7 Best Dropshipping Themes for Shopify That Will Increase Sales

Written by Franklin Hatchett

Our goal at EcomElites is to help readers get the information they need, we partner with companies to help bring you that information. If a purchase or signup is made through our partners, we receive compensation for the referral. Learn More

Our goal at EcomElites is to help readers get the information they need, we partner with companies to help bring you that information. If a purchase or signup is made through our partners, we receive compensation for the referral. Learn More

Your online stores layout, performance, and outlook play an important role in determining your profitability. Your visitors will judge the quality of the products you offer and value of your store the first second they land on your page by the way it looks and performs.

A good theme is required to make a memorable first impression. This is why it is important to choose the best theme to determine how your store will look like and function. The choice of theme highly depends on the type of business you operate or are planning to operate.

We understand that Shopify offers a large list of themes that you could end up undecided. This guide will narrow down to the 7 best dropshipping themes for Shopify.

1. eCom Turbo

eCom Turbo is one of the best Shopify themes. eCom Turbo has been developed by Franklin Hatchett (me) – a seven figure store owner. It is an ideal theme if you are looking to promote as well as increase responsiveness on your store. eCom Turbo comes with a flexible yet simple admin interface that offers a lot of powerful features.

These features include an inbuilt scarcity timer, email collector, cash boosting upsell, custom footer, simple trust badges, customizable home page, save on cart buttons, and an urgency sales ticker. eCom Turbo is highly optimized for mobile to help you cash in on the large percentage of mobile users.

You will find the photos, price, title, and buy now tabs above the fold. This is a Shopify theme designed to help you increase your profits at the same time improving your customer experience.


  • Lightning Fast Loading Speed – Research has shown that 40% of online users will leave a site that loads for more than 4 seconds. Less loading time on your store will boost your conversions. eCom Turbo has surpassed this time limit as it records a loading speed of only 2 seconds.
  • Scarcity Timer –You have access to countdown timers that will create a sense of urgency in your customers. You can use this feature to display amount left in stock or a discount timer.
  • Trust Badges – You can earn your customers trust using trust badges. You can add them one at a time or include a trust bar at the bottom of your page. You will not have to add a trust bar on each product every time you list it on your store.
  • Customizable Homepage – Your homepage acts as your storefront. You can customize the color, text image icons and every element on it. You can also customize the product pages. The customization gives your store a unique look and will help boost your conversions.
  • Currency Converter – The currency converter will let your customers buy your products using prices in their respective countries' local currencies.

eCom Turbo theme has more features such as sales pop-ups, coupon codes, call to actions, one-click upsells, email forms, clean navigation, and social media integration.


The cost of Turbo will depend on the number of licenses you need. A license for one site will cost you $97. You get multiple licenses at the cost of $127 and unlimited licenses for $147. You have the chance to test the theme using a demo version before making a purchase decision.

2. Booster Theme

The latest version of Booster Theme was launched in 2018. Over 4000 Shopify themes have been born from the Booster theme. Booster Theme gives you a lot of freedom to customize it. You can edit your theme's title, colors, and other aspects to create a stunning and professional theme.


  • Countdown Timers – Countdown timer apps on the Shopify store can cost you an average of $108 every year. Booster theme will deliver benefits of countdown Timer apps without the monthly rates.
  • Smart Mega Menu – Your store will ease customer navigation as the smart menu lets your customers access various products collections and menus. The menu is easy to set up, and it gives your store a clean look and greatly contributes to a great user experience.
  • Theme Updates –You will enjoy free updates. Your store will have the latest features, and you will not have to rebuild your store to integrate a new feature.
  • Display Related Products – Customers like to have choices. Once they click on products, other similar products available on your store will be displayed. The average order value of your store will increase, and so will your profits.
  • Cross Sells – Cross-sells is a feature that helps suggest other complimentary products your customer may be interested in. You may have seen a title like ‘you may also like’ on various online stores. You will be able to increase your average order value using this feature.

You have access to other features such as multiple language display, currency converter, social media integration, and upsell popups.


The Booster theme will cost you more than most themes. The one site packages cost $179. You will need to pay $297 for two sites and $497 for five sites.

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3. Konversion Theme

Konversion Theme is a theme that has been fitted with grids that enhance your user’s browsing experience. These grids are links to price, product title, and cart options. The theme's features will help you to generate high conversions for your store.


  • Collection Banners – Collection banners will help boost your sales as they project product details. They also help you make advertisements on your store to draw customers to various products.
  • Countdown Timers – Countdown timers will install a sense of urgency in the customer. They depict countdowns to end of discount sales or to display how much time they have to grab a certain product before the stock runs out.
  • Deal Of The Day – Retain your customers by offering daily deals. These are also discounted sales you could display on a daily basis. Customize the deal to include your desired product and price.
  • Custom Call To Actions – Customize your call to action to invite customers to various products and deals. They also create a sense of urgency to increase your sales.
  • Built For Mobile – In the current online markets, 80% of traffic comes from mobile users. Konversion is easily compatible and highly responsive on mobile devices with small screens.

Konversion Theme offers other features like social media marketing, upsell popups, search bar, and menu navigation, among others.


You pay $197 for the license of a single site and $397 for a license that you can use on a maximum of 3 sites.

4. Outlane Universe Theme

The Outlane Universe Theme is an elegant multipurpose theme you can use on your store. You can set up your store within a few minutes, and it will maintain its elegance on both mobile and desktop devices. You can choose between three core styles: Jupiter Mars or Earth. It is applicable to both large and small online stores.


  • Customization Tools – Outlane Universe Theme has customization tools to help you customize your store during building, and the outcome is a unique online shop. You can edit the design, layout and a lot of other elements.
  • Mega And Drop Down Menu – The Mega Menu on the Outlane Universe Theme will integrate various categories and offer your customers browsing convenience. Coding knowledge is not a prerequisite of creating a unique Mega Menu. You can customize it to generate unique menus and fit various product niches.
  • Mobile-First Design – Most online shoppers do their shopping activities via their phones. The Outlane Universe Theme basic version was built for mobile-first. It is highly compatible with small screen devices such as tablets and smartphones. The mobile first design is responsive and enhances the user experience.
  • Product Image Zoom – Your customers can view the physical details of a product using the product image zoom feature. It is a great addition to create a better user experience as they will be able to see your products features more clearly.
  • Related Products – Add similar items on your product pages. You will be offering your customers a variety of choices and increase your chances of making a sale.
  • Product reviews – You can import product reviews to your product pages. Users will give more information about the specifications of a product and what other users have experienced.

Some of the additional features you can integrate are: call-to-actions, integrate google maps, YouTube videos, social media share options, and search engine optimization tools.


The standard package with a single store license for the Outlane theme will set you back $180, the extended package with three store licenses cost $290 and the agency package with a ten store license will cost $540.

5. Shoptimized

Shoptimized Theme was developed by Bradley Long. It has been designed based on three principles that determine a successful and high converting eCommerce store. The principles are;

  1. Social Proof promoted by reviews and confidence from your customers.
  2. Scarcity which is a strategy to urge customers to make sales, for example, by using countdown timers.
  3. Authority which shows proof of your media mentions or awards. You can use your Facebook followers to showcase media mention.


  • Countdown Timers – Shoptimized has countdown timers feature. Most people miss something, for instance, a good deal when they lose it. Countdown timers motivate and urge customers to make purchases before they close a deal you have put together for them.
  • Currency Switcher – Your store will have an inbuilt currency switcher. This is a chance to save up to $120 that will be spent on subscriptions for currency switcher apps. You customer will view the products price in their local currency, and your sales will increase.
  • Shipping Time Estimator – A frequently asked question by customers is, ‘When does my order get here?’ Shoptimized helps you answer this question by providing shipping times estimates.
  • Email Pop-Ups – Shoptimized has email pop-ups you can use to expand your email list and maintain an active communication channel with your customers.
  • Marketing Integrations – You can add social media integrations to create social proof for your products and online store. For example, you can link your products to Facebook and Instagram that will help you expand your customer reach.
  • Video Embedding – You will be able to integrate videos that help you market various products or even teach customers about using products. A good example is ‘How To..’ videos.

Shoptimized has many more features, such as the mega menu, customization tools, product filters, GEO-IP recognition, and product branding.


Shoptimized has three pricing packages. The basic package offers a one-store license for a one-off fee of $167. The pro package offers a license valid in two stores for a one-time fee of $197. You could opt for the ultimate package and get a license that covers ten stores for $597. When you sum up the purchase of each integration feature for your store, you will have a sum of over $2,000.

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6. Empire Supply Theme

Empire Supply Theme is a product of Pixel Union. The theme comes in three styles which include Supply, Graphic and Industrial. The industrial and supply theme are more popular styles. Your store will have a professional look with this theme. You have many customization options, among other features as shown below.


  • Live Search – Your customers have access to the live search bar that will ease navigation and help them find products quickly.
  • Advanced Product Filtering – Once a customer initiates a search, your product filters will help them to narrow down the search. They will be able to find products by type, price, and even sellers. The Empire Theme can support your wide range of products to help you diversify and have more items to offer your client.
  • Customizable Promotion Tiles – The Empire Theme lets you attract customers to more products by use of custom promotion which could include discounts, featured products, and special promotions.
  • Mobile-Friendly –This theme is easy to navigate and displays well on a small screen working seamlessly on both desktop and mobile devices. It also maintains the professional look on both large and small screens.
  • Quick Buy – The Quick Buy feature will help your customers to add a product to the shopping cart from any page they see it.
  • Free Updates – Your theme will receive free and regular updates to give your store a competitive advantage and a good user experience.

Other features include social media integration, access to free images from Burst, search engine optimization, and store customization.


You will pay a one-time fee of $180 for the Empire Theme. Furthermore, you are granted a 14-day free trial to see if the theme works for you.

7. FAP

FAP is a highly responsive theme that is available in three styles. You can opt for either the minimalist, clean or modern style. It has all the tools to establish a fully functional and high converting store.


  • Customization Tools – You have numerous customization options for various elements. You can edit your headers, colors, fonts, and layout. The different layouts help you create a storefront that suits multiple product categories, for example, clothing, and jewelry.
  • Quick View Feature – You can use the quick view feature to give your customers access to product information without leaving the current page.
  • Long Term Support And Upgrades – Are you stuck somewhere? The FAP team offers top-notch and long term support and service. Moreover, your theme is subject to regular updates that will give the best available user experience.
  • SEO Optimization –Your products will be SEO optimized, and you can support then optimization by marketing with blogs, social media, and adding videos.
  • Product Reviews – Customers can post their reviews on products. The reviews are a source of information and inspiration form prospects. You also need feedback to improve various aspects of your products and store.

Other features include a grid layout, Mega menu, product listing, and product filters.


You download the regular license for a cost of $39. You can opt for the extended license for $2250


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How Do I Determine Which Shopify Theme Is Best for My Store?

1. Easy Installation

A good Shopify Theme can be easily downloaded and installed without any complicated steps. Look at the theme’s prerequisites to confirm the ease of installation.

2. Customization

The customization features of a theme tell you how much control you have on the theme. Look out for prerequisites like general customization, pre-built add-ons, and custom plugins. They give you the chance to customize your store, make it powerful and more user-friendly to your customers.

3. Design Responsiveness

Did you know Google also ranks sites based on their responsiveness? A responsive theme can adapt to various devices for example tablets, mobile phones, and desktop without losing its user experience.

4. Load Speed Of Your Theme

Users tend to get frustrated with slow response times. Both Google SEO ranking and your customers will react to the loading speed of your theme. You will retain more customers with a faster loading speed of your dropshipping store.

5. Aesthetics

How professional does the theme look? How well is it aligned to suit your product niche? A good theme is simple, functional and appealing to the user. An interface with these characteristics will draw your customers’ attention and enhance your product display.

6. Support and Updates

Regular updates are necessary to keep up to date with new features. You will want to get that new feature for your store as soon as it has been launched. In case you encounter a little trouble with your theme, you will want immediate support. The support will ensure you and your customers face minimal challenges while using the theme.

Final Thoughts

The Shopify themes discussed above are among the best themes you can choose from and can support various online shops. Some of the common features are multiple designs, unlimited colors for editing, numerous fonts, image imports, compatibility with desktop and mobile devices, social media integration, pop up sales and countdown timers.

We will wrap up the analysis with a few tips as you set out to choose your theme. Use the following tips when choosing your theme:

  • Hide your banners if you fail to design attractive ones.
  • If your online shop doesn’t need high-quality images, avoid the themes that have sections with large images.
  • Analyze the appearance of your theme on your tablet, computer, and smartphone before you select it.
  • You have the option of conducting a test display of your products on any Shopify theme before you decide on it.
  • Your loading speed will be slow with themes that have weird animations and other clumsy elements.

A good theme will help you achieve a professional look, high responsiveness, and conversions.

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