13 Best Shopify Fonts to Use On Your Online Store!

Written by Franklin Hatchett

Our goal at EcomElites is to help readers get the information they need, we partner with companies to help bring you that information. If a purchase or signup is made through our partners, we receive compensation for the referral. Learn More

Our goal at EcomElites is to help readers get the information they need, we partner with companies to help bring you that information. If a purchase or signup is made through our partners, we receive compensation for the referral. Learn More

Without a doubt, the font style you use on your website can make your customer love you or hate you. The one thing you should never do is to use fonts that are difficult to read. Even if your website has a theme, like a cowboy theme, you should never use a font with a rope design.

And not only that. Not all browsers can read font types. And not all browsers can display them properly. To be safe, you must use what is called internet-friendly fonts. As the browsers load your page, you have a guarantee that the words and numbers will be displayed correctly.

Here, we will take a look at the 13 best fonts you can use on your e-commerce store.

1. Arial

Arial is probably the safest font to use, and it is pretty much the standard across the world. In some computers or word processors, Arial is named Arial MT. They are similar with no noticeable changes.

The good thing about this font is that it is universal, and all Microsoft products include this in the operating system package. Apple and Android systems also recognize this font.

2. Times New Roman

This font is a simple variation of the old Times font. It is commonly used in newspapers and magazines all over the world, so it is highly recognizable. Most books are also written in this font, so people from around the world will not have difficulties reading it.

The reason it was called Times is that the organization that asked for this font to be created was Time Magazine back in 1931. Although it is no longer used by the magazine, it is still widely used as a body text in newspapers ad book publications.

3. Courier Family

The courier family comes in two types courier and courier new. Today, the wildly used version is the second one. The font is easy to the eye because all the letters are equally spaced. Other fonts occupy larger widths but not this one. This is how it was designed by Howard Kettler in 1955.

The courier family is recognized by all computers and browsers, and no changes will be made if they open a website using this typeface. Also, it has been around for ages. It was first used in IBM typewriters, but later on, it was widely accepted in computer word processors.

4. Verdana

Verdana is classified by many font experts as a true web font. It is a simple sans serif font, and it is large enough for easy reading. If you observe closely, the letters are a little elongated, and this makes it easier to read from computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Verdana works even in small devices and computers. And rightfully so because it was created for and by Microsoft.

5. Palatino Font

This font is really old, and we can trace back its origins the 14th century. The style is large, so it readable. The Palatino font we know today first came out in 1949. When it was designed, it was named after the Italian calligraphy master Giambattista Palatino.

Traditionally, this font type was used only for headers and for print ads, but it is now also used for body text, especially in eBooks.

6. Bookman

Bookman looks like Times New Roman. Many times, it is also called Bookman Old Style. It was commonly used in trade printing, and for display typography. It was highly popular in the 1960s, but its history can be traced as far back as the 1850s.

Bookman is great as a header, but you can also use the thinner version for your body text copy.

7. Trebuchet MS

This font has a medieval look into it. It somehow gives the reader a feeling of old castles where rich people lived. It was designed by Microsoft, and it was first released in 1996.

It was also created for the internet, and this is why it is called a trebuchet. The trebuchet was a medieval siege engine that threw giant projectiles. And since it would be launched on the internet, the font was called so.

8. Impact

This is a font that is an internet and print favorite for headers. It is thick, bold, easy to read, and makes a great headline.

The font is best used for titles and sub-titles but not for the text body. If used too often, the thickness of the font can hurt the eyes, and will later prove to be difficult to read over the long-term.

It is best used for announcing a sale or using it to catch the attention of people in your advertisement.

9. Helvetica

This font has been around since 1957. It is part of the sans-serif family, so the letters do not have a lot of curves at the end of each stroke. 

It is a classic font, and now it has branched into several forms like Helvetica light, inserat, rounded, and more. Helvetica is simple, and it is widely used by big corporations for their logos and marketing materials.

10. Calibri

This one is fairly new, as it only came out in 2004 and was made available to the world in 2007. It was brought to the world by Microsoft, and it replaced Times New Roman as the default font on Microsoft’s word processing software and other MS Office products.

It is rounded, and it is easy for the eyes, too. Although it is rounded, it does not look cartoonish. It retains a formal look, and it is considered as a clear type kind of font.

11. Cambria

This one shares some similarities with Trebuchet MS. It looks elegant and is best used if you do not want Calibri.
It is part of the serif family, which means there are little lines at the tips of the letters. However, it is also considered as a clear type font.

Cambria is best used as a body text, as it is highly readable even if it is small.

12. Garamond

This font is like Bookman. It is old and has a classic vibe. It is great for body texts in printed books, and can also be read in small print. If you use this font, your website will look classic, and each letter would look like an engraving.

13. Copperplate Gothic

This font has wide spacings in between the letters. It was designed in 1901 and the designer used copperplate engravings as a basis of the design.

Because of that, the font is easy to read and can also be used as a bold header for your blog or product titles. 

This font is best used for headers, and it is best coupled with other bold fonts that have wide spacing like Verdana for the body text.


The font you use will have something to do with how website visitors will feel about your website or store. Use simple ones to make it easy for customers to read your web content and product descriptions. These fonts work great on Shopify.

If you really want to use stylish fonts, like script fonts, then limit their use to advertising copy but on titles only, artworks, and logos.

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