Best 9 Wholesale Baby Clothes Suppliers (US/UK)

On average, there are over 250 babies born every minute. That is about 130 million babies in a year! Each of these cute babies needs clothing. Parents want to buy in bulk even if the baby is not yet born as they prepare for their little angel to arrive.

Selling baby clothing online is one of the most profitable niches in the world. But where are you going to look for baby clothing sold in wholesale in the US and the UK when most of these are sold in brick-and-mortar stores anyway? Below you will find 9 baby cloths suppliers in the US and UK to help you jumpstart your online baby clothing store.

1. The Hairbow Company (USA)

Located in Houston, Texas, the Hairbow Company is a wholesaler of baby clothes that includes headbands and hair bows. These are commonly priced at $1 each, and you can get a 5% discount if you order at least worth $100 worth of hair bows. There are also many types of headbands for babies and accessories for toddlers.

Apart from headbands, the company has a catalog for skirts, dresses, pants for babies, tops, and so much more. The clothing line is usually sold as a set of top and bottom and can cost as little as $17 per pair. Shipping is free if your order meets the minimum requirement of $150. Free shipping only applies to United States delivery addresses.

The Hairbow Company also offers a membership program where you can be a VIP. If you join, you will receive comp points, called Bow Bucks, every time you spend money on the website.

You will receive two Bow Bucks for every dollar spent, and an extra 200 Bow Bucks on your birthday. You can use the Bow Bucks to spend on items from the Hairbow store, where 500 Bow Bucks is equal to $5 of store credit.

2. Bambini (USA)

Bambini is located in Irvine, California. It is a manufacturer of baby clothing made from 100% cotton. The clothing sold here covers all types of baby wear like basic wear, newborn wear, garments, accessories, caps, shorts, shirts, and more.

To be able to buy at wholesale, you must first register for an account. If you want, you can also contact the manufacturer to have them make clothes that carry your brand. If you want to do this, the minimum order is 1,200 units per style, per color. However, you can mix the sizes for the 1,200 pieces of the clothing you ordered.

If you create an account, you can choose from several account types like Bulk Wholesale, Wholesale Dropship, Non-Profit, and more.

Each kind of account would give you a different pricing. If you join as a member of Bambini, there will be no order minimums, but the 1,200 minimum will still apply if you will have them brand your product, which is called a Private Label service.

You can also sell Bambini on Amazon or your dropship ship store. If you join them, they will provide you with a CSV file, which you can use to do a bulk upload of their products in Amazon or your own dropship store.

3. Infant Blanks (USA)

This company has been around for 27 years, and they are also located in Irvine, California. The main offer of the company is similar to Bambini. The clothes are made of 100% cotton, and all type of baby clothes are available here.

With Infant Blanks, you can buy the products on wholesale, or you can contact them and become a retailer. Here, you can choose from baby bibs, towels, pants, shorts, two-piece sets, and so much more. From time to time, there is also a clearance sale, and you can grab them by the bulk.

The main delivery services used by the company are FedEx and USPS Ground. All products are shipped from California within 24 hours of your order. The company also offers printing services, so you if you plan to buy clothing with your own design and brand label, you can contact them to make it happen.

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Infant Blanks only shows the price of the products if you are a member, so you must first create an account before you can view the wholesale prices. As you register, you must select what kind of customer you are, like Decorator, Screen Printer, Embroider, Dropshipper, or Bulk Wholesaler.

4. Honeydew (USA)

Honeydew is located in the US, but it ships internationally. The wholesale prices here are based on the total cost of your purchase, not the number of items you bought. At Honeydew, you can buy dresses, tops, pants, sets, and baby rompers.

Shipping is free if you meet the minimum purchase cost of $999. Shipping cost could be anywhere from $15 to $47 if you did not meet the target.

Retail prices are low, and you can buy baby clothes for as little as $7. From time to time, the company offers clearance sale where you can buy baby clothes for as little as $3.

To be able to get the most of this wholesale site, you must contact the management and register for a VIP account. If you hit a lifetime purchase cost of $5,000, $50,000, or $100,000, you will receive a lifetime maximum of 8% discount every time you buy.

If you hit $5,000, you will receive a 2% discount. For $50,000, the discount is 5%. You cannot apply this VIP discount rate on other promotions, such as clearance sales.

To be able to make a purchase from this company, you must register and provide your business license and permit.

5. A&K Hosiery (UK)

Apart from baby clothing, this company offers toys, too. A&K Hosiery has a complete line of everything for babies, so you can use other products for your upsell marketing strategies, such as baby linens, beddings, toys and rattles, and more.

To make a purchase, you must first create an account. The prices are also not available for viewing if you do not register. This wholesale site also has an app on Google so you can manage your business anywhere you are.

To pay for your order, you must use SagePay, or call the company and arrange a payment method. Delivery is free for all orders that will be shipped to the UK mainland, but only if your order meets £40.

If not, you will be paying for shipping charges, which can range between £5.95 and £8.95. The company also delivers to European countries, but the shipping fees are higher.

6. Angel Wholesale (UK)

This wholesaler does not manufacture clothing, but it has a huge stock of clothing from popular baby clothing brands like Zip Zip Baby, Nursery Time, Rock a Bye Baby, and more. On this website, you will find baby bibs, socks, hats, clothing, mitts, and a lot more products related to babies.

Prices are low, and you can buy a pair of socks for as little as two pounds. You do not need an account to be able to buy, but you can create an account with the company if you want, and you can do this online.

The shipping cost varies from one country to another and can range between £3.99 and £250. For UK mainland, you can avail of free shipping if your total purchase cost is £80.

Unlike other wholesalers, you do not have to be an established business to be able to buy here. There is also no minimum purchase amount required, so you can buy as little as one pair of socks or one pack of clothing. However, you will save more money if you buy in bulk.

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7. Kids Wholesale (UK)

With this company, you can avail of free shipping if the address is in the UK mainland, but you have to meet a minimum order of £250. This site has a wide range of products for babies and toddlers like dresses and sets, which can cost as little as £7.

The main shipping companies used are DHL and Parcel Force. For UK addresses, the company can ship the items the following day. Costs vary per destination, and you can expect to pay at least £7.50 for your first box.

One good thing about this wholesaler is it accepts returns. To qualify, you must notify them right away within 48 hours from receiving your shipment.

The items must be faulty to be able to qualify for returns. You also have the option to cancel the order, provided that it has not been shipped yet. Otherwise, you can no longer cancel the transaction.

All product prices on the website are inclusive of VAT, so you do not have to worry about paying extra upon checkout. If you are going to order from another country, you may pay customs duties and fees on top of what you have paid the company.

8. Bestowers (UK)

This company offers products in bulk. For example, one set of 12 pieces of baby clothing would cost you £80 pounds, which is equal to £6.66 each.

The company ships internationally, and it does not charge Value Added Tax. All the prices shown on the website are the wholesale price.

On the store, you can find baby bibs, rompers, cotton dresses, bodysuits, and many more. The selection is huge, and you can choose for both boys and girls. International shipping costs between £25 and £150 depending on the destination country.

You can cancel your order if it has not been shipped yet. If it is on the way, the expected shipping time is between three and five days. However, this is only an estimate, and it can be delayed according to the Bestower.

Bestower does not require a minimum purchase amount. The company will ship for one box of purchase regardless of the cost. The company would prefer that you contact them first so they can work out a reasonable shipping rate for you.

9. FamousMakesDirect (UK)

This company is not a manufacturer but a wholesaler of baby clothing from international brands like Marvel, Disney, Barbie, and more. On this website, you will be able to buy six pieces of clothing for as little as £8.

Delivery is free for orders that meet £150, and the website works on any device. Shipping for mainland UK is processed the following day, and you will pay £10 if your order is less than £150. Typically, then shipping will take two to three business days.

The company also offers refunds and returns. You can only return the stock if it is damaged, and you must inform them of this problem within 14 days after receiving the goods. So you wont need to do a chargeback if something goes wrong.

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Whether you are from the US or UK, there are many wholesale suppliers of baby clothing. Some require that you buy in bulk, while some are willing to partner with you as a retailer and ship the items directly to your customers.