21 Best Replica Designer Wholesale Clothing Sites in China/UK/USA

Designer brands are too costly, and consumers have to spend at $1,000 for a coat or a pair of shoes.

If you are looking forward to selling designer clothes, you either have to be a business person with a lot of money to buy your inventory, or you must have a special relationship with the brand owners to get discounted prices from them.

Sadly, you cannot do drop shipping for these products as they do not ship retail. What they do is ship in bulk to their registered partners or distributors.

The good thing is that you can find replica designer clothing sites in China, the UK, and the USA.

We will take a look at the top 21 manufacturers that do this so you can source your products from them. Take note that these are replica products, so you must ensure that the countries you ship to allow replica brands to enter the country.

It’s also illegal to sell replicate products in most countries.

1. Chinabrands

Chinabrands is a wholesale distributor and retailer for products that are manufactured in China. You need to be a member to be able to buy the products, and then sell them to your consumers. If you are a member, you do not need to buy wholesale.

Here, you can buy in retail, and the supplier will ship the item to your customer. On top of this, Chinabrands was really made to support dropshipping, and you can use it on many platforms like Amazon, eBay, and so much more. You can also use it if you build a Shopify store.

Chinabrands will not charge for a membership fee. Unlike other websites, you can register here for membership, and you can enjoy buying without a monthly fee.

2. DHGate

This site is a place where dropshippers and regular consumers can buy thousands of products. It is like eBay or Amazon, but it is a business that is located in China. The manufacturers that list products here are independent Chinese businesses that sell retail, wholesale, and dropship.

Buying from DHGate means you are buying from these manufacturers. However, DHGate is the one that handles your transactions. You can expect to find more than 10 million products here, not just replica designer clothing, but a lot of other products like electronics.

DHGate has more than 1 million sellers, and you can enjoy shipping times as short as five days.

3. AliExpress

AliExpress is the biggest known site to find replica designer clothing. It is China’s answer to Amazon, but AliExpress serves international customers. Unlike Amazon, the people who post products here are the actual manufacturers, and you can expect to pay very low prices.

AliExpress has manufacturers that have warehouses worldwide, which means that not all the products are physically located in China.

Also, all products listed here are available for drop shipping, because AliExpress offers these sellers the opportunity to use the company shipping method called AliExpress Standard Shipping, which works like Amazon FBA.

4. Alibaba

Alibaba is the biggest online market place in China. The difference between this and AliExpress is that this website tends to focus on wholesale. Here, you can find tons of drop shipping suppliers for replica designer clothing, and you can also tell them to brand these clothes as yours.

Alibaba has hundreds of millions of users, and there are also hundreds of millions of customers. All products here ship internationally and the site has several features that will make your dropshipping business easier to manage, such as automatic updates on your product inquiry.

5. Taobao

Taobao is an online shopping website, and it is owned by Alibaba. The main difference is that Alibaba is a business to business marketplace, which means that the products listed here are best bought by businessmen.

Taobao is a business-to-customer website, which means that the company is best used by consumers who are ordering on retail. If you are a dropshipper, you may want to seriously consider this site because this is where you will find replica designer clothing sold on retail at a cheap price.

The site has more than one billion product listings. You can buy them either at a fixed price or auction. However, there are also many products here sold on auction. You also need to pay through AliPay, a mobile payment processor.

6. Amazon.Co.Uk

This site is a branch of Amazon but is specifically made for the UK. Like its parent company, it has millions of listed products, and you can find wholesale and retail suppliers here.

The site has a lot of children’s clothing and clothing for men and women. One challenge that you will face as a dropshipper if you use this site is that there is no guarantee that all sellers here will drop ship for you.

The site’s commitment is to shorten the shipping time as much as possible, so it is best that you only use this site if the supplier’s products are in the UK and if you will only sell in the UK.

7. Replicawholesale.com

If you are looking for replica products, try this site because you will find thousands of clothing suppliers here. However, this website is not a marketplace. It is a directory that offers a list of companies that sell replica clothing.

On the home page, you just need to choose a specific type of product, and then you need to click on that link. The site will open a page that shows a list of websites where you can find suppliers. You need to check the websites and then browse what they have to offer.

In the site, you can also find manufacturers of jewellery and handbags. Since this is just a directory, you will not be dealing with Replicawholesale. Instead, you will be working with the site owners for the product you choose.

8. Wholesaleclearance.co.uk

This is a website where bankrupt businesses sell their inventory. You do not need to create an account, just choose what you want and buy them.

Apart from bankrupt businesses, there are many wholesalers that list their products here. The thing is, you need to buy per lot, not per piece. You have to ship the products to your own location, and then you need to sort it out for shipment to your customers.

Products here are so cheap that you can find replica branded clothing on sale up to 90% off. For some clothes, you can buy them for $35 per piece, but you need to buy in a bulk of five pieces. This site is great if you are drop shipping through Amazon FBA, or if you have your own warehouse.

9. iOffer.Com

iOffer is a US-based company where sellers list their products for sale. It was founded in 2002, and there are many replica clothing here. The way it works is like eBay, and you can buy it now for a fixed price or make an offer through an auction.

Not all sellers here ship internationally, and shipping is not always free. The good thing about this website is that the products are mostly from the US, so it is a good website to use if you are selling in the United States.

For each product, you will deal with a different seller, so make sure you contact the seller for detail before you order.

10. Christianlouboutinkings.Com

This website sells replica clothes and shoes. They are not authentic, but they are high-quality imitation items. You can buy many types of products here, but all of them are shoes. There are choices for both men and women, and the shipping will take between five and 14 business days.

If you dropship from this site, you must know that your buyer will be paying Customs duties in his country. The shipping fee also varies according to location.

11. MadeinChina.Com

This is a website where you post what you need. You will be requesting for product quotes and suppliers will reach out to you.

You can also browse the site for replica designer clothing, and you will be able to find products ready for shipment. Jackets here for women will only cost you $18 per piece.

The biggest problem that you will face here is that there is a minimum requirement if you order. In most cases, you need to order at least 500 pieces.

If you are a dropshipper like me, you need to communicate with the website owners because they offer sourcing solutions for international businesses.

12. ShangJin.Com

This is a website where you can source replica designer clothing. However, this is not a retail website. It is a wholesale website, and the wholesaler supplier will either find products for you or manufacture the goods for you.

The site offers services such as warehousing, shipping, customs clearance, and so much more. It is not your typical website because the ones that use this website are big-time sellers who make products under their own brand.

The company also offers tutorial services on how you can find manufacturers, and they will teach you how to use their services.

The website has sales agents who can speak with you to understand what you need.

13. NewChic.Com

This is a website that sells dozens of brands of replica clothing. The site mainly operates as an online retail marketplace, but you can also buy wholesale if you contact the seller. For wholesale, you have to apply, and then the website owners will contact you to find out what you need.

The website has a wholesale and a dropship program.

In the dropship program, you simply have to post the product on your own website, order from New Chic then they will ship it to your customer. If you are a dropshipper, you will receive up to 30% discount.

14. Dear Lover

Dear Lover is a website dedicated to women’s fashion. Here, you will see thousands of replica designer clothing, but there is no specific brand. The site has more than 7,000 products and more than 2 million pieces.

Shipping is not free, but the site ships to a lot of places. The products come from China, and you will receive tracking orders for your products.

Here, you can find long dresses, vintage dresses, swimwear, lingerie, plus size clothing, and so much more.

15. Bodjean

This site is a place where you can find so many replica products like Ralph Lauren, Saint Laurent, Versace, Prada, and a lot more.

The products here come from China, and the shipping methods available are Hong Kong Post, DHL, and EMS. The company will ship the item to your customer within two business days, and you can expect your customer to receive it within 12 business days.

You can use several payment methods to complete your purchase such as Mastercard, Western Union, and Money Gram.

16. Zaful

This company offers a huge list of women’s products. They are replicas, but all of them are branded as Zaful. You can find shorts, dresses, and bags.

You can buy wholesale or retail, and Zaful will send the item to your customer. Zaful offers 45-day returns, and you can also take advantage of its warranty program where items will be replaced if they are damaged.

You can buy high-quality clothing here for as little as $5, and then you just have to sell them at higher prices.

17. Mirvba.RU

This is a site where you can buy replica Gucci products from belts to hats. You can also buy shoes here for as low as $188 from replicas of the Balenciaga brand. Shoes like this from the original brand can cost more than that.

Apart from Gucci, the site has links to replica products of Hermes and Louis Vuitton.

18. Wholesale7.Net

In this site, you will find jeans, bags, tops, and so much more. You can get these replica items for as low as $16, and you can also enjoy the benefits of the site’s dropshipping services.

Like other wholesale sites, you do not have to pay for membership. All you have to do is to post the products on your store, order it from the site, and then Wholesale7 will ship it to your customer. There is no minimum order to be able to drop ship.

19. RepFashions.TO

In this site, you can buy jackets, shoes, hoodies, and more replica items. These are top-grade replicas, so the prices are above the $100 range.

The company ships to 150 countries, and all shipping is free. The site also offers buyer protection, and you can enjoy a full refund if you did not receive your item or if your product is damaged.

You can make wholesale or retail purchases here, and the site offers several ways to pay like Mastercard, Visa, and Western Union.

If you want to sell products without buying in bulk, you can be a reseller where you can earn commissions, or you can drop ship yourself through your own online store.

20. Designer Inspired

Here, you will have access to hundreds of bags, winter coats, suits, jackets, and so much more. The site is dedicated to selling products inspired by expensive clothing. The quality is top class so they will cost more than $100 per piece.

The online store is running on Shopify, but you can do business with the owners as their dropship partner. The good thing about it is that all the products are made from the same material as the original one, and customers will have a hard time finding out if the item is real or fake.

21. Romwe.Com

Romwe is a site that sells its own products. The fashion designs are a replica of expensive brands, and you can buy clothing here for as low as $20 for three pieces!

Standard shipping from this store is free. Many of the shipping fees are also free for many countries, but you have to meet some purchase requirements.

The online store ships mostly in European countries. It has an affiliate program where you can be a reseller, or you can also do drop ship if you want to.

Wholesale Replica Designer Clothing FAQ

Is it illegal to sell replica clothing?

Yes, it is illegal to sell replica clothing if the brand name is on the product. It is considered fake.

All countries have anti-piracy and anti-counterfeit laws that prevent people from manufacturing fake clothes. We don’t condone selling these products, this is for educational purposes only.

Do all manufacturers of replica products ship internationally?

No, Not all of them do this because they know they might be blocked by Customs. Some only ship to the country where they made the product, as it will not pass through customs.

What should I do to guarantee that the customer will receive the product?

To guarantee this, you have to order the product first and have it shipped to you. If you did not have any issue receiving the product, then it is likely that the replica clothing is not banned in your country.

You can also use a private shipping method like DHL, FedEx, and others. These companies have special arrangement with customs and can easily get clearance

Will I get into legal trouble if I sell replica products?

It depends. You need to consult a lawyer. Generally speaking, there is a difference between replica and counterfeit items. Consult a legal advisor to be sure.

Generally speaking yes you will get in trouble depending on what country you are from.

Cons of Wholesale Replica Clothing

If you sell replica items, there are some disadvantage that you need to know about.

  • Some customers may not like it – there are customers who will feel like you committed fraud if you send them replica item. You must be very clear in your product description that you are selling replica items to let your buyers know that your products are not the real ones.
  • Legal issues – it’s probably illegal to sell this in your country, and you can get into legal trouble. Consult a legal professional before selling replica items.
  • Items not delivered – some countries are very strict with the things that come to their Customs department. They open these items to make sure there is no legal violation. If the customer belongs to this country, he may not receive the item, and you will lose the sale.


There are many more suppliers out there where you can buy wholesale or retail. Check as many as you can so you can find the best products for your drop shipping store.

As a word of caution, it is always best that you buy the products and see them for yourself before you post them on the website.

This is not to say that you have to buy all the samples. A few will do. Before you decide who you will do business with, you have to check if the seller is really offering quality products and if the seller can commit to the shipping timelines.

DISCLAIMER: We don’t condone selling these types of products and you do at your own risk. It is illegal to sell designer items. This article is for education purposes only.

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