19 Amazon Review Sites to Get Free Products Online!

Written by Franklin Hatchett

Our goal at EcomElites is to help readers get the information they need, we partner with companies to help bring you that information. If a purchase or signup is made through our partners, we receive compensation for the referral. Learn More

Our goal at EcomElites is to help readers get the information they need, we partner with companies to help bring you that information. If a purchase or signup is made through our partners, we receive compensation for the referral. Learn More

Online shopping is highly convenient and offers customers numerous ways to save money. One of these ways is through discounts and promos. Amazon is one of the top leading eCommerce websites. With Amazon, you not only have the chance to earn discounts but also get free products. Free products are usually available with the help of Amazon Review sites.

1. Snagshout

Snagshout is a highly popular Amazon review site. This platform offers snags to its users every two days. Thus, with enough snags, you can try a new product each day. Your account can hold up to 5 snags.

You can search for the highest discounts or lowest prices per category to get deals on this platform. It will significantly cost you more to acquire products directly from Amazon. Snagshout will refund you 30 days after you make a purchase.

2. Vipon

Vipon was previously AMZ Review Trader. Their discounts range from 50% to 100% off. However, most products fall on the 80% mark. You get to join Vipon for free, and you can test multiple products at once.

The maximum number of items you can try at a go is 20. However, each merchant of the 20 items needs to approve your trial request. The approval process for most sites is on the ‘first come, first served’ basis. Vipon merchants may approve your request in a day or several weeks.

You need to complete a review two weeks after you receive your products. Apply for more products once you have done the review.

3. TestZon

TestZon has been offering products for review since 2016. It is a highly promising platform with almost every product category available. Examples include swim gear, video games, headsets, clothing, and more.

Some items are free, while others will only cost you a few cents. Sellers will assess how many products they want to give before they approve your request to test. Remember to use the coupon code they provide as you make the purchase.

4. Giveaway Service

Giveaway Service is a review site that lets you test high-end products that usually cost at least $50. The sellers need to approve your request for a discount or a giveaway. You get to test and review numerous product categories and products like wireless speakers, cameras, and more.

Most of these products are available at a discounted rate. You can also get free products like phone cases. Giveaway Service is an excellent option for individuals who have a large number of followers on social media.

5. Giveaway Nation

Giveaway Nation is a website that is active in offering giveaways and discounts. You will register with your email to join the platform. They will send you regular emails to notify you of the latest deals available. The deals include heavy discounts and giveaways.

A PayPal account is necessary to join his platform because they use it to send refunds.

6. Rebaid

Rebaid is a top Amazon shopping portal. It issues out deals in the form of redeemable rebates. In most cases, you will get rebates that range between 25% and 90% off. There are instances when you will earn 100% off.

Visit the Rebate website to activate an offer and proceed to purchase on Amazon. You can redeem an unlimited number of products per day. However, you will use up one offer per product, and your rebates (offers) are limited. An offer for a particular product can sell out today, but you can get it again the next day.

They will take at least three days to refund you. You will receive a refund via direct bank deposit or mailed cheques.

7. EtekCitizen

EtekCitizen is a review platform that has four main product categories. They include Practical Living, Active Living, Healthy Living, and Smart Living. EtekCitizen has the EtekCity brand, which covers all their products. Examples of products they list include camping appliances, power strips, and more.

8. Elite Deal Club

Elite Deal Club is highly recommended for electronics and accessories. Their deals range from 50% to 100% off. You will need to register with your email. They will use it to notify you of daily deals that fall between 100 to 200 offers.

You get one offer when you claim between 10 am EST and 2 pm EST. Deals are unlimited after 2 pm. You can do these deals without leaving reviews. They claim on their homepage that Amazon does not endorse them, and they are not a review site.

9. Cashbackbase

Cashbackbase is a review site that uses reward points to earn discounts and promos. You can earn the reward points if you complete tasks and invite friends. One of these tasks is leaving reviews.

They will award 2,000 points to your account when you join. This is the minimum redeemable amount. You can get ‘Freebies,’ which are 100% off deals. However, most deals fall between 50% to 80% off.

10. Deal Go! Go! Go!

Deal Go! Go! Go! is a platform that lets you review up to 10 items at a go. They mainly offer deals for 50% off to 99% off. This platform has product categories like health, home, electronics, fashion, mom & baby, and more. They are growing their product category as they are a relatively new site. Furthermore, they have a browser extension that you can use to know when new deals are up.

11. VIP Power Club

VIP Power Club is a free platform that has offers from 90% to 99%. Most of the items you purchase will cost you a max of $5 each. They also have discounts starting from 20% to 99% off. You will receive various offers through email. VIP Power Club gives more offers to those who give legit reviews.

12. Deals For Reviews

Deals For Reviews is a platform that partners with various sellers to offer deals to the users. Their deals start from 50%. Moreover, they ask their users to sample and give feedback for new products from the various sellers. You need to provide feedback for all the products within two weeks after you receive it.

13. Home Product Testing

Home Product Testing is a platform that offers various deals for home products, for example, kitchen products. It has a small user base of a little over 28,000 members. You will select a specific product and apply it for testing. The seller will send a discount code via email when they approve. It is optional to leave reviews because of Amazon’s Customer Review Policy.

14. Secret Deals Club

Secret Deals Club is a platform that operates on a first-come-first-served basis. You will need to claim a deal to own it. They email you deals once every day at 10 am PST. Their offers start at $1. These deals do not feature on third party sites.

Secret Deals Club is ideal for individuals who live around the U.S. west coast. This is because i\other sites like Elite Deal Club use EST, and you may need to rise early to get some.

15. OZ Naturals

OZ Naturals also sells its own products and offers various deals for them. They deal with skincare products. OZ Naturals make their products from organic and natural ingredients. If you are conscious about your health and the use of natural products, this is the site for you.

They have eight different products for you to choose from. These products include moisturizers, cleansers, sunscreens, and more. It is free to join OZ Natural’s email list. Once you join, they will send you discount codes via emails. In most deals, you will pay just $1.95.

16. Jump Send

Jump Send is a review site that deals in both digital and physical products. Their physical products offer a massive discount but are not free. They will offer up to 90% discounts. There are many items available for around 10 cents. If you love reading, this is an ideal platform for you as some of their digital products include eBooks.

They are a fast-growing site because of their excellent deals, fast-growing product categories & inventory, and easy navigation within the platform. Jump Send also notifies customers that you are a reviewer.

17. iReviewHome

iReviewHome is a platform that either offers products for free or for around $1. Every seller does not need to approve your requests for you to get a discount code. However, you can improve your chances of approval if you create or already own an A.R.T profile. You will need to complete a questionnaire before you can qualify as a reviewer on iReviewHome.

The more you post feedback for products, the more deals you get from sellers. iReviewHome’s sellers consider if you offer credible, detailed feedback and if you shop frequently.

18. KabelDireckt

KabelDireckt is a review site that operates in the United States and several European countries. They also offer their own products like OZ Naturals and EtekCitizen. They have a narrow product catalog which includes cables for Computers, Audio devices, TVs and HDTVs.

It is absolutely free to join this platform. You can get these products for free or for a big discount if you provide feedback.

19. VIP Amazon Review Club

Premier Deals Club owns VIP Amazon Review Club. They offer discounts for various products starting from 20% to 60% off. You get to use between $3 to $5 for products that cost between $20 to $50.

The platform requires the recipients of discounted products to post reviews on Facebook. They expect you to post the review within five days after you receive the product. It is not a must you leave a review on Amazon due to Amazon’s Customer Review Policy. However, VIP Amazon Review Club will consider it a nice gesture.

How Do Amazon Review Sites Work?

Many sellers on Amazon have partnered with various review sites to offer discounts or free products. As a result of an update on Amazon’s customer review policy, the sites will need you to issue a disclaimer, which states that you purchased the products for a discount. These sites will no longer need you to write a review just to get the review.

However, there are those sites that need you to leave a social media review to get the discount. They will then issue out the discount via your PayPal account. You undertake the whole sales process in your Amazon account. To get the reduced price, you will enter the promo or discount code on the checkout screen.

Despite the promo or discount, you will still be responsible for the shipping costs. Members of Amazon Students or Amazon Prime can get free shipping. Amazon seeks to make its customer reviews credible.

You stand a chance to get discounts that lie between 50% and 90%. Moreover, your monthly discounts are limited. Other customers also get to great deals thanks to limited discounts. Amazon review sites are suitable for those who enjoy trying out new products and giving reviews.

Amazon’s Customer Review Policy

You should note that Amazon has banned trading a review for something in its Terms of Service. Amazon will ban the review accounts.

Final Word

There are very many sites out there that offer free or heavily discounted products on Amazon. You are free to leave the review on Amazon owing to their new Customer Review Policy. This policy states that a seller cannot receive a review in exchange for something. Most sites removed free products and now offer big discounts of up to 90% or 99%.

Other sites use social media platforms to collect reviews. An example is the VIP Amazon Review Club. Most of the sites on this list offer free membership. However, some require seller appraisal or have questionnaires that you need to fill before you can join. An example is iReviewHome.

Some platforms will reimburse you through cheque or direct deposit like Rebaid. Other platforms like Giveaway Nation use PayPal. You should also take note of the varying deadline for providing feedback. For example, the VIP Amazon Review Club has a 5-day deadline while Deals For Review has a 2-week deadline.

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