71 Best Shopify Stores To Help You With Design Inspiration In 2019

Written by Frank Hatchett

Our goal at EcomElites is to help readers get the information they need, we partner with companies to help bring you that information. If a purchase or signup is made through our partners, we receive compensation for the referral. Learn More

Our goal at EcomElites is to help readers get the information they need, we partner with companies to help bring you that information. If a purchase or signup is made through our partners, we receive compensation for the referral. Learn More

Since Shopify powers over 10% of all ecommerce stores, it makes sense to seek a little inspiration from the thousands out there.

Whether you’re a hobbyist, an aspiring entrepreneur or an established company looking to build an online store, Shopify offers a reliable back-end to help get you started.

Its front-end, however, requires a little creativity on your part.

In other words, the design of your store really needs to stand out from the pack in an ever evolving ecommerce industry.

The purpose of this article is to present you with a diverse collection of Shopify stores that tick all the boxes.

In turn, I hope that you’ll not only be able to see that just about any design is possible, but maybe you’ll also stumble upon one that you’d like to use for your own website.

Although some people associate Shopify with bland design and cookie cutter templates, I can assure you that is not the case.

Enjoy skimming through these top stores and get inspired to create your own beautiful ecommerce website.

The Best Shopify Stores For 2019

1. The Modern Shop

The Modern Shop is an excellent example of how to showcase lots of products per page without cluttering. It uses compact typography and little spacing between items, both of which make a good first impression on the visitor.  

2. Denver & Liely

There are high-quality photos, and then there’s photographic art. Denver & Liely’s website features more of the latter. With admirable spreads featuring fancy glassware and rustic drinking vessels, this Shopify store makes a real effort at selling its products almost entirely through aesthetics.

3. Tick Tock Tea

One of UK’s leading tea brands, Tick Tock Tea prides itself on brightening up the cupboards in every household. So it goes without saying that their store should be as bright and cheerful as the products themselves. With bold colors, a ticking clock and a time-sensitive banner, Tick Tock Tea’s design is truly something unique.

4. Brilliant

This premium bicycle brand has reached global recognition by focusing on simplicity, originality, and quality for its strategy. The online store is smoothly designed and simple to navigate as well.

5. Bermont

Bremont is a sophisticated company, so it makes sense that their online store is equally as elegant and classy. The website features large panels and compelling photography that do a great job of letting the main product take center stage.

6. Leaves of Trees

One of the best Shopify sites with a minimal design is Leaves of Trees. Clear call-to-action buttons, a simple background and an uninterrupted focus on the product make a great first impression on online visitors.

7. Sugarfina

The front page of this Shopify store oozes cuteness, and sharp color contrast reminds you of a real-life candy shop. The blues in the color palette also parallel the natural feel of the products.

8. Tattly

Tattly is image heavy, which works perfectly for this wearable art store. The entire page feels less like an ecommerce website, and more like a high-end fashion magazine. The creative imagery scattered through the page is both inspiring and on brand.

9. Modko

Modko leverages a modern-day, antiseptic design that matches the look and feel of its products. The next thing you notice is an embedded video. This combination of visuals and subtle design allows the brand to convey information more effectively and clearly than boring old grids.

10. carbon Beauty

Carbon Beauty has a stunning homepage which is unusual to many standard store designs. The layout is highly organized with parallax scrolling giving the site a refreshing yet intriguing look.  

11. Hardgraft

Hardgraft has as a sober design that leverages typography to its advantage. The layout consists of products hanging from various angles, which draw in the visitor’s attention.  

12. Poo Pourri

Rather than going for a plain gray background, Poo Pourri adds dimension and textures to theirs. In addition, this Shopify store uses unique typography to add a nice personal touch to its front page.

13. St. Frank

St. Frank somehow manages to be vast and minimalist at the same time. With a subtle white background and high-quality images draping the website, there’s definitely a lot for a visitor to look at.

14. Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity’s website exudes a zen-like vibe, with images of unique patterns and art, and calls-to-action with texts like “hop into Easter,” and put sexy on your phone.”

15. Biko

Biko, elevated jewelry, uses its site to convey its simple yet modern brand identity. The grey and white in the color palette also parallel the original design of the product. The navigation is equal parts simple and descriptive.

16. Quad Lock

This online store relies on animated GIFs to demonstrate the benefits of its products. Uncomplicated navigation makes for a pleasant browsing experience, and the breakdown of product categories allows visitors to view items of interest.

17. The Candi Factory

The Candi Factory brand is the essence of fun. Its website matches the brand’s vibrant, chill, and energetic vibes. Lifestyle images scattered through the site prominently display the company’s products. The Candi Factory uses definite branding and subtle navigation to draw in more customers.

  1. The 5th

The 5th is one of the best looking Shopify stores around. Its website has a modern, sparse design that offers an upscale feel to the visitors. In addition, excellent product imagery brings the watches to life with gorgeous, sleek-looking shots.

  1. Goodwin & Goodwin Sign Makers

A rare name and unique product photos make this online store example a standout. Also, how many websites have you seen with a background like this?

  1. Allbirds

By emphasizing what makes its products unique even before sharing their descriptions, Allbirds captivates the visitor. I like this design because it has a bright and youthful look, with creative GIFS and an attention-grabbing layout.

  1. Ivory & Deene

Ivory & Deene’s store makes you feel cosy and welcome. The homely product images along with clutter-free navigation ensure you remember whose Shopify website you are visiting.

  1. Gitman Bros

The classic vibe of this site meshes well with the appeal of the custom-made vintage men’s accessories such as ties, pocket squares, formal shits, etc. Unmistakable quality and elegance are visible in both the store and the offerings.

  1. Mignon

This store has a neat layout with smooth scrolling navigation and efficiently placed images that serve as links to the catalogs of the featured items.

  1. I Heart Keenwah

The background color, fonts, and logo are simplistic but the store is brought to life by the visually pleasing and colorful photography which is displayed in every visible block. Shades of green also convey that the brand is related to health & wellness.

  1. Concrete Minerals

The aesthetics of this ecommerce site are smooth and match the niche, creating an impression that visitors are in the right place (as long as they’re looking for beauty and makeup essentials).

  1. Chaos

Chaos is a luxury phone and travel accessories store that caters to all your modern-day accessorizing needs with a fun yet classy design. Accessories in different flavors and designs are displayed all over the homepage, and frankly, the colors are a perfect fit for the brand.

  1.  Studio Neat

The homepage of this Shopify site is minimal with one big elegant image and 12 circles pictures that display everything the brand makes. Information about the brand’s history and vision is also available at the bottom.  

  1. Twin Six

Twin Six tucks its main navigation away on the left-hand side of the screen. This gives its homepage more digital real estate to feature its fun apparel photography and hashtags.

  1. Outdoor Voices

This website has an intuitive and playful theme with a touch of vibrant colors that ooze a youthful spirit. Visitors are welcomed by a hero image that portrays the brand’s USP, some witty text to make the experience a little more engaging and a CTA button.

  1. Toy Shades

Toy Shades is bright and bold while also achieving a subtle aesthetic. The online store balances refinement and fun with a mix of muted and bright colors.

  1. ban.do

ban.do is a lifestyle ecommerce store that sells clothes, accessories, shoes and more. The design is a feast of vivid colors and easy-to-use navigation makes it impossible to browse away from. In addition, there’s also an integrated Instagram feed that sometimes displays the products in action.

  1. Holly & Tanager

The images of live models carrying the product in various settings at adventurous locations add an imaginative touch to an otherwise basic layout. You’ll also see a broad selection of product categories, which enhances the shopping experience.

  1. Press London

This is another minimalistic store that eliminates unnecessary pages and menus. It’s also filled with a light shade of grey that combines with subtle touches of green to bring up the feelings of wellness and relaxation in your life.

  1. Ventana

Ventana is a store with a big personality, and its website matches it. The real standout of the design are the large, realistic product and lifestyle images that feature the flagship item itself and the material it’s made from.

  1. Tinker Watches

Smart, sleek, and minimalistic are some of the words that come to mind when you take a look at this store as well as its products. Simple classy product texts coupled with a grey layout and non-flashy CTAs make for an easy-to-navigate store.

  1. Little Wolf Coffee

There are tons of elevated coffee brands online, but Little Wolf Coffee didn’t use the same design as its competitors. Instead, the brand uses fun, quirky illustrations that look custom made and less refined. Overall, this store has no shortage of graphical artwork.

  1. Rare Device

At first glance, visitors might think the Rare Device homepage is a news website. But whatever is present on the homepage aren’t articles to read; they’re products. The unique design of this Shopify site showcases the brand’s vision and creativity.

  1. Taylor Stitch

This sleek-looking online store presents slideshows of its products photographed in vintage settings, along with snappy web copy. The layout is also fantastic and the call-to-actions are smartly placed below the creative copy to entice and convert visitors.

  1. LeSportsac

We usually think “simple is better” when it comes to ecommerce design, but LeSportsac’s store proves this isn’t always the case. The brand manages to incorporate compelling blocks with a ton of products and text, while still retaining a clean and praiseworthy user experience.

  1. Schoolhouse

For art and domestic utility website, Schoolhouse Electric is surprisingly easy-to-browse, with bold, elegant blocks that allow you to view the collection you want. Lots of high-quality images and a consistent background delivers a cohesive Shopify store.

  1. I Love Mole

I Love Mole is one brand that’s not shy about color. They use eye-catching, solid-colored images for sections on their store to add life to the experience.

  1. 100% Pure

This Shopify store leverages fresh imagery and fruity website design in its most literal sense. This reinforces the brand’s principals regarding freshness and purity. The color palette used gives out that natural vibe and the products section is pure goodness.

  1. Manitobah Mukluks

Manitobah Mukluks sells uniquely designed footwear and showcases its dedication to perfection with prominent, high-quality photographs. Its simple navigation makes it easy for visitors to find and add items to their cart.

  1. BlackMilk Clothing

BlackMilk Clothing’s store immediately grabs your attention when you land on it. Its design is dominated by clearly laid-out grids, high-quality visuals, and pop culture references. Overall, it’s a unique website that projects a strong feeling.

  1. HELM Boots

Short texts and wide imagery highlight the elegance of HELM’s footwear. The design is a well-executed mix of sleek typography and minimalism. Additionally, the store has an Instashop feature that lets visitors navigate and shop through a range of Instagram posts.

  1. La La Land

The Shopify store leans into personal touches with unique images of pop culture gifts and handwritten-like quotes scrawled across photos.

  1. Mariclaro

Mariclaro’s homepage is filled with dependable information and quality products. The populated design is balanced with simple white background product imagery on the homepage dividers.

  1. Phix Clothing

This ecommerce site has a vintage-retro feel to it. The design is geared towards indie fans and groupies. With a unique design and consistent experience, Phix Clothing knows how to make a good first impression on prospective customers.

  1. Cybge

The creative use of animations makes Cybge one of the best Shopify stores online. As you hover over a light bulb, it illuminates and you’re provided with an option to request more details.

  1. Shwood Eyewear

Wood sunglasses company Shwood ensures that its creations are at the front and center by having its product video as the first thing people see on its homepage. They also include style ideas and a prominent testimonial section to gain trust.

  1. SIR the label

SIR uses stunning serene photos on its store to showcase its equally vibrant range of women’s clothing. With its bold design and fashion-led collections, it does a great job delivering a smooth experience through the theme of the site.

  1. Old Faithful Shop

Just like their name, Old Faithful Shop’s website offers a rustic feel of cozy autumn and home warmth on all pages, be it the homepage or individual product pages. Combined with a minimalistic background and clutter-free navigation, the design makes it easy for visitors to shop around.

  1. Telegramme Paper

Mixing versatile imagery of its merchandise with playful slogans and a plain background, Telegramme Paper offers a feeling of positivity and durability sprinkled with a touch of elegance.

  1. Take a Shot

Take a Shot‘s choice of neatly organized layers and soft pastels go perfectly with its wood-themed products. The site offers a whimsical design and keeps it minimal to bring its products fully into the spotlight.   

  1. Uproot

Uproot has a fun and vibrant design that gives each item loads of space to shine. As you scroll down, the in-your-face elements work to provide support to the little information displayed in the background, so it doesn’t get overwhelming.

  1. Victoire Boutique

This brand offers a fresh look by moving away from standard ecommerce design patterns, placing text and product images on a layout that feels much less familiar. You’ll also see plenty of white space and a few simple tabs which make the design seem a lot less busy than most Shopify stores.  

  1. BYRD

BYRD stands out by using light yellow in its color palette. As you scroll beneath, you’ll see a video showing the inspiration behind BYRD’s products (and a reference to the classic 60’s surf culture). In addition, there’s an Instagram feed showing their brand being used all around the world, which is great for increasing visitor confidence.

  1. The Great Cookie

Befitting a cookie shop, the whole website is bubbly and cute, featuring playful images and cheerful pastel tones, which delightfully stand out on a plain white background.  

  1. Brummell

Everything, from the logo to the color palette, to the images and typography, comes together to give Brummell’s store a magnificently rich touch of vintage glamor that’s ideal for attracting audiences.

  1. Khara Kapas

Pastel shades, exquisite prints and earthy patterns are some of the standout features of Khara Kapas’ products, and these are beautifully reflected on its homepage. This sort of design immediately appeals to the nature-loving crowd which also happens to be a major target audience for this brand.

  1. Hiut Denim Co.

Hiut Denim Co. is intentional about infusing its design with its signature color. Mixed with fun illustrations and high-quality visuals the website makes for pleasing visitor experience.

  1. OUAI

Offering a versatile and engaging design throughout, OUAI emphasises its values of self-expression and hair rebellion. One of the best parts of this site is the animated GIFs which follow the same mantra, while purposefully demonstrating the outcome of using the outcome users will experience by using its products.

  1. Ratio Coffee

Ratio Coffee’s sleek and minimalist homepage design directly reflects the style of the company’s products. Notice how they showcase the convenience of their product by giving a glimpse of it in a background video and making the visual transparent for the call-to-action to be displayed.


This Shopify store is both visually unique and stunning. The homepage itself is very well designed and the color palette just elevates the brand. As the company caters more to health-conscious consumers, the website also leans toward a more refreshing appeal.  

  1. Leather Head Sports

Leather Head Sports takes a new meets old approach with their vintage-style site. Their excellent use of visuals, subtle use of colors and design enforce their design of doing one thing well, enabling you to appreciate their craft of ball making.

  1. Madsen Cycles

The background of this site looks like a chalkboard and adds to the appeal. Subdued colors and the use of linear navigation in the store design ensures that the product images do all the talking as they rightfully should.

  1. Caravan Coffee

The online store is exquisite with a mix of fantastic visuals and full-screen multimedia. The products are well presented and the colors are muted to make the product descriptions and images stand out.

  1. Longboard Living

When you think of skate shops, you often think of hip chill storefronts. Longboard Living’s site has the exact same touch. It’s critical to have cohesive branding and this Shopify store is a great example.

  1. Pura Vida

The delicate illustrations and high-resolution images help Pura Vida to stand out from other websites. Its layout also looks quite attractive, and the upper navigation offers a very special and effective way to attract visitors’ attention.

  1. Velasca

This Shopify store is designed to appeal to the modern day gentleman. The typography is clean and classic, the grids and lines are symmetrical and balanced, and the products take center stage on the website.

  1. Zee.Dog

This is one of the more elegant websites on the list. Images are fluid, elements morph well and the tones of the product pictures stand out against the background. Even the transitions to the individual product pages are so unique that exploring the various items just seems more fascinating.

Final Words On The Best Shopify Stores For Design ideas

There you have it. A list of the 71 awesome looking Shopify stores!

Take the time to study their designs and learn from the tactics they implement for their website.

Since these online stores span multiple products, categories, and industries, there’s plenty to learn from the approach they use to delight visitors and increase conversions across the board.

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