5 Best Reviews On Ecom Elites That Will Show You Exactly What You Get!

Written by Franklin Hatchett

Our goal at EcomElites is to help readers get the information they need, we partner with companies to help bring you that information. If a purchase or signup is made through our partners, we receive compensation for the referral. Learn More

Our goal at EcomElites is to help readers get the information they need, we partner with companies to help bring you that information. If a purchase or signup is made through our partners, we receive compensation for the referral. Learn More

Franklin Hatchett has a large presents online and has some amazing courses. In this article we will list all the best Ecom Elites reviews to help you make your decision.

This will save you a lot of time by listing them here, just scroll down and you have everything you need.

Building your own ecommerce business is a great way to make money online. Ecom Elites is the best program online at the best price. You won't find anything cheaper with so much value.

These are the best reviews online for Franklins course!

Note: Theses reviews were written by independent reviewers. These websites are affiliate marketing websites that review products. Ecom Elites has chosen to list the top reviews here. If you are an affiliate of our product and want to be listed here please contact affiliate support. 


IMRHYS is a blog that is focused on doing reviews for a lot of courses. On this blog, you will find reviews on almost all online courses. Rhy does a great job at helping you understand what you are buying.

ImRhys is an expert in online businesses. He started out his online business journey with eBay and then moved on to using the Shopify platform and ClickFunnels to make money online.

So far, his insight is an extensive review that has roughly about 3500 words or more. He takes the reader from the beginning of the course to the end. It shows you a complete picture of what to expect from Franklin Hatchett’s Ecom Elites course.

The review is so carefully made that it has gathered more than 330 comments, all of which got a response from the author.

ImRhys recommended Franklin Hatchett’s Ecom Elites course back in 2017. He keeps the same faith in the Version 2.0 and even gave the Ecom Elites course a 4-9-star rating.

Video Courses

In the review, ImRhys was very clear that he browsed through all the videos that you can find in the course. He mentioned that there are over 170 videos in it, and he was surprised, and excited, that the Facebook topic alone has 30 video tutorials.

So far, the Facebook tutorials of Ecom Elites is the best of all the other Facebook tutorials that the ImRhys author has come across. He has reviewed 30 courses on Facebook, and he said that Ecom Elites has the most extensive and conclusive Facebook tutorials.

Most Facebook courses can cost you $500 or more.With Ecom Elites, the 30 Facebook video tutorials are already part of what you pay for.

The best thing about this review is that the author even knows what platform is being used for the video course, which is Vimeo. As a course participant, you can choose between 360p and 1080p resolution, depending on your internet connection.


The reviewer also broke down the review according to the modules. He described the contents of the nine modules, plus the bonus contents.

In this section of his review, he covered the following topics about the Ecom Elites course:

  • Module 1: Setting Up Shopify
  • Module 2: Sourcing Products
  • Module 3: Facebook Ads
  • Module 4: Instagram Traffic
  • Module 5: Email Marketing
  • Module 6: Chat Bots
  • Module 7: Building Sales Funnels
  • Module 8: Google Ads
  • Module 9: Organic Google Traffic

After reviewing each module, ImRhys also talked about the bonus Q & A videos, the bonus content about top niches, top products, ad copies, and more.

The review from ImRhys is long, but it is worth the read. The author takes you through his own journey and explains in detail about what he got from the Ecom Elites course, and whether it is worth it or not, which according to his 4.9-star rating, says that it is totally worth it.

Drew’s Review

Drew’s Review is a blog site that helps people understand e-commerce and affiliate marketing. The author, Drew, is an internet marketer and a specialist in reviewing products about dropshipping, digital products for e-commerce, and affiliate marketing.

Drew’s article about Ecom Elites is positive, and his focus is on the Ultimate package of Ecom Elites. He also clearly states that his review is honest feedback about the product, and not meant to destroy the reputation of others.

He compares the price of Franklin Hatchett’s Ecom Elites to other courses like E-Com Success Academy. ESA charges about $2,500, while Ecom Elites is only charging a fraction of that cost.

The review has lots of images, and he even provided a video of a comparison between the Standard and Ultimate packages.

The video is an 8-minute review of what you will get if you purchase the Ecom Elites course. It discusses the contents of the modules.

In the video, he said that Ecom Elites have a lot of successful students and that you may be the next one.

As you scroll down the review, Drew mentions that Facebook ads, which makes up the third module, is how you will earn money if you follow the instructions carefully.

In this section Drew emphasizes that Facebook marketing is a thing that an online entrepreneur must focus on.

He also shows the reader that the course on Ecom Elites will show you how to build a Facebook business account, improve your conversion rate, bid on ads, create different types of ads, and even learn how to create and use a Facebook Pixel.

He also mentions that the Facebook course is always updated if Facebook itself introduced new things to its platform, so you should check this out often.

Further down, he discusses the benefits of the other modules, like focusing on one influencer on Instagram who can make you a lot of money.

He al so comments that the Instagram module is not as extensive as the Facebook one, but he also said that the module is enough to help you understand how Instagram re-targeting works.

In the email module, he tells the reader what he has learned about it like how to set up an email campaign with GetResponse and MailChimp.

Drew said that the email marketing section is a great and intensive part of the course because it has 14 videos and that Franklin of Ecom Elites did a great job in explaining how email marketing works.

Like ImRhys, Drew touched on the bonus content, and he made a strong point about the importance of this bonus contentfrom Ecom Elites.

Overall, Drew says that Ecom Elites should be selling the course for a whole lot more of money. He gave Ecom Elites a 4.7-star rating and summarized that Ecom Elites is the best e-commerce course you can get for the price.

Unrivaled Review

Unrivaled Review is an online resource for all aspiring and budding entrepreneurs. On this website, the author, Jeremy, has over 15 years of experience online and likes to share his knowledge, research and experience of making money online with dropshipping and affiliate marketing; two business models in where he has found great success.

The site routinely publishes content all around platforms, services and courses to help individuals learn how to succeed with the different business models open to them.

In his review of Ecom Elites, Jeremy looks comprehensively at the content included and provides some key insights into why the content is useful to new dropshippers and ecommerce store owners. He even shows a glimpse of what its like to be a student, whereby you can see screenshots of within the members area.

This review also serves as a form of case study, and Jeremy shares his own success with the dropshipping model and results having applied the content of eCom elites. To Jeremy eCom elites is incredibly thorough for a fare and respectable price ($197) and you can make back the investment of the course in little time with application.

Perhaps the standout feature of eCom Elites as mentioned in his review is that it provides all the information you need to learn, manage and scale an ecommerce business There are multiple marketing strategies to test and explore and Franklin provides detailed step by step guidance that you can replicate in real-time.

KiWi by Joey

The website KiWi is written by Joey from New Zealand. On this website, he covers many aspects of the online world, such as how to make money online, or how to watch free TV in New Zealand. The site is also home to many product reviews to help consumers make the right choices about their money.

In his review of Ecom Elites, he said that he is frustrated about many online courses out there about e-commerce. He even expressed his disappointment about other people who are selling e-commerce courses at a very expensive price with little value to add to the student.

He said that other courses like Passion 2 Profits Accelerator are awful and have only a few hours of content and that Drop Ship Lifestyle by Anton Kraly also offers low value for what you pay for.

He provides snippets of his thoughts with four more other course providers until he came to Ecom Elites.

To Joey, the appeal of Ecom Elites is that it can be purchased for as low as $197 (on sale) and that there was no additional tax to pay.

Within 15 minutes, he got his login details and realized quickly after browsing through the modules that this is going to take a while.

He counted more than 135 video courses spread out in ten modules, where he also mentioned that most of the video courses take about 15 minutes long. Some videos, however, are an hour in length.

Joey went over each course and provided the reader what to expect on each module.

On the first module about product sourcing, he stressed that the Ecom Elites course focuses on looking for suppliers over seas. He also covered the fact that the bonus videos in this section were helpful, especially the print-on-demand lesson and the niche research software.

Once Joey got to the Facebook module, he realized that this was a course that will guide you through the entire process. He had to split his time on this module into four sessions because it was too long. It was where he learned how to do Facebook retargeting, bidding, improving conversions, and so much more.

Joey has a lot of things to say about the bonus videos, and he listed the contents of these videos one by one, thus giving the reader an idea of what to expect.

Joey said he enjoyed the bonus section and that he has learned a lot, especially about the secrets on warranties and creating a sales funnel.

Joey started his own dropship store and used Ecom Elites and the Ecom Turbo theme. Overall, he spent $294 to set up his shop. He spent $197 on the course, and $97 on the theme. In six weeks, he earned a revenue of $20,000 with a $14,000 expenses and net profit of $6,000.

Snag Success

Snag Success is a site owned by Adam, and it shows you how to start a blog or an online store. It provides guides and reviews about products and courses, SEO techniques, and software that you can use to succeed in your online business.

In the review, Adam started out with his frustration over fake gurus who offer Shopify and e-commerce courses, people who post with nice sports cars, only to show off.

He decided to take the Ecom Elites course, and he shared his experience.

To Adam, Ecom Elites is for people who want to get started on e-commerce. He is specific that this course is for people who have the capital to start a business, not those who are bootstrapping or those who want to start a business with a small budget.

Adam guides the reader over which course to take. He said that the Standard package is for those who want to get started but not yet ready to make a commitment for the bigger package and that the Ultimate package is great for those who are really serious about starting an online business.

The good thing about his review is that he made it clear that Ecom Elites is not a scam. He carefully explained that the course would give you the right tools to build your own online store.

He is not recommending Ecom Elites to people who want to make a quick buck. He is recommending it to people who are hardworking and patient, and those who are motivated to succeed.

Also, he introduces the reader to the founder of Ecom Elites, Franklin Hatchett. In this brief bio, he mentions the humble beginnings of the Ecom Elites founder, and how Franklin used to drive a digger to make a living.

Now, Franklin makes seven figures with dropshipping alone, and that he wants to help people become successful as he is.

In the review, Adam just briefly touched on each module but explained in detail what kind of results students get from taking the course. Also, he showed a list of all the modules, and he added a lot of images from the course itself.

Adam’s personal experience with the course is a positive one. He claimed that he is now a professional dropshipper and that he has really learned a lot from Ecom Elites. He even recommended the affiliate marketing course of Franklin.

In the last part of his review, he clearly stated that Ecom Elites is not a scam. He also cautioned buyers that there is no discount in the Ecom Elites course and that those who are offering discounts are likely to be a fraud.

The final verdict of Adam for Ecom Elites is a 5-star rating on Quality. He also gave it a 5-star rating for features because the course is packed with 170 videos. However, he gave a 4.5 on support because Ecom Elites provides support mainly on Facebook.

Aaron’s Review

The last review that we will take a look at is the website Aaron’s Review. This site is one that helps people learn more about affiliate marketing and e-commerce. The person who runs this is Aaron, a top instructor in Udemy.

The site concentrates on reviewing software and online courses to give readers a warning or a recommendation.

Right at the start, he said that Ecom Elites is a great place to up your skills in marketing and e-commerce. He recommends it for both beginners and experts alike.

Like Adam, Aaron gives the bio of Franklin, the founder of Ecom Elites, and then moves forward to discussing the plans you can purchase.

Further down, he moves to the topic of what to expect in Ecom Elites Version 2.0. He then mentions some facts like there are 170+ videos in the course, and that Ecom has a Facebook Mastermind with thousands of members.

What Aaron recommends is the Ultimate package because it is a complete course.

Like the other reviews, he went through each module and explained what he has learned. Aaron made a conclusion that the course is best for everyone, and that the modules are packed with important information, not garbage.

He also likes it that the videos are of high quality and that the modules have good pacing. He loves the course because the course explains what the product can do for you and not just brag about being rich or successful.

Overall, Aaron gave Ecom Elites a total of 5-star rating for curse content, course price, lecturer, value, and ongoing updates.


Ecom Elites Review: Final Thoughts

Starting your very own dropshipping business online is very rewarding! You need to make sure it's right for you and thats why we have listed the top reviews online above for you.

Take your time and read through those websites if you want to learn how to do dropshipping online. You can pick up Ecom Elites for a very good price starting at $197! You won't find any other course at this price.

Franklin Hatchett set out to provide the best dropshipping course at the best price and that's exactly what he has done! With 1000s of successful students you can't go wrong when you choose Ecom Elites!

Disclaimer: Theses reviews were written by independent reviewers. These websites are affiliate marketing websites that review products. Ecom Elites has chosen to list the top reviews here. If you are an affiliate of our product and want to be listed here please contact affiliate support.

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