Facebook Audience Insights: The Ultimate Guide To Finding Buyers On Facebook

Written by Franklin Hatchett

Our goal at EcomElites is to help readers get the information they need, we partner with companies to help bring you that information. If a purchase or signup is made through our partners, we receive compensation for the referral. Learn More

Our goal at EcomElites is to help readers get the information they need, we partner with companies to help bring you that information. If a purchase or signup is made through our partners, we receive compensation for the referral. Learn More

Facebook is the most powerful online platform to reach people, but only if you know how to use it, and if you know how to interpret the insights that are part of its advertising platform. If you are not sure whether or not your Facebook ad campaign is working, then you have come to the right place. We will show you how to gain access to this powerful report, how to use it, and you will also learn simple hacks to make the most out of it.

What Is Facebook Audience Insights?

The Facebook Audience Insights is a report or an analytical dashboard that shows you important information about your audience. Anyone who has a business page on Facebook can access it. It contains statistics about your page’s performance, and you will know what kind of people are engaging with your ads or posts, where they are from, and so much more.

So, how does this help?

If you know a lot about the people who like your page, you can make business decisions that are based on data and not just on guesses. You see, Facebook gathers information about the people who engage on your page, including those who did not. Facebook knows their age group, their gender, their location, and so much more. If you know that females are more engaged with your business page, then you can create a campaign, like a promotion, that targets women.

Facebook launched the insights tool back in 2014.

With Facebook Audience Insights, you will be able to see the following information:

  • Demographics – know your audience’s gender, education, relationship status, household size, and job roles
  • Page Likes – you will see the Facebook pages that people like, and you can get an idea of how you can make your page be liked, too.
  • Location – find out which cities they live and what kind of languages they speak
  • Facebook usage – this will let you know if these people are even logging into Facebook all the time, and if they do, do they go to Facebook with their phones, tablets, or desktops?
  • Purchase activities – you will see information about your target audience’s buying behavior. This will tell you if they are willing to spend money on specific products, how they paid, or whether they buy online or in brick-and-mortar stores.

With this tool, you can view a report according to three different groupings. These groupings are those who use Facebook, those that are connected to your Page or the activities of your Facebook Page, and the custom Audience that you built when you created an advertisement on Facebook.

It is important to know that Page Insights is different from Audience Insights. If you access Page Insights, Facebook will only show statistics about your Facebook Page. The Audience Insights has more information than the Page Insights because it includes activities of people who can become your potential customers.

In the Page Insights, you can only see information about people who make comments about your page, those who liked your page, and those who shared your posts. With Audience Insights, you will see information about people in general, so if you see that those who are 18-20 years of age made online purchases for a computer game, then you can use that information to decide whether you will sell computer games or not.

How To Access The Facebook Audience Insights

Before you can access this feature, you must have a Facebook Business Manager account. You will only have this if you have already started running advertisements on Facebook.

If you do not have one yet, follow the steps below:

  • Go to business.facebook.com and make sure you are logged in to your personal page
  • Click on the button that says Create Account
  • Enter the details required such as your business name, the Facebook Page you want to be linked to it, and others
  • Add admins if you want, but you can skip this

You cannot create a Facebook Business Manager Account unless you have a business page. You cannot create a business page unless you have a personal page. So, this means that now you must have three types of accounts, using only one email address. In short, you must first create a Facebook profile, which is your personal page, then create a business page from there, and then sign-up for the Business Manager Account. 

Now, to access the Audience Insights, you must be logged in to your Facebook Profile account, then click on the drop-down arrow. You will see all the pages associated with your account. Click on the business page in the Business Manager section, not the one in the Your Pages section.

Once you get there, you will see your Business Manager Page dashboard, like the one shown below. Click on the page name that you want, and then you will be taken to that page. 

Next, click on the Pages tab found on the upper left side of your page. Once you do that, there will be a lot of options to choose from. Look at the left and then click on Audience Insights.

Now, you have to choose if you want an Audience Insight for everyone on Facebook, or only for those who are connected to your page. Only you can make this decision. If you are interested in marketing to the ones who already liked your page, then choose the second one. But if you are planning to get more information about people in general, choose the first one. In this case, we will choose Everyone on Facebook and see what kind of analysis we can make. 

Finally, we are now in the Audience Insights page. It is now up to you to change the location, age, gender, and interest to allow Facebook to show statistics that are meaningful for your business.

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How To Find The Perfect Audience (4 Steps)

You can make changes as to the kind of information that Facebook will show you. However, you will end up experimenting, so it is better that you practice these rules to make your analysis more targeted. 

1: The audience size of your interest must be less than 300 thousand

Why is this rule important? Many people who do an analysis on Facebook target millions. This is a huge number. Even if it is accurate, it is not useful. If you look at this screenshot, you can see that the audience size is 150M to 200M. 

What that number means is that there are about 200 million Facebook users who are eligible to see the advertisement for this page. But will these 200 million be useful? The page that we are using here is a local restaurant. It does not make sense to study 200 million people from around the world when you only have one local restaurant.

What you need to do is to adjust that by size by going to the Interest box and typing more specific interest. In this case, we will type “Pasta”. Once that is done, the audience size is now reduced to 10M-15M. It is still high, so you just need to keep on adding interests until you hit 300 thousand only. 

2: The Top Categories that Facebook shows must be at least 80% relevant

In the last action, we were on the Demographics page. To be able to see top categories, you need to click on Page Likes, as shown below. 

Once you click that, you will see a list of businesses that are related to the search you made. There are ten here in total, so at last eight of them must match your business. In the screenshot below, you can see that there is a discount store and a women’s clothing store, both of which are not relevant to a restaurant business. To be able to get more relevant results, continue changing or adding interests on the left side of the screen. This is also the best time to adjust the age and location.

3: The Affinity Score must be high

You will find the Affinity scores just below the one we showed earlier. You must be on the Page Likes, and then you just have to scroll down. 

The affinity score must be by the thousands. The names that you see on the left are Facebook Pages. They are the business pages that are the most relevant to yours, based on the age, location, and interests that you typed earlier. Under the Facebook label, you will see the number of active monthly users on that page.

So, how do you use this information? In this example, Red Lobster is the most relevant business page to our own example, which is a local restaurant. Red Lobster has four million active engagements per month, so it makes sense to go to the page and see what they are doing. The reason behind that is because Red Lobster’s target audience is highly similar to the restaurant that we have. 

4: Check the pages to see if people are still engaged

Now, let us click on Red Lobster and see what is happening. 

As you can see, the last post of Red Lobster was about this platter-to-go. It has 27 comments and 886 likes. With this insight, you will have an idea what this particular audience likes, and what kind of posts will make them engaged. 

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Find Passionate Buyers With Facebook Audience Insights

A passionate buyer is a die-hard fan. You need to be able to find these people so you can sell your products to them. It does not matter if you are operating an online business or a brick-and-mortar business. You must find them so you can make them an offer they cannot refuse.

Here are some hacks that you can do so you can find these customers.

Your Niche Plus Facebook Pages

To get laser targeted customers, you must take a look at how other businesses in your niche are performing. The first hack is to go to Google and type your niche and the words Facebook pages. In this case, we will use “restaurant”.

In the search results, there is a blog called 5 Well-Done Restaurant Facebook Pages For Benchmarking. Since this is at the top of the Google search results, then it makes sense to check it out. If you click on that link, you will see the article about the best Facebook pages. Scroll down, and you will see these Facebook pages.

Now, you can type Johnny Rockets in the Interest box of the Facebook Audience Insights, and see the results.  

Now, it is time to see the results and see if they meet the four rules we mentioned earlier. On the following screenshots, you will see that the page has an audience of less than 300 thousand, about 80% of the pages are relevant, and the affinity score is high. Lastly, the last post of Johnny Rockets has 16 likes, one comment, one share, and 126 views, which means it still has an active fan base.

Extra Facebook Audience Insights Tips

Now, here are other techniques so you can find more relevant pages to your target audience. Follow the same steps that we did earlier on Google, but this time, use the names and website URLs of the top search results and paste them on the Interest box. 

  • Your niche + websites
  • Your niche + magazines
  • Your niche + blogs
  • Your niche + association
  • Your Niche + Forums
  • Your Niche + Brands
  • Your Niche + Public Figure
  • Your Niche + Communities
  • Your Niche + Niche-Specific Characters (like Superman or Iron Man)
  • Your Niche + Events
  • Your Niche + Authors/Books

These hacks can take up some time. It is up to you to target specific industries that are related to your business. Now, let us go back to Johnny Rockets and see what useful information we can find here.

The first this we need to check is demographics. Click on that, and you will see that the audience for this business is 64% women and 36% men. Most of the people who are engaged on this page are 25 to 34 years old.

If you scroll down below that, you will see that 38% of the audience is married and 37% is single. This is also where you will see that 62% of the audience are still in college.

Next, click on Location, and you will find out where these people are. Most of them, 5% in total, are in Cameron County in Texas, US. 

Lastly, you will see that these users are actively using mobile devices to engage with this Facebook page. You will see this information if you click on Activity. What that means is that you must create ads that are mobile-optimized and you should show those ads on mobile only. It does not make sense paying for ads to be shown on desktop since only 0.6% of this audience are accessing Facebook on the desktop.

What Is Facebook Laser Targeting?

Earlier, we talked about finding your passionate buyers. This is what laser targeting means. What you want is to advertise to people who are likely to buy your products, so you get a return on your advertising costs. Let us take a look at a sample situation to help you understand this better.

If you ask a group of 1,000 people, “how many of you like to eat?”, 100% may say they all like to eat. But if you ask them how many of them likes pasta, maybe only 50% will say so. Now, only 500 people are left.

Only those who are passionate about pasta will eat in a pasta restaurant. Now, if you ask more questions like how many of them have visited the Facebook page of Sbarro, an Italian pasta food chain, then maybe only 10% of the 500 will say they did. So now you only have 50 people. These are your audience for laser-targeted marketing. 

With Facebook Audience Insights, you are trying to get to know those who likes to eat, particularly pasta, and who likes to eat at Sbarro. They are your target market because you are operating a pasta restaurant, and they will eat pasta in your restaurant.

If you do not use this method or technique, your Facebook ads are going to fail. Even if you have good designs and great videos, showing them to the wrong people will not produce new customers.

Common Mistakes With Facebook Advertising

Now, we will discuss the most common failures that marketers and businesses do on Facebook. The first thing they do is that they advertise to a broad audience. To show this clearly, take a look at the target audience below. 

We selected the United Kingdom, 18 years old and above, and interested in Pasta. Now, the possible customers that can see that advertisement is about 1.5 million people. But are all these people really interested in going to our restaurant? The answer is no. 

Now, advertising to these 1.5 million people is also costly. Besides, if you click on Page Likes, these people liked businesses that have no relationship with pasta restaurants at all. 

If you scroll down further, you will see that these people are likely to be shown your ad if they liked these pages. 

As you can see, Vitabiotics and a lot of these Facebook pages have nothing to do with pasta. If these 1.milion people liked these Facebook pages, they certainly would not be the best audience to market to. As such, it is a waste of money and effort.

Here are the most common mistakes that marketers make: 

  • The audience is too large and not focused
  • Audience is irrelevant
  • Audience is not passionate about your product 

If you make these mistakes, you will be showing your advertisement to people who do not care about what you are selling. It is like selling a steak to a vegetarian. He is not going to buy.

The Three Most Important Audience Insights

Now, it is time to remind you of the three most important things about the Facebook audience insights. These are Top Categories, Page Likes, and Affinity.

Top Categories

This is found under Page Likes in the Facebook Audience Insights tool. These categories are where your ads are likely to be shown based on the interest that you typed. If you typed pasta and you see Vitabiotics in the top categories, then Facebook is telling you that Facebook is likely to show your advertisement to people who liked a vitamin company.

Page Likes

You will find this below the Top Categories section. These are Facebook Pages that are related to your business niche. Facebook is likely to show your ads to the same people who liked these Facebook Pages. If the top liked page is a vitamin company, and your business is pasta, does it make sense for you to advertise to them? The answer is no. For as long as you can see business pages here that are not relevant to your business, change your target audience, and focus on the Interest box. 


Affinity is the likelihood that this audience is going to like your page. If the top Facebook page is a vitamin company with an affinity of 7x, it means that those people who liked that vitamin company are 7x likely to like your page, too. But does that make sense? People who liked the vitamin company may like your pasta business, but that does not mean they are interested in buying pasta. Besides, 7x is low. What you want is more than a thousand in the affinity score, like 1100x or above. 

How To Find The Right Audience (Short Version)

Now, we will go back from the start and try to find the right audience. We will use a pasta restaurant from a remote place in the world so we can demonstrate how Facebook Audience Insights works.

In this example, we are only targeting five towns, those who are 18 to 50 years old, and those who are interested in a restaurant. As you can see, the New Audience is only 60,000 to 70,000 people. Also, the Page Likes are all relevant to the restaurant because we want to be able to reach out even to the government offices and schools.

If we scroll down below to Page Likes, we can see that the Affinity scores are high, with the top even reaching 11,000x. What this means is that these people who liked these Facebook Pages are also very likely to like our page. And if a lot of people like our page, they will be able to see on their feeds our new posts. We do not have to spend so much on ads later on, but we need to invest in advertising to these 70,000 people for now.


The last thing to do is to save this audience by clicking on the Save button on top and then giving it a name. Once you create a new advertisement, this audience will appear among your choices.


The Facebook Audience Insights is a powerful tool that you can use to do targeted or laser-targeted marketing. With this tool, you will not be shooting blanks. All the people who would see your advertisement are people who have a passionate interest in your product, and therefore, you can expect to have better conversion rates.

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