for shelter or walk back home comfortably.

26. Umbrellas

Umbrellas are indispensable during the winter season. You can't predict where or when the rain will find you. Carrying an umbrella wherever you go is the simplest solution if you want to avoid getting rained on.

With many types of umbrellas on the market, trendy shoppers may choose transparent ones or even beautiful multicolored umbrellas according to whether one is outgoing or not. A smart retailer will have several types of stylish umbrellas to cater for all tastes.

27. Touchscreen Gloves

We have to admit that we are a smartphone-dependent generation. Almost all of our activities today have integrated the use of a smartphone. Imagine then if we were unable to use phones as long as we were outside, wouldn't that be a great inconvenience? Touchscreen gloves help you use your phone by eliminating this problem.

They ensure that you don't subject your hand to the cold weather unnecessarily as you check your mail or and reply to messages. For anyone with a smartphone, touchscreen gloves are a necessity during winter.

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28. Pet Jacket

We can't just leave our furry friends indoors because of winter. The dog will need to be walked, perhaps to the park and back. Pet jackets are handy in situations like these. You dress up your pet in one of these and take it out for a walk.

You don't have to worry that about your pet catching an illness due to the cold. With a pet jacket, your pet can be free to play around even outside in the snow.

29. Platters And Serving Ware

Thanksgiving, Christmas among many other holidays occur during winter. During these holidays, meal sharing is the norm, families, and friends eat together. Much kitchenware is used for cooking for and serving such large groups of people.

Turkey knives, plates, large bowls, and forks are required for the success of such occasions. Stores that sell such items will attract many buyers during fall and winter due to the increased demand for those wares.

30. Disposables

During the festivities of winter, using a lot of serving ware is commonplace. However, disposables such as toilet tissue, paper cups, napkins, and paper towels are necessary for hygienic reasons. Toilet paper supplies have to be replenished to cater for the extra visitors who will use the bathrooms.

Paper cups help the hosts reduce the amount of dishwashing that they will have to do later. Paper towels and napkins are used during every meal to maintain cleanliness. Winter holidays require these disposables in large batches, and so any smart retailer will have enough stocked.

31. Moisturizer Creams And Lotions For Dry Skin

Beauty products are usually in use all year round. Their widespread use underlines their importance as products for every store's stock. They sell like hot cakes all year, and one can only expect their use to continue even during the winter months.

The increase in the number of festive occasions during winter and fall also increases the demand for these cosmetics. These are, therefore, a product that no seller should miss in their store at the onset of fall and winter.

32. Pajamas

Pajamas are must-have clothing, especially during those nights when you're avoiding the cold weather outside. Many shoppers will be looking for seasonal pajamas for Christmas, so it's great to have these in the store. Provide a wide range for the shopper to choose from so that everyone gets what they need to enjoy relaxing indoors.

We've discussed many ideas in this article, is there any that we have left out and you’d like us to add to the list? Reach out to us or comment below. Hopefully, you've found some ideas which you like that you will be adding to your store.

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