9 Best Data Entry Service Providers That You Can Get on A Budget

Written by Franklin Hatchett

Our goal at EcomElites is to help readers get the information they need, we partner with companies to help bring you that information. If a purchase or signup is made through our partners, we receive compensation for the referral. Learn More

Our goal at EcomElites is to help readers get the information they need, we partner with companies to help bring you that information. If a purchase or signup is made through our partners, we receive compensation for the referral. Learn More

One way or another, you will need data entry services for your online shop. You cannot type all data that you need on your own, or you will waste a lot of time.

One case where you may need this is if you want to get a list of people like dentists plus and their email addresses. This way, you can send them marketing materials if your shop is about dental supplies.

But where will you get these data entry services? Today, I will show you the nine best data entry services on Fiverr. I chose them based on their feedback score and the value they offer for their prices.

1. Wasimkhizar

The first on our list is Wasimkhizar, a freelance provider for data entry who has a score of 4.9 stars from 404 clients. This guy offers a lot of data entry services that can benefit your business.

Here are some of his offers:

  • Data entry – he will type words anywhere you want to, but the list will come from you. You can use this service if the data entry you need only required copy-paste with no research.
  • Web research – a useful service if you need someone to scrape the web for data. One example is if you want a list of businesses and their contact information so you can send them marketing materials.  
  • Type scanned documents – if you have a business where you get scanned copies of documents, you may need to transfer these documents into a spreadsheet so you can analyze them, or keep them in a single file. You can also send Waseem some PDF files that he can copy and transfer to a spreadsheet.
  • Graph and Charts – if you need an analysis template for your business, Waseem can do this for you. He will convert your data into charts, which will allow you to see a visual representation of your business.

Here are the prices of this data entry gig:

  • Basic – 2 hours of work for $5 and a delivery of one day
  • Standard – 3 hours of work for $10 and a delivery of 2 days
  • Premium – 4 hours of work for $15 and a delivery of 3 days

Before you work with Waseem, you have to contact him and discuss your goals. This will ensure that both of you are on the same page and that his work will not be wasted.

2. Tulesh

With 1,814 customers that left an average rating of 5.0, this service provider is perfect. He has more than a dozen data entry services offered, and a business like yours can benefit a lot from him.

Here are some of the service you can get:

  • Copy-paste – great for simple tasks where you already have the data and you only need them transferred to another sheet or website.
  • Data mining – this includes data collection where he will do the research and get the information that you need from that person or website.
  • PDF to Excel or Word – if you have PDF files, send them over to Tulesh and he will copy them into a new file.
  • Google Spreadsheet – if you want the files to be accessible no matter where you are, you can ask Tulesh to do the data entry in your own Google spreadsheet.

The prices of these services are:

  • Basic – $10 for two hours of work; you can ask him to do data entry, web data mining, copy-paste jobs, and typing.
  • Standard – costs $40 for 8 hours of work, which includes services like what you would get from the basic package.
  • Premium – costs $100 for 20 hours of work.

Like the previous provider, you have to contact Tulesh before you order. This guy is so busy that he has 22 orders in the queue for this gig as of the time of this writing.

3. Monisantobiswas

Monisan is a data entry specialist who also offers virtual assistant gigs. He has been on Fiverr for only a short time, but he manages to maintain a perfect 5.0 rating with 15 clients served.

Here are some services that he offers:  

  • Data Entry – this service includes copy-pasting and manual data entry.
  • Research – if you want him to look for leads, he can do this manually for you. After looking for a lead, he will get the email address and other contact information, and then upload it on your preferred file and format.
  • Data transfer – if you have scanned files like images of receipts, you can send it over to him and then transfer the information on a spreadsheet
  • Scraping – you can also ask him to scrape the web for information. This includes lead generation if you want to create a directory. 

Here are the prices of his gig:

  • Basic – $5 for one hour of work. He will do web research and data entry in the format you want.
  • Standard – $45 for 20 hours of work. This includes data collection, and he will upload the data in a format you want.
  • Premium – $90 for 45 hours of work. This includes lead generation services and data collection plus data entry. The delivery is in 7 days.

Monisan is a flexible freelancer. He knows so many things about data entry and web research. You can use his services to get leads. Then, you can use these leads and convert them into warm traffic.

4. Arooj_fatima786

Fatima is a new data entry freelancer on Fiverr. She has only served nine clients so far, but she has a perfect feedback score of 5.0. She also offers affordable work.

Here are her services:

  • Excel data entry – this is a kind of data entry where she will copy and paste data into rows and columns in Excel. Ideally, you have to label the columns yourself.
  • PDF to Word – she will type the content of the PDF into MS Word, making it easier for you to make edits and changes.
  • Image to Excel – if you have scanned images, send them to her and she will type the content of the images manually on Excel. She also does this on MS Word.
  • Typing – if you just need a typing job, she also offers this. This is a great service if you just want her to copy content.

These are the prices of her gig:

  • Basic – costs $5 for 2 hours of work. This package includes Excel data entry for a list that you already have where she will only copy and paste. Delivery is one day.  
  • Standard – $10 for four hours of work. Apart from copy-paste, she will also do any kind of Excel work and deliver the service in one day.  
  • Premium – costs $20 for seven hours of work. At this price, she will do any kind of data entry work which she will deliver in two days.

Fatima promises that she will deliver 100% satisfaction. She is also committing fast delivery, and she can send you the data entry file in as short as 24 hours after she has started working. You can also ask her for revisions if you want.

5. Owals_GFX

This guy is a Level 2 data entry service provider. What this means is that he has finished a ton of work with great feedback and timeliness in delivery. His current rating is 4.9 stars with 71 customers who left a review.

Here are the services he offers:

  • Web and data scraping – he will research the web and get data for you like business names, contact persons, phone numbers, and email addresses.
  • Excel data entry – give him files or a list that he will copy and paste into an Excel spreadsheet.
  • PDF to Excel – apart from PDF files, you can also give him images or scanned copies of documents that he can type manually into Excel.

Here are the prices of his gig:

  • Basic – costs $10 for eight hours of work. He will do simple data entry work and collect 100 leads and their contact information.
  • Standard – costs $40 for eight hours of work. You will get the same service as the previous one, but you can have a maximum of 400 leads.
  • Premium – costs $120 for eight hours of work. The maximum number of leads he can give you is 1,500.

This seller is Level 2 because of the quality of his work. He can do complex tasks, and he also offers up to three revisions. The great thing about this data entry provider is that he has six years of experience.

Also, the price of his work is really affordable. For as little as $10, you can get eight hours’ worth of work while many freelancers only offer four hours for the same price.

6. Jamima_jahan

Jamima is a new Level 1 data entry provider on Fiverr. She has a rating of 4.9 stars from 22 customers, and she offers high-quality service. Her gig is pretty expensive, but it is not just your simple data entry work.

She offers data entry which includes:

  • Contact details like first and last name of the owner
  • Email addresses for both personal and business
  • Phone numbers that are directly used by the contact person
  • The position of the decision-makers and their names
  • A summary of the LinkedIn profiles of the contact persons
  • Company revenue and growth
  • Location of the company

Here are the prices for her service:

  • Basic – costs $100 for four hours of work. You will get up to 100 leads. She will deliver the file in two days.
  • Standard – costs $200 for eight hours of work. You will get 250 leads and the delivery is in three days.
  • Premium – the cost of this service is $450 for 18 hours of work. You will get 500 leads and the delivery is in four days.

All her packages include contact names, title, personal emails, business emails, website name, and location. All the packages also entitle you with an unlimited number of revisions. Make sure you check her work before you allow her to continue so as not to waste time.

As you can see, Jamima is not your ordinary data entry service provider. Her service is best for medium and big companies where you need to reach out to the decision-makers. She is an expert in LinkedIn data scraping, plus she has extensive experience in ZoomInfo and Salesforce.  

7. Siegercreations

This one is a top-rated data entry provider on Fiverr. It is a company that has a perfect 5.0 rating with 251 reviews. The workers are only available from Monday to Saturday. You can send them a message on Sunday, but they will only respond on their available days.

Here are their services:

  • PDF and JPEG transfer – send images or PDF files to them and they will type the content in another format. For PDF, they only transfer it to MS Word. For JPEG files, they will type it in Excel.
  • Posting – you can ask them to post messages or blog on any CMS tool like WordPress.
  • Reviews – they will post two positive reviews for your website.
  • Lead Generation – they will scrape the web and get the contact details of the people who could be your next customers.

Here are their gigs:

  • Basic – get 2 hours of work for $10. This includes any type of data entry work with a delivery period of 2 days. You only get one revision.
  • Standard – costs $20 for 4 hours of work on any data entry task. The delivery is in three days and you also get only one revision.
  • Premium – costs $50 for 10 hours of work, and it includes data formatting and clean-up. The delivery is also in three days and you also get only one revision.

Since you are working with a company, you will not be getting the same service. Your data entry tasks will be passed on to the next worker available, so make sure you set your standards clear.

8. Enterva

Enterva is a Level 2 service provider for data entry. The services are decently priced, plus he has a rating of 4.9 from 343 customers.

The gig includes many types of MS Excel-related tasks. You can ask this seller to even transfer PDF into Excel if you want.

Here are his services:

  • Copy and paste – give him the locations of the things you want to copy, and he will transfer the files into Excel.
  • Web research – he will scrape the web for information, and he will put the data into a spreadsheet. He will also do the data entry for the names and email addresses of people in your niche.

Here are the prices of his services:

  • Basic – costs $40 for five hours of work. You will get the output in two days.
  • Standard – costs $80 for 10 hours of work. Delivery is in four days.
  • Premium – costs $150 for 20 hours of work. Delivery is in five days.

All the gigs give you an unlimited number of revisions. If you work with him, make sure you test a few samples of his data entry skills and then ask him to revise the before he moves on.

The seller promises 100% accuracy. His expertise is spreadsheets, so you can also ask him to format the file and clean it up.

9. Sadiya90

The last on our list is Sadiya. She is not just a data entry specialist, but she is also a virtual assistant. She mainly offers lead generation for B2B companies.

Here are her services:

  • Data entry – she will copy and paste the information that you provide.
  • Data research – she will research the web for possible leads for your business. She will list down the contact details of these businesses.
  • Real estate – she will research possible leads for real estate; you can use this information to get leads who may be interested in buying a house and lot.

Here are her prices:

  • Basic – costs $10 for 50 targeted leads. She will collect the name of the company and their contact details.
  • Standard – costs $40 and you will get 200 targeted leads. Apart from the contact information, you will also get their LinkedIn profiles.
  • Premium – costs $100 for 500 leads.

Her prices are reasonable. What I like is that you are paying for an actual number of leads, not hours of work. Her delivery is between one and five days. She will do formatting and clean up on all of the entered data, plus you will also get unlimited revisions.  


Do not waste your time looking for data and arranging them on a spreadsheet. For as little as $5 or $10 per hour, you will save a lot of time and effort if you outsource this work.

Before you work with somebody, what I recommend is that you do maybe five data entry yourself. This way, you can provide the service provider clear instructions on how to get the job done.

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