61 Amazing Online Fashion Stores And Examples!

Written by Franklin Hatchett

Our goal at EcomElites is to help readers get the information they need, we partner with companies to help bring you that information. If a purchase or signup is made through our partners, we receive compensation for the referral. Learn More

Our goal at EcomElites is to help readers get the information they need, we partner with companies to help bring you that information. If a purchase or signup is made through our partners, we receive compensation for the referral. Learn More

A fashion store requires a lot of attention. Fashion trends change dramatically overtime, and quickly. Before you know it, the way your fashion store works or how it is designed is no longer desirable.

To help you get ideas and inspiration, we will take a look at the 61 best online fashion stores and tell you why you should copy some of their strategies in terms of design and website functionality.

The 61 Best Online Fashion Stores


Zappos does not only sell clothing but also shoes. It covers a wide range of fashion items, and it serves both men and women.

The site offers a customer service number, which means it’s priority is customer satisfaction as it has employees who will be there to answer customer inquiries in real-time. Zappos also has clothing for kids, and people who shop here can choose from dozens of brands.


Zalora has clothing for the family. And one thing it does best is that it has several websites that have different product content. Zalora US is different from Zalora UK, and the management sells only the right items for each country.

One idea you can borrow is the discount. Zalora offers up to 70% discounts on items, and this makes their products more attractive in terms of price compared to their competitors.


One great thing about Zaful is that it has worldwide shipping facilities. What this means for the consumer is that he does not have to wait for the product to arrive.

Zaful sells clothing for men, women, and kids, but most of their items are for women. It offers discounts to students, so it is clear that it is targeting young people to buy their inventory. You can do the same for your website to increase your sales.


Yoox is a fashion site that offers clothing for the family. It targets young people more than adults, and one thing you can copy from this site is that it offers a gift to those who would sign up to their newsletter.

At the bottom of its store, YOOX has a clear shipping cost and policy. This is important, and you must do the same for your store           to prevent people from feeling that they are paying for hidden costs.


This is one of the biggest fashion brands in the world. It has online stores and physical stores worldwide. Online, the sites vary per country, and what this does is that a buyer will be seeing prices in his local currency.

Uniqlo offers lots of discounts, and some may hit as much as 25%. It also has a complete roster of clothing for men, women, and children, and it has clothes for all seasons.


Topshop separated its store between men and women. They did this in their brick-and-mortar stores to make it easier from customers to shop. Online, they did the same. It is much easier for an online shopper to find a product on a site that sells dedicated clothing per gender.

If there is one thing that you can copy from this site, it is the super sale where customers can get up to 60% discount. All items for sale are also in neat categories to make it easier to browse for products.


This site sells shoes for men and women. There are sneakers, boots, but no rubber shoes. It is highly popular among young people and those who believe in a cause. It supports anti-gun movement, women empowerment, and many more.

The company gives a portion of its profit to children who have no shoes, and you can do the same on your website. Choose a charity and let your customers know that their purchases support non-profit organizations.

The Outnet

This site separates its premium clothing from the regular ones. The premium ones are called luxury clothing, and the customers can get as much as 30% in discounts.

What you can borrow from this site is the discount for first time customers, which can hit as high as 15%. The only thing a customer should do is to use a code, which he can easily find on the website.

The Iconic

Many of the items here are expensive, but the customer can easily filter out these expensive products and only allow the site to show those that are within his budget.

You can do the same for your website, and put a filter. There are many apps that will help you do this. In Shopify, there are event themes that will let you create filters, which will make your customer experience effortless when searching for clothing.


As one of the biggest chain of stores in the US, there is a lot you can learn from Target. It has its own section for fashion, and the thing that you can copy here is same-day shipping.

To be able to do this, you must look for a supplier that can keep up with this commitment. While the shipping may not be free, you are at least giving your customers a chance to get their item as soon as possible, even at a high rate of shipping cost.


Superdry focuses its attention to clothing that will keep you from getting wet, such as hoodies, jackets, and coats.

This is great because they are selling clothing from a specific niche. You can do the same and target only the people who need this kind of clothing. The challenge is that these products are seasonal, so make sure you sell globally and find consumers all-year round.


The clothing you will find here are designer styles. Apart from clothes, there are matching shoes so customers can buy a complete set of what to wear for special occasions.

There are also bags and accessories, and it is easy to filter the products because there are links that a customer can click in the left side of the page. Also, customers can choose specific items from the designer that he wants, and this choice is also found on the left.


This is another niche-based online fashion store. It sells only sneakers, but there are hundreds of them. There are shoes for men, women, and kids.

Shoppers can browse for new arrivals, for men only, or for women only. They can also view items that are on sale, and this makes it easier to look for items at a low price. While the site is focused on shoes, it does offer other products like sports jackets.

Simmi Shoes

With Simmi Shoes, the customer will find a thrilling mystery. It offers a mystery discount, and a customer has to enter a code called REVEALIT to see the discount he would get.

Simmi Shoes is a niche-based fashion store, and the customers that come here are women looking for elegant shoes and boots. When it comes to high-heeled shoes, Simmi is the place to go, and customers know it.


Showpo is the place to buy party clothing. The dresses look elegant, and the target market of this site is young people who want to look gorgeous for a party night.

There are also different clothing styles for casual wear, but still they are fit for party attire. The good thing about this store is that below the photo, a customer will easily see what sizes are available.


This is one of the biggest brands of online fashion stores in the world. The company can even become your supplier. You can find their products on their website or on AliExpress.

Shein has clothing for everyone, but mostly concentrates on fashion for women. What you can do is to imitate how the website runs, especially the large sliders and banners at the home page. It also has lots of discounts that change every month.

Saks Off 5th

One of the things that make it great to shop here is variety. You can buy clothes for men, women, and kids, plus you can choose only those that are part of a clearance sale. You can buy clothes for as much as 40% discount.

As you can see, you can add jewelry items to your online store, and this what this company is doing. Apart from selling clothes, the customer can buy jewelry that will complement the dress that she bought.

Rue La La

This is website that forces its customer to create an account and give his email address. It is a good practice because you cannot browse the products useless you register.

You can do the same to your store, provided that you have great offers. This one has branded clothing and shoes, eyewear, and kids wear. The items sold here are all branded and carry names like Louis Vuitton, Valentino, and Pandora.

River Island

With a delivery fee of only £1, who can say no to this offer? River Island is a UK-based online store that sells all clothing items for men, women, and kids. The target market is not just young people, but also adults.

It offers a student discount, and those who are still in school can get as much as 20% off. One thing you can imitate is that customers are featured on the site if they bought the products. Their posts will be copied from Instagram, and then posted on the website.

Princess Polly

This online store has several sites per country. Princess Polly offers clothing for women, and the products here use simple photography to show a woman’ natural skin tone.

It is a huge site, and the customer can buy all sorts of accessories, including underwear, jackets, dresses maxi dresses, beauty products, and a whole lot more. The strategy you can copy is the simple menu list, and then it expands into more details categories to make it easier to brows for products.

Paige Denim

The target market of this company is young people, and the products are focused on jeans and denim jackets. It serves both men and women, and it does offer 15% discounts.

What you need to copy from this store is its simplicity. There are only four choices in the menu, and it makes it easier to browse for products. The cool thing is the Featured Menu where the company shows items they want to sell.

New Look

This company does not only sell online but also in physical stores. The great thing about it is that the home page banner is a bright and simple advertisement about an ongoing sale.

The target market of the site is men, women, and girls. One thing you can copy is that one that is at the bottom of the home page. A customer can choose a collection based on body type like curvy, tall, skinny, and small.


This is a luxury fashion store, so do not be surprised to find high-ticket items on the shop. It is a one of the best online fashion stores because it knows how to showcase its products.

Most of the photos you see here are those of models on the runway. And when a customer sees this, she knows that the piece of clothing that he is buying is a designer one.

Nasty Gal

One thing that a shopper cannot refuse from this store is the discount. It offers 50% off on everything from time to time, and this includes even items that are already on sale.

Nasty Gal does not sell the typical kind of clothing. What you can find here are those worn in parties. There are even selections that are seasonal, like Halloween party dresses that include a witch’s hat.


This site has a complete set of clothing for women. There are dresses, tops, bottoms, jackets, and even shoes. There is also a category for plus size women.

One thing that can inspire you is to use big photos. On this site, the photos for each collection are huge, and shows the model wearing the clothing in full body. It even has a collection where only dresses with pockets are shown.


This site is a jewelry store. One great thing about it is that it has a section called Editor’s Pick. The items sold here are also affordable, and it covers a wide range of different jewelry types like earrings, bracelets, pendants, and more.

The best thing about this store is the product description. The product description does not focus too much on the specifications, but on how the jewelry looks on a person.


At the top of the site, one will easily notice that the shipping fee is only £5. It is standard delivery, and shoppers will surely bite this bait. You can do this on your website too, provided that you have an app that allows you to ship at a flat rate.

The Missguided store has many product lines, but it mostly sells hot clothing for women who want that bad girl look. It also offers accessories like bags, plus shoes and denim jeans.

Miss Selfridge

This is another store that offers high discount. You can buy clothing here for as much as 50% off. It has a program called Miss S Unlimited, and you can copy this program to attract more customers.

In Miss S, the customer will get free returns and free delivery. The customer has to pay £5, and this program will give the customer the benefits for one year. All shipping is free, including Express Shipping, and there is no minimum amount that a customer has to spend.

Matches Fashion

On this site, you will find elegant clothing for men and women. The clothing sold here is the kind you wear at formal dinner parties. There are also accessories here like bags and purses, plus shoes for men and women.

What makes this site a great one is that the photos are taken with a simple studio background. It has a formal look, which helps a customer understand why the prices are high. A pair of shoes here can reach up to £400.

Marks and Spencer

This brand is known over the world. It has many physical stores, but the online store is even better. It has a collection of everything for men and women, and even kids.

The best thing about this site is that the menu is neatly arranged on top. Customers can easily find the category they want, and then shop for the item they are looking for.

Marissa Collections

This website sells luxury clothing for both men and women, but there are more items for women, the shop focuses on clothing that is used in parties, including weddings.

Apart from clothing, it offers accessories and jewelry that will fit its clothing selection. It is one of the best online stores because it has been featured in many news outlet such as the New York Times and Vogue. You can copy the site and sell clothing that are for luxury occasions.


Like Marks and Spencer, Mango has physical locations, and it serves both men and women. There are also items for children, and new shoppers can easily get a 10% discount if they sign up for the newsletter.

The one thing that you will find inspiring on this site is that it has bold photos. It makes the site visitor explore the website, and filtering the products is easy. The navigation menu and filter options are on the left, and a shopper can easily control the products that the site will show on the search results.


With Lululemon, shoppers are welcomed with great-looking gears for physical activities. This is a niche-based site that offers clothing for practitioners of yoga and other forms of body fitness activities.

What you can imitate from this site is that the home page uses a video instead of a photo. The banner has a video that shows the product in action, and this makes the product more credible than only if seen on pictures.

Luisa Viaroma

This is a high-end fashion store that sells clothing for both men and women. It also sells bridal clothing, and a large number of the goods sold here are pricey.

One thing that makes this brand stand out is that the product descriptions are carefully written. Instead of focusing in the size or length of the clothing, it uses fashion statements that appeals to a site visitor’s emotion.


While it sounds like the kind of clothing this site sells is for tough gear, it actually sells dresses and clothing for men and women. Here, you can also find cashmere and other branded clothing from designers.

This site is not niche-based. You can find formal wear here and also summer wear. The site combined different products that still fit the same target market. The target market are people who love to look good whether they are wearing formal or informal clothes.


Like Marks and Spencer, this one is a big company that has physical stores around the world. Most of its products are for women.

It is one of the best fashion stores because it offers free shipping, if only for a limited time. There is also a game that shoppers can try in which they will spin a wheel and win a code. They must apply that code to get a discount.

Fashion Nova

The big thing that is happening on this store is that it offers up to 80% discount, and then there is free shipping if you meet a single-purchase order requirement of about $75.

Promotions like this is what is going to help you attract more customers to your site. They will really feel that they got the best value for their money, and they are likely to come back to check out your other promotions.


This site sells clothing for kids, too. The focus of this brand is casual wear, and you will find many items here that you would love to wear during summer.

It sells sneakers, bags, watches, and other accessories. The one thing that makes this site a good one is that it offers not just one brand but several. Though a little bit pricey, the site only sells designer clothing, and it does have a sale section where the items are sold up to 80% off.


This is the sister brand of H&M, and it operates a lot of websites for different countries. There are items for men, women, and kids, and the clothing here covers any season.

There is a sale section on the site, and customers can browse for clothes that are offered for a discount. The prices are reasonable, and you can also shop only for new arrival clothing if you want to.


This is a luxury store, and the items here are sold at $1,000 per piece. There are lots of selections, and the site does not just sell clothing but also homeware and beauty products.

It is one of the best fashion sites because the store is neat. It is not cluttered with advertisements, and it is easy to navigate. The photos are used in a line, which means they are all of the same sizes so they are easy to the eye.

Century 21

Apart from clothing, this brand sells tech items, too. It has clothes for men, kids, and women, but the best part is that there is a clearance sale all the time.

Like other fashion stores, this one offers free shipping if the bill is $75. You can even get 50% off on many items, even if they are not part of the clearance sale.

Dorothy Perkins

The focus of Dorothy Perkins is men’s wear. If there is one great thing about this site, it has sliders at the left side that work as a filter.

As you browse, you can choose to show only those that are within the range of your budget. You can also adjust the filters by color, product type, and the type of fit.


BooHoo has products for men, women, and kids. The best thing about this site is that it has an app. And if you make a purchase through the app, you can get as much as 25% discount.

One thing that you can copy is the Inspire Me link on the shop. If you click it, the website will randomly show photos that can help you decide what clothing to buy.


This site is so simple that there are only four links on the menu. It sells different types of bags, and one thing that can inspire you is that it shows the bag photos while worn by the model.

With this approach, the custom can clearly see how big the bag is and then make a decision.


This is one of the most popular shopping sites for fashion. It only sells clothing for men and women, and the target market is young people.

ASOS offers 10% discount for students, and it also has an app that can make the shopping experience easier.

ASDA George

This is a simple site but it does have hundreds of content. The home page shows the links to the different categories, not big banners about its products.

One lesson you can learn here is not to be flashy. Make your site simple, and give the customers a chance to choose from many categories to make searching for products easier.


Despite being named like this, this online store does not sell old clothing. It offers a wide selection of jeans, pants and shorts.

The site is not limited to fashion, as it also sells outdoor furniture, and a discount is always available.

American Eagle

This is a known brand, and it has several websites. It offers all kinds of clothing for casual wear, and it offers a clearance sale all the time.

The company uses bold photography, and you can use this technique on your website to boost your sales or target young people.


This company is based in the UK, and it offers a discount of 15% to new shoppers.

The good thing you can copy here is that the home pages uses a video instead of a photo banner. Students also get 15% off in all items.

C/MEO Collective

The site offers clothing for women only, and the best thing about it is that you can shop on the store using Instagram.

It only has a few collections so this makes it easier for the customer to look for clothing items.

& Other Stories

This is a great fashion store because it tells you to create your own stories. It inspires its users, and it operates many websites that offer different products per country.

One thing that makes it great is that it offers photos behind the scenes. You can see how the clothes are made, not just stock photos of the finished product.


As the name implies, this one focuses on athletic wear. As a niche-based clothing store, it only sells clothing that can also function as hiking gears.

One thing it does great is that it shows photos of its product in action, like a woman climbing the mountain while wearing Athleta products.


At Barneys, you can buy all sorts of clothing for men and women, including home and beauty products.

It is a huge store, but all the items are neatly organized on the menu. It even has different shops within the store to make shopping easier.

Free People

This site has a complete list of clothing for women. The items include dresses, jeans, and active wear.

There is always a sale, so shoppers can always come back for great deals.


As a popular brand, H&M has everything, but it targets young people and kids only.

It is one of the best brands and online stores because of the completeness of its selections.


This has been around for a while, and it also has physical stores. The great thing about the site is that it offers cashback if you pick up your online order in-store.

Lucky Brand

The thing that makes this stand out is that it offers huge discounts. With Lucky Brand, consumers can get more value for their money, and even get an extra 10% off if they sign up.

Neiman Marcus

This is a high-end clothing store, but it does offer free shipping and a discount of up to 60% off.

You can get inspiration from this site as it sells bags and accessories, too. Apart from women’s clothing, you can also buy clothing for men and children.


Nordstrom is a big name, and yet it offers a gift of $60 to new shoppers.

The items here are pricey, but the clothes you will find on the site are those that you will see on magazines and runways.

Pretty Little Thing

As the name suggests, this fashion store is for young girls. The theme is pink and the clothing sold is for partying, like going to concerts.

Urban Outfitters

This is a niche-based fashion store, and it sells clothing for active wear and casual wear.

The store does not create its own line of clothing, but it sells brands like Puma, Adidas, and Champion.

How to Create an Online Fashion Store in Six Steps

Now that you have seen the best fashion stores and what makes them great, it is time to create your online fashion store and earn money. Here is a quick guide to help you get started with your own online fashion store business.

Step 1: Find a supplier

The first thing you have to do is to find a supplier who will ship the items for you. An online fashion store is going to be costly if you keep your own inventory. What you can do is to use apps and software that can help you find suppliers from around the world.

Here are some examples of apps you can use:

  • Oberlo – this is a product research tool where you can find suppliers; you will have a dashboard management system, ordering system, and the suppliers will ship the items to your customers.
  • Spocket – this works like Oberlo, but better. With this tool, you can choose suppliers from specific countries, or suppliers who ship to specific countries only.
  • AliExpress – this is one of the biggest online market places in the world. You can study the suppliers and their performances, display their products on your own site, and then place the order once a customer bought an item from you.

When choosing a supplier, make sure that you know the cost of shipping so you can charge that from your customer. Better yet, look for those that offer free shipping so you can sell your products at a lesser price.

Step 2: Create your online store

Today, you do not need to have technical knowledge to be able to build a website. All you need is to subscribe to a platform and then use the templates to build a store. The two best platforms out there are BigCommerce and Shopify.

  • Shopify – with this platform, you can create a website in a few minutes. You can choose a template, which is called a theme, and then you can upload your products right away. The platform comes with a payment processor, which means that you can charge your customers immediately once your website is up and running.
  • BigCommerce – this is a fierce competitor of Shopify, and you can also build your online store within minutes. With BigCommerce, you can add apps to your website. These apps will help you manage your business better, make the website look better, and even create discounts that will automatically apply once the customers type the code in a box.

You need to study the two platforms and choose which one can give you the most value for your money. Both platforms will cost at least $20 a month, but this payment already provides you with a complete online business.

Step 3: Add products to your store

To add products to your store, you must have stock photos that come from your suppliers. This should not be an issue because dropship suppliers are aware how important product photography is in the fashion business.

Here are some things you must have in your product details page:

  • Photos – use lifestyle photos, or photos where models are using the clothing or the shoes that you are selling
  • SEO – use the search engine optimization tools found in your online store platform; use great product titles and product description that will help your products be on the top search results
  • Price – sell at a price that is reasonable, and make sure you disclose all information about money, such as shipping costs and handling fees
  • Features – highlight the product’s strengths, like what it is made of, or the available sizes

It is also important that you add a description to your product, not in terms of the quality, but in terms if convincing the customer that it is an item he must buy. You must have a strong ad copy that will make the person buy out of emotion.

Step 4: Create a template

A template is not a theme. It is a style where all your product pages will look similar. The only things that will be different are the contents of the words and the photos, but the format should be the same.

  • This is important so your website looks professional. Here are some tips to think about:
  • Use the same font sizes and styles for titles
  • Use the same font sizes and styles for the product description
  • If you use bullet points for the features, use it in all product features
  • If there are shipping details, all products must have it
  • Photo sizes must be the same

What you are trying to accomplish here is uniformity. Your online store must look like a magazine, or a brochure.

Step 5: Choose a payment processor

A payment processor is a company that charges your customers money, and then the company will send the money to you. With Shopify and BigCommerce, you have hundreds of choices.

Before you even put a price on your products, you must choose a payment processor and know how much they will charge you per transaction. Add that cost to your pricing, and what’s left is your profit.

The most popular is PayPal, but there are many other options like Stripe and 2Checkout.

Step 6: Advertise

The last but also one of the most important things to do is to advertise. Realistically, no one will find your online store unless you advertise. There are so many website out there that yours will become buried underneath search engines.

The best ways to advertise are through Google Ads, Facebook, and Instagram.

These three have the best results for ads, and you will get your money’s worth. With these three advertising platforms, you can choose your target audience, and make sure that the people who will see your ads are those that are likely to buy.


An online fashion store is a profitable business, especially if you are not going to keep your inventory. However, bear in mind that this is a high-competition business, so you need to be on top of your game all the time. With the right approach and knowledge, you will succeed in making your own fashion brand.

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