9 Best Winning Products To Dropship This Winter

Written by Franklin Hatchett

Our goal at EcomElites is to help readers get the information they need, we partner with companies to help bring you that information. If a purchase or signup is made through our partners, we receive compensation for the referral. Learn More

Our goal at EcomElites is to help readers get the information they need, we partner with companies to help bring you that information. If a purchase or signup is made through our partners, we receive compensation for the referral. Learn More

Winter is definitely the best season for dropshippers. It is the season where people have a lot of money, and it is also the season when people are forced to buy stuff because it is cold.

We will show you the top 9 winning products for winter, whether you have your own store or you are dropshipping in Amazon.

But you must know that you will face a lot of competition. All dropshippers are likely to sell these, but since you are not keeping an inventory, you really have nothing to lose.

Our suggestions will be based on statistics and how much profit you can earn. We will take a look at Google trends and find out first if there is a demand.

On every Google Trend graph, we have highlighted the demand during winter, and you can see that there is a spike for these products in the winter season in the last five years.

1. Skiing Gloves

Skiing gloves are great not only for those who love to snow board, but also for people who want to have a sporty look. During winter, many families go for a vacation, and the ultimate destinations are ski resorts.

Now, these families have kids, and these children will definitely want to ski. They may have their own boards, or they can rent. Not matter what the case is, these kids will ask their parents to buy new skiing gloves.

Here are some tips when choosing ski gloves:

  • Pick those that have high profit margins
  • Make sure the supplier will deliver in a short period of time
  • Choose those that are made of synthetic fabric body like nylon; they are more durable
  • Pick also those that are made of leather because they are water resistant
  • Sell only those that are insulated, and have a lining inside to let the hands breathe but not get wet

Every year, you can also expect to have repeat business from these guys. They are likely not to want to use their old gloves after a year, so they will buy again from you if they are happy with your product and service.

2. Snow Board

Snow boards only come into fashion and use  during winter. They are likely to gather dust after that. Use this opportunity to sell one of the most in demand products during the winter.

Here is a guide on how to choose what to sell:

  • Sell for every type of snowboarder—from child to adult and from beginner to expert
  • Provide several options according to style like freeride, power, or split
  • Sell snowboards that have a camber, and sell flat ones; a camber is a curve in the snowboard body

No, you do not want snowboards that easily break, as this will ruin the fun. You should only sell high-quality that are guaranteed to withstand the brutal sport. The board will get smashed and will certainly hit the ice.

A snowboard that breaks will prevent you from getting repeat orders. Worse, some of your customers may even ask for a refund. Do not be afraid to sell expensive snowboards, for as long as you are sure that this came from a trustworthy manufacturer.

People are willing to spend on these boards. After all, the winter is the only time they can do this sport, so they might as well as invest in the best product.

3. Fleece Jacket

A fleece jacket is made of a material that keeps the moisture away, and yet makes the wearer dry. It is usually made of wool or cotton, but fleece is a synthetic product that is made with polyester fiber.

Every winter, people will buy this product because even if the jacket gets wet with snow on the outside, the inside stays dry.

Here are some tips when selecting products to sell:

  • Make sure it is breathable
  • Provide options for anti-animal groups. Use the word “vegan” for fleece jackets made of cotton
  • Sell different fleece weights; they typically range from 100 to 300 grams
  • Offer options based on type like micro fleece, mid-weight, and heavy weight

This product comes in many designs. Choose ones that are fashionable at the current time. Make sure that you provide options, like jackets with hoods.

One of the things you can do to improve sales is to sell jackets at different price ranges. Some of these can sell for as low as $30 while some can cost hundreds. This way, you can target different customer groups.

4. Winter Hats

This is an exciting product because it comes in many shapes, sizes, and designs. You can sell funny ones, formal ones, and fashionable ones.

Winter hat does not cost much, but there are those that can give you huge profits because they are designer styles. Winter hats for kids will yield small profits, but you can make a lot of money because of sales volume.

Here are some tips when choosing winter hats:

  • Sell hats that have different shapes like oval, heart, round, and rectangular
  • Choose hats made from different materials like cotton, knitted wool, leather, and synthetic materials
  • Pick designs that appeal to many people like beanie, aviator, deer stalker, bobble, fedora, and fur

The simplest kind of hat you can buy is the plain knitted beanie. No matter how simply, this product can sell up to $55. It is simple and can be used no matter what the occasion is, and it will match a lot of clothing style.

The fashionable ones will cost you more, but you will also have high profit returns. Target women for this kind of winter hat, as they want to dress up when they go out in the winter, especially those who work in offices in cities like New York.

5. Blankets

This should not be difficult to sell. Even if houses have thermostats, people will still need blankets. Blankets are made with many materials, and this is also a great gift item during the holiday season.

Here are some tips in choosing what blankets to sell:

  • Sell all types of sizes like twin, solo, queen and king
  • Give your customers different options for materials like wool, cashmere, down, fleece, or cotton
  • Choose designs according to the weave, like thermal, knit, quilted, and conventional

If possible, sell what people call vellux. People also call this the “hotel blanket.” It is a thick blanket that has a foam core. This foam is wrapped with either satin or soft nylon. It feels great on the skin, it is hypo-allergenic, and the person using this will definitely feel classy.

Now, you may be tempted to sell electric blankets, but we will not suggest this. Since you are not the manufacturer of that product, you cannot guarantee its safety. You will be safer if you just stick to the non-electric blanket.

6. Christmas Decoration

While it is true that Christmas decorations are too affordable, there is really no telling how much money you can earn from this. After all, supplier will not produce this if there is no demand and if there is no money to be made.

Many people tend to rush and buy these items as Christmas draws nearer. And if you will sell this, you have to act now before it is too late. At the very least, your products must be on display at least a week before Christmas.

If possible, choose decors that are not too offensive. Many people today are afraid to be called out if they display nativity themes. Because of that, you may not be able to sell those items.

Choose products for both those who have a tight budget and those who are well-to-do. Some families will not hesitate to buy Christmas balls worth $50, so sell those to rake in huge profits this season.

7. Plush toys

This is probably one of the best things to sell during winter. Kids, teenagers, and even female adults love to have a plushy toy that they can cuddle with at night.

Here are some tips when choosing what to sell:

  • Only sell those that have no small parts so children will not choke on them
  • Avoid those that have shooting parts; they are dangerous
  • Do not sell toys with toxic materials
  • If they are electric, there must be a seal of a government approval
  • Sell those that are machine-washable; it is easier for parents to wash plushy toys this way

There are millions of plushy toys online. Choose those that are made of high-grade materials, and those that were made perfectly. Do not sell plushy toys whose faces or limbs look deformed. No one will buy them.

8. Scarves

Scarves are a great fashion statement during the winter. Both men and women need this to protect their necks. Like the winter hat, this is made of many types of materials, so you have a lot of wiggle room to choose the products you want.

Here are some tips to help you succeed in selling this:

  • Sell designs that can fit any look
  • Provide different materials, like wool, cotton, fleece, or synthetic
  • Sell different types like neck scarf, head scarf, bandana, hip scarf, and others
  • Give options for expensive ones that are made of wool, angora, and cashmere

A person is not likely to buy only one scarf, especially if this person is into fashion. Sell the scarves with discounts if a person will buy three or more. You see, it is a visible part of clothing, and no one really wants to be seen wearing the same one every day.

9. Thermos

Since it is cold, people want to take their hot drinks with them. A thermos is one of the best things you can sell during the winter, as there is going to be a demand for it.

Here are some tips when choosing products to sell in this category:

  • Do not sell fragile ones; avoid those that break
  • Choose a thermos that is made of metal, and yet there is insulation between the inner and outer linings
  • Sell as many designs as you can to give both parents and kids a wide range of options
  • Pick products that come in different sizes; different people have different drinking needs

Parents will buy a thermos for their kids, and they will also buy one for themselves so they can take their hot drink to the office.


As you saw in the graphs, all these nine products are in high demand during the winter. Some of these, however, can have demand all year round.

For example, plushy toys and thermos will always have buyers. What this means is that you do not have to remove them from your product list even if the winter is over.

To find these products, you can try Spocket, or other alternatives to Alibaba.

As a last tip, make sure you prepare for the winter sale as early as you can. If possible, you should start stacking up your product categories in November, and start marketing it. Customers who see your products can bookmark your page, or they can subscribe to your email list.

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