9 Best Dropshipping Companies For Your Online Business

Written by Franklin Hatchett

Our goal at EcomElites is to help readers get the information they need, we partner with companies to help bring you that information. If a purchase or signup is made through our partners, we receive compensation for the referral. Learn More

Our goal at EcomElites is to help readers get the information they need, we partner with companies to help bring you that information. If a purchase or signup is made through our partners, we receive compensation for the referral. Learn More

Starting your online store can be challenging. You need to spend a significant amount of resources before you can breakeven. Beginners need adequate inventory from the beginning. You also need to plan for the movement of goods until they reach consumers. These considerations often discourage people that have limited resources from starting enterprises.

Dropshipping provides a viable alternative. Dropshipping is an online business model that enables people to sell items without owning them. Entrepreneurs partner with dropshipping sites or companies to sell their products. They create their online shops, which customers visit to place their orders.

Once a buyer makes a purchase, the dropshipper communicates their information to the dropshipping company for fulfillment. The company packages and sends the commodity to the buyer directly in the dropshipper's name.

Dropshipping is an appealing business model for entrepreneurs that want to create an enterprise without incurring significant overhead and setting up costs. A challenge such people face is finding a reliable dropshipping partner. Many entities claim to provide this service but end up disappointing entrepreneurs and their customers.

This comprehensive review of 9 best dropshipping sites and companies should help you pick a reliable dropshipping partner.

1. SaleHoo – the Dropshipping Company We Recommend

SaleHoo is one of the leading dropshipping websites. It provides reliable services to e-commerce stores, wholesalers, and dropshippers. These entities can search for the most profitable dropshipping commodities from SaleHoo's database of certified, affordable suppliers.

SaleHoo is an excellent place for new dropshippers to start their venture. The company has enabled more than 137,000 entrepreneurs to launch and develop their dropshipping businesses. Many dropshippers continue to thrive under SaleHoo. The company provides these individuals with access to adequate information to inform their decision making.

For only $67 per year, entrepreneurs have unlimited access to SaleHoo's database of wholesalers. More than 8,000 suppliers supply to the site. SaleHoo vets these vendors before working with them. Dropshippers have a 60-day free trial period. This trial helps them decide whether SaleHoo is an ideal fit for them.

Features of SaleHoo

1. Market Research Labs

This tool helps entrepreneurs find and compare profitable dropshipping commodities. Finding these products enables SaleHoo users to stay ahead of many of their competitors. Dropshippers can discover items that will ensure their ventures are successful.

2. Supplier Directory

SaleHoo has a long list of vetted wholesale and dropshipping suppliers. You can check out vendors that meet your search criteria on the platform. Finding suppliers offering the items you are dropshipping at the terms acceptable to you is easy. Members of SaleHoo often get lucrative deals with these vendors. Entrepreneurs using SaleHoo are usually not subjected to minimum order level requirements.

3. Smart Seller Training

SaleHoo trains dropshippers on the dropshipping business. Users of the platform access many learning materials, such as videos, online selling information, and an e-commerce glossary, among others. Beginners can benefit a lot from this program. They can learn about what it takes to start and run a successful dropshipping venture.

4. Satisfactory Support

SaleHoo users have access to reliable support services. They can get help via live chat, email, Facebook, and phone calls. This assistance enables users to make informed choices and gain more from the platform. The company also has a community forum, which helps dropshippers learn from industry experts and other colleagues.

How SaleHoo Works

Step 1: Find Items to Dropship

Entrepreneurs find lucrative items to list for dropshipping. The Market Research Labs tool that SaleHoo provides assists in this step. Find profitable commodities that are in demand.

Step 2: Find Reliable Dropshipping Suppliers

SaleHoo has a reliable database with vetted suppliers. Find the ones providing the items you need to list at acceptable terms.

Step 3: Resell

Reach out to the suppliers you choose to make dropshipping agreements. Start reselling their things once you have these understandings.

SaleHoo's Pricing Plan

SaleHoo offers one package going for $67 per year. This plan is among the most affordable ones in the market. It gives you access to their supplier database, Market Research Lab tool, members forum, and personal email support. You will also have a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Pros of Using SaleHoo

  • Vast database of vetted suppliers
  • Users can access more than 1.6 million products
  • Navigating the platform is manageable
  • Provides training to users
  • Reliable support services
  • Affordable plan at $67 per year
  • 60-day money-back guarantee

Cons of Using SaleHoo

  • No free trial
  • You might have to browse for long to find the best deals

2. AliDropship – Many Excellent Reviews

AliDropship is an AliExpress WordPress plugin that transforms your WordPress installation into a dropshipping store. It helps entrepreneurs launch their business via WordPress. You can import commodities listed in AliExpress to your WordPress shop.

Experienced developers and dropshippers developed AliDropship. Consequently, the platform has strategies and tricks that help various dropshipping niches. Their knowledge has been vital in creating an avenue that enables dropshippers to have maximum income and conversions.

Many people continue to use AliDropship. Most of them have successful ventures, which have earned them a significant amount of profit. Beginners also rarely struggle to use AliDropship. The plugin is fully automated, which helps new dropshippers operate like professionals.

How AliDropship Works

Entrepreneurs on AliDropship use the platform in two ways.

1. AliDropship Team Creates a Store for Users

  • The team can build a store for you.
  • The group builds an online store from the beginning to the end
  • They select the most lucrative niche
  • They create a unique design that matches your tastes and preferences with a manager guiding you through the steps
  • Your dropshipping business is ready

This option is excellent. You do not need any experience or work to have an incredible store. A custom-made shop comes at a cost. Choose from their different pricing plans.

  1. Basic plan – provides the essential tools to kickstart your dropshipping business. This bundle needs a one time fee of $299. You will also be paying $48 every year, which gives you hosting with free SSL.
  2. Advanced plan – comes with extra features that help you grow the dropshipping store faster. You will make a one-time payment of $499 and annual payments of $48 for hosting with free SSL.
  3. Ultimate plan – an ideal option if you need to have many features essential for immediate profit-making. It costs $899. You will also pay an annual fee of $48 for hosting with free SSL.

2. Get the AliDropship Plugin

If you do not need a custom-made store, this option can be for you. This plugin enables you to import commodities from AliExpress via a single click. You will have different filters to help you find the products you are browsing. Auto-updating ensures you keep track of changes regarding items on AliExpress.

You will know when they are out of stock, have price changes, or other modifications of information from AliExpress. These capabilities ensure details in your store are up-to-date with your suppliers from AliExpress. The plugin is also fully automated, comes at a one time fee of $89, and is easy to customize.

The plugin also comes with many add-ons to choose from to increase traffic and sales. You can import as many products as you want from AliExpress. Price automation helps you automatically modify your prices when there are changes in the rates in AliExpress via your markup formula.

You will need to be familiar with WordPress to customize this plugin quickly. The plugin also supports in-built themes only. You will have limited looks and designs. This plugin also has limited payment gateways.

Pros of Using AliDropship

  • AliDropship experts can build a professional store for you
  • Easy to import products from AliExpress
  • Auto-updating allows your store to be updated when your suppliers' details change
  • AliDropship plugin is automated

Cons of Using AliDropship

  • Customizing the AliDropship plugin is not easy for everyone (especially those with little knowledge of how WordPress works)
  • AliDropship plugin supports in-built themes only
  • AliDropship plugin has limited payment gateways
  • A customized shop by the AliDropship team can be costly

3. Worldwide Brands – Best Dropshipping Partner Without Membership Fees

One of the biggest challenges facing dropshipping businesses is finding reliable suppliers. Unfortunately, some scammers pose as vendors to defraud unsuspecting dropshippers and their clients. This issue poses severe threats to dropshippers trying to find their footing in the industry. Worldwide Brands seeks to address this challenge by vetting suppliers before listing them in its database.

Accessing their reliable list of vendors enables you to run a successful dropshipping business. Your venture will get sellers committed to delivering based on set terms. You pay a lifetime membership fee of $299. There are no subsequent payments once you pay this amount. This fee gives you direct access to suppliers offering more than 16 million products.

Vendors on this platform provide an array of commodities. You will get clothing, pet supplies, beauty products, sporting goods, and jewelry, among others. Worldwide Brands is BBB A+ rated. This score means the platform is reliable and secure.

How Worldwide Brands Works

1. Searching for Reliable Wholesalers/Vendors

Suppliers are an integral part of any business. Your dropshipping business must find the best vendors. Worldwide Brands recognizes that it is challenging to find these suppliers. At times, they may only engage with established enterprises. This preference leaves you with little chance of getting the best for your dropshipping business, especially if you are only starting your venture. However, Worldwide Brands finds the best wholesalers and includes them in its database.

2. Certifying Each Dropshipping Company and Wholesaler/Supplier

While legitimate businesses are operating in the dropshipping industry, some individuals or firms are out to scam unsuspecting people. This fact makes dropshipping a bit risky, especially if people do not do strict checks. This company vets every firm that operates through them. This assessment enables dropshippers to only deal with reliable vendors.

3. Adding Wholesalers/Vendors to the List

Worldwide Brands adds suppliers to its list once they have verified their business. The company continuously updates its directory to ensure dropshippers access only the best vendors.

Once dropshippers find a suitable supplier in the database, Worldwide Brands facilitates them to contact the vendors. Dropshippers can access suppliers directly through Worldwide Brands. They also pay wholesale prices, which might not have been possible if they were acting on their own or starting their business.

Pros of Using Worldwide Brands

  • Access to millions of products
  • Access to over 9,000 suppliers
  • Rigorous vetting of suppliers before certification and listing
  • Worldwide Brands updates its database with valuable wholesalers regularly
  • You only pay a one-time fee (no membership fees)

Cons of Using Worldwide Brands

  • The one-off payment of $299 might not be affordable to everyone
  • Lacks many dropshipping features offered by other providers, such as automated listing tools and website tools
  • They upsell things such as ads, offers, books, and other products, which can be annoying to some people

4. Doba – More Than 2 Million Products With Appealing Profit Margins

Doba is among the most comprehensive dropshipping companies. Users access many suppliers, and they can place their orders as well. Doba has three different pricing plans. The Basic Plan costs $29 per month. The Advanced Plan goes for $69 per month, while the Pro Plan costs $249 per month. You have a 14-day free trial to help you decide whether to pay for one of these packages.

Doba users find products that they want to dropship and list them on their sites. Once you have a sale, Doba will process the purchase. The company will contact the vendor to have the product delivered to the buyer. This process removes the tedious supplier management from your plate.

Doba's Pricing Packages

You have a 14-day free trial to check out the platform. If you are happy with its services, you can pay for any of these plans.

  • Basic Package – costs $29 per month.
  • Advanced Package – costs $69 per month. It contains access to an outstanding support team and eBay data export.
  • Pro Package – goes for $249 per month. It has batch order updates and Amazon data export.

Pros of Using Doba

  • Access to more than 2 million products from about 200 suppliers
  • It is easy to use
  • You can add multiple products at the same time
  • Inventory notification enables you to be aware of low stock or stockouts
  • Offers support via live chat, phone, or email

Cons of Using Doba

  • Its plans can be quite expensive
  • The free trial has some restrictions (you need to provide your credit card information, you can only export data up to 10 times, and you can only add 150 products to your inventory)

5. Oberlo – One of the Leading Marketplace for eCommerce Commodities

Oberlo has been among the leading dropshipping companies for some time. You can quickly search for quality products offered at affordable rates to sell in your dropshipping store. They connect dropshippers with suppliers, who organize for deliveries to customers.

Oberlo has a beautiful, modern user interface. This feature allows you to use the platform with ease. You can quickly find the products you are browsing for listing in your dropshipping store. Users can integrate it with their Shopify shops without challenges. Additionally, the one-click imports allow you to have products from AliExpress in your store.

Oberlo's Pricing Plans

Oberlo provides a free account to get you started. The company limits this account to 500 commodities and 50 orders every month.

If you would like to pay for more benefits, they provide two packages. You can pay $29.90 per month (basic plan) or $79.90 per month (pro plan). Paid plans enable you to increase your sales performance. The essential bundle allows up to 500 orders per month. The pro package can have multiple user accounts.

Pros of Using Oberlo

  • Free accounts let you learn and feel the platform before deciding whether to go for paid plans
  • Beautiful, modern user interface
  • One-click import will enable you to add AliExpress merchandise to your dropshipping shop
  • Tight integration with your Shopify store

Cons of Using Oberlo

  • Free accounts provide limited features (no fulfillment monitoring, multiple users, or shipment tracking)
  • Works only with dropshipping stores on Shopify

6. Wholesale2b – Versatile Dropshipping and Supplier Hub

You can do many things with Wholesale2b. Choose to sell its commodities on Amazon, eBay, on a Wholesale2b website, or your Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, or Magento shop. The platform has multiple plans. This diversity ensures there is something for everybody. Browsing the product database is free.

You can handle the orders yourself once you register to be a reseller with the supplier. Alternatively, you can pay the platform a 3% handling fee to enable them to process orders for you. Adding products to your watchlist lets you keep track of their stock levels. You can make timely decisions for your dropshipping when you get an alert.

How Does It Work?

Browse for categories and items. Once you find things worth listing, post them to your dropshipping store. Customers can check out these commodities from your store. Once a buyer makes an order, Wholesale2b takes a commission and arranges to deliver the item to the customer.

Wholesale2b Pricing Plans

  • eBay Dropship costs $24.99/month or $99.99/year. This plan enables you to use Wholesale2b's certified eBay listing tool. The tool allows you to push unlimited commodities to your eBay account.
  • Amazon Dropship costs $37.99/month or $287.99/year. This bundle enables you to use Wholesale2b's automated Amazon listing tool to boost sales on Amazon.
  • The dropship Website goes for $39.99/month or $299.99/year. This bundle gets you a website loaded with commodities from vendors you choose.
  • Dropship Feeds costs $24.99/month or $149.99/year. It has data feeds for Google, Bonanza, Magento, Shopify, and BigCommerce stores.

Pros of Using Wholesale2b

  • Free to browse the product database
  • It is easy to place orders from suppliers on the platform
  • Inventory notifications assist you in managing items listed on your dropshipping store
  • Access to over 1.5 million commodities
  • Many plans for you to consider
  • Real Time integration with your dropshipping stores, such as Shopify or BigCommerce shops

Cons of Using Wholesale2b

  • Some complaints about their customer support (you can only contact them via their support ticket system)
  • Does not provide tools to analyze your performance or sales

7. Sunrise Wholesale – Sends Products to Customers from Sunrise Wholesale

Sunrise Wholesale dropships commodities directly to your clients. Users gain access to more than 15,000 brands of products. Browse these items through their site. You can profit from this platform in different ways. You can export their merchandise to your eBay or Amazon store. Alternatively, you can list them on your website. Your site increases your online presence and enables you to link products to e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify.

Sunrise Wholesale has a quick and reliable order processing. The Better Business Bureau credits this process with an A+ score. Accounts come with free Research tools and eBay Listing Wizard. These features enable users to sell on eBay without struggling. The Amazon Selling and Research Manager helps beginners leverage the dropshipping business potential from the start.

Sunrise Wholesale's Pricing Plans

Sunrise Wholesale provides a 7-day free trial. You will need to give your credit card details to access this version. Users may then choose between the $29.95/month or $99/year packages.

The annual subscription provides the best value. It saves you a significant amount of money compared to making monthly payments. This plan does not have minimum order levels or dropshipping fees. However, you will incur a 20% restocking fee for non-defective commodities returned by your customers.

Pros of Using Sunrise Wholesale

  • It is easy to integrate with other platforms
  • You can export different products to your site, eBay, or Amazon store (including pictures and descriptions)
  • Integrations enable Sunrise Wholesale to process orders from your dropshipping store without you having to sign in to your Sunrise Wholesale account
  • The 7-day free trial allows you to get a feel of the platform before you decide whether to use paid plans
  • Quick and reliable order processing

Cons of Using Sunrise Wholesale

  • You only have access to about 16,000 commodities from 7 vendors, which might not be enough
  • Sunrise Wholesale charges you a 20% restocking fee for non-defective merchandise that your clients return

8. Inventory Source – a Timesaving Dropshipping Automation Tool

Inventory Source allows dropshipping businesses to automate their services. You can link your dropshipping store with your suppliers' business and their stock. Inventory Source gives dropshipping stores access to more than 180 dropshipping vendors.

This automation tool enables you to synchronize a vendor's commodity with your page (inventory automation). It also allows you to sync the purchase process of your customers to make orders automatically placed with a supplier (full automation). Full automation goes for $150 per month, while the inventory automation operation costs $50 per month.

Pros of Using Inventory Source

  • You get access to more than a million commodities from close to 200 vendors
  • You can use their data feeds to export items, including images and descriptions, to your dropshipping store
  • Inventory Source can help you develop a website if you do not have one
  • You have a forever free plan

Cons of Using Inventory Source

  • Inventory Source charges you for each vendor you use. You will pay a monthly fee for a single supplier and a smaller price for each extra supplier you use
  • Restocking fees, dropshipping payments, handling charges, and shipping rates vary based on the suppliers you use
  • The free plan requires you to engage and manage vendors
  • Inventory Source only lists some of the items on their catalog on their site

9. Megagoods – A Dropshipping Supplier In the U.S.

Megagoods is a California-based dropshipping company that enables dropshipping businesses to operate in the U.S. fast. They can ensure goods reach their customers in America quicker than it would take commodities from overseas countries to arrive. Megagoods specializes in video games and electronics with more than 45 classifications.

Megagoods has a 30-day free trial. This window enables you to have a feel of the platform and decide whether paid plans are ideal for you. If you like it, you will pay a monthly charge of $14.99 to use it. The company imposes a $1.50 fee for every order your customers make. Check the additional costs to ensure any product you list on your dropshipping store has good margins.

Pros of Using Megagoods

  • Ideal for shops dropshipping electronic products
  • Offers a wide range of electronics
  • The $14.99 a month fee is among the cheapest alternatives
  • Delivery time is often one or two days in the U.S.

Cons of Using Megagoods

  • Megagoods carries an inventory of about 2,000 products only, which can limit your variations
  • You do not get an analytics tool or notification of new products
  • It can be more challenging to export products to your dropshipping store compared to the processes of other options
  • You cannot automate orders
  • You need to download images in ZIP format before you upload them.


Dropshipping can be an excellent way to earn income. It is a business model that allows you to sell commodities that you do not own. Dropshipping stores partner with suppliers. These vendors permit them to list their products in their shops.

Once a customer places an order, the dropshipper relays the relevant information to the supplier for fulfillment. The dropshipping store retains a proportion of the money that the customer pays.

If you do not have adequate capital to set up a business, acquire stock, or incur the expenses of holding inventory, it can be a venture worthwhile to you. You will need to find reliable suppliers to help your business prosper.

Many dropshipping companies facilitate interactions between dropshipping stores and possible suppliers. Some have extensive databases with different products that dropshipping stores can list. Choosing an ideal dropshipping company can be challenging. However, consider your price range, terms offered by the entity, range of products, the profitability of their commodities, reliability of its suppliers, and customer support, among others. Looking at the options on this list can help you make the right choice for you.

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