9 Best Translation Service On A Budget

Written by Franklin Hatchett

Our goal at EcomElites is to help readers get the information they need, we partner with companies to help bring you that information. If a purchase or signup is made through our partners, we receive compensation for the referral. Learn More

Our goal at EcomElites is to help readers get the information they need, we partner with companies to help bring you that information. If a purchase or signup is made through our partners, we receive compensation for the referral. Learn More

If you want to reach to the world, you cannot depend on English alone. Despite English being the international language, there are still many countries where people cannot read or speak English fluently. 

You need to hire translation services if you want to communicate with these people. Whether it is an ad or a blog post, there are multi-lingual speaking people out there who could help you. Today, I will share with you the nine best translation service that I found on Fiverr.


1. Estefanlang 

Estefan is a verified PRO seller of translation services on Fiverr. What this means is that he delivers a top-quality service among all the other Fiverr sellers out there. His rating is a perfect 5.0 stars out of 41 reviews.


His translation service is for English to Spanish only. 

Here are the prices of this gig: 

  • Basic – costs $100 and he will translate up to 1,500 words. He will deliver this in two days.
  • Standard – costs $300 with a maximum of $5,000 words. The delivery period is six days.
  • Premium – costs $500 and you can ask him to translate up to 12,000 words. This gig will take him 10 days to complete.

His area of expertise are:

  • Mass media and social media
  • Marketing industry
  • Medical sciences
  • Business and technical writing

Estefan promises to provide a manual translation. He does not use any software to do the work. The wonderful thing about this provider is that he grew up in Columbia, which means that he really knows how to speak Spanish. 

He also has a degree in literary studies and is now currently taking Creative Writing courses. He has been in the translation service business for the last eight years. Apart from freelancing, he used to be an associate at Transmedia Traducciones. 

Apart from the translation, he is going to include proofreading services to ensure that the Spanish text is grammatically correct. If the document you want to get translated is longer than 12,000 words, you have to contact him first. He offers custom packages, and you may even get a discount. 

2. Alice Richards

If what you are looking for is a translation service for your product listing, then Alice is someone you may want to work with. She is a Level 2 seller of translation services, and she offers German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Dutch.


Here are her gigs: 

  • Basic – $15 for a maximum of 400 words. She will deliver this in three days.
  • Standard – $35 for 400 words. Delivery is in four days. This one includes keyword research.
  • Premium – $50 for 500 words, with the delivery of five days. It includes HTML description, optimization, and PPC ad.

The service that Alice offers is for Amazon listings primarily, but she is open to doing business with other product listings. All the packages in her gigs are inclusive of proofreading, document formatting, and language style guides. 

Alice has a 5-step plan to make the translation effective. 

Her approach is:

  • Market research
  • Review research
  • SEO translation
  • Keyword research using paid tools
  • Use of backend keywords

 Her focus is to make your listing appear in Amazon based on search. This is the reason why she is charging a higher fee if you ask her to do SEO research. She will use long-tail keywords to ensure that your product listing appears as often as it could. 

Please note that on the basic package, she will only translate the title, the description, and the bullet points. She will not do SEO for this package. Also, all of the prices of her gigs are for one language only. You cannot pay one price and ask her to translate the same material in several languages. 

3. Georges Ferguson

Georges is also a Level 2 translation service provider. His current rating is 5.0 stars with 105 feedback reviews. He can translate your text to Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Faroese, and Danish.


Here are the gig details: 

  • Basic – costs only $5 but the maximum is 100 words. He will deliver this in one day only.
  • Standard – costs $50 but now, you have a maximum of 1,000 words. The delivery is also in one day.
  • Premium – $200 is the cost for this service, but your maximum word count has increased to 4,000 words.

All of the packages are inclusive of one revision. If the service you need is not in the gig, you can contact him, and he will create a custom package for you. 

Georges is part of a larger company called Saxica. They have a lot of orders, so you have to contact them first before you place an order. Their translation services are manual, and they promise to deliver high-quality translation, not the type that came from a machine. 

As a company, they are also comprised of many translators, with each person specializing in a specific language. All the translated texts that they submit to you went through a process of proofreading. They guarantee that the translation is error-free, that it is accurate, and that it came from a native speaker. 

Before you order, make sure you contact them. They want to know how many languages you want to translate your text to. It is not clear in the package if they only translate English to another language and vice versa. 

4. Nanaeunhye

Nanaeunhye is a Korean translator and a Level 2 seller. She has completed more than 552 orders and has a perfect rating of 5.0 stars.


These are her gigs: 

  • Basic – the coverage is 100 words, and the cost is $5. She will deliver this in two days.
  • Standard – she will translate 400 words, and the minimum is 300 words. The cost is $20, and the delivery is three days.
  • Premium – this is the package you should get if you are translating a blog post that has 1,000 words. The cost is $50, and she will deliver in four days.

 All her gigs are inclusive of proofreading services plus unlimited revisions. If you need her to translate more than 1,000 words, you need to contact her so she can send you a custom offer. 

She does not translate from Korean to English. She only does translation services from English to Korean. She also offers translation in different formats. You can get the files in .doc, .docx, .xls, and .txt. 

One great thing about this seller is that she is a native Korean speaker. She is a graduate of a Science program, not in Korea but in the USA. As of the moment, she is taking a doctorate degree. 

Her commitment is to give you 100% satisfaction guarantee. This is why all her gigs have unlimited revisions. If you are planning to reach the Korean market, you must seriously consider this seller. You can use her services for product listings or for blog posts. 

5. Rosallat

Rosallat is a Top-Rated translation service provider. With 321 reviews, she still manages to maintain a rating of 5 stars. She only translates from English to Italian. However, she only focuses on legal documents.


She only offers one gig, and this costs $25. The gig has no word count or anything like that. Instead, she will help translate a document for you for $25 per page. Her delivery time is five days, and her gig includes document formatting.

Here are the things you can expect from here: 

  • High-quality English to Italian translation
  • Coverage of many types of legal documents
  • Translation of Italian documents to English

 Who should use her services? The people who need her are businesses that want to enter the Italian market. If you want to do business in the country and get registered, you will have to get Italian documents. 

She will translate birth certificates, Italian citizenship application, marriage certificates, and other documents that you may need to submit to the Italian government. 

To get the best out of her service, you should try to contact her first. She will review your document and tell you how much it is going to cost. This gig is not an ordinary one, and it is best used by medium-sized companies that aim to legally enter Italy for business, including those that only operate online. 

6. Naomi Robins

Naomi is a Level 2 seller who has a rating of 4.9 with 164 reviews. She offers translation services for Amazon product listings. The languages that she specializes in are English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian.


Here are her gigs: 

  • Basic – costs $15 for three days of delivery. She will translate 400 words for you.
  • Standard – costs $25 and the delivery is five days. The number of words is the same, but this includes the optimization of your text.
  • Premium – costs $40 for 400 words. The delivery is seven days, and this includes keyword research, PPC, and HTML.

 If you need to translate more words, just change the word number in her gig and it will automatically show you the price. Naomi offers unlimited revisions for all her gigs. 

She is a native German by birth. What she offers is best for sellers on Amazon that want to reach a new market. She ensures that your product description is easily understood. She has completed more than 150 Amazon product description translations. 

Apart from Amazon translation services, she also translates other documents. Overall, she has serviced more than 400 customers. 

If you are wondering if she speaks all these languages, the answer is no. She manages a team that has a total of four members, including her. They specialize in different languages, and they are all experts with how Amazon works. Use the gig of this seller if you want your listing to be shown to people from other countries other than America. 

7. The BM Studios

BM Studios is a professional team of translators. The group has a Level 2 seller status with a perfect rating with 110 reviews. They mainly offer Chinese translation.


Here are the gigs they offer: 

  • Basic – costs $5 for 100 words. This includes proofreading of your Chinese text. They will also translate your English text into Chinese. The delivery is in three days.
  • Standard – this package costs $10 for 100 words. This includes two people who will review your text and proofread it.
  • Premium – the last one costs $25 for 100 words. Apart from the translation, they will also do subtitle services if you will use your text in a video.

BM Studios is comprised of several people. They translate all kinds of English documents into Chinese. They have a professional studio in Shanghai, and all the members studied in the US for at least two years. 

Even if they are located in China, they understand America, Canadian, and British cultures. They are members of many fan groups and they know what popular items are currently trending. For example, they know things about the Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad. 

The great thing about their service is that they are focused on quality, so much so that they will have two proofreaders edit the translation before they submit the work to you. If you need more services, you can ask them for a custom offer. 

8. Polishwords

This translator is a Level 2 seller with a rating of 5 stars out of 254 reviews. He offers translation from English to Polish, and he is a native Polish speaker.


Here are his gigs: 

  • Basic – the cost is $25 for up to 500 words. With this gig, you will get the translated material in two days. You are also entitled to one revision.
  • Standard – the cost is $50 but your word count maximum has increased to 1,000 words. The delivery is in three days, and it is inclusive of two revisions.
  • Premium – costs $250 with 5,000 words. The maximum revision count is three times, and you will get your translated script in five days.

 The seller guarantees high-quality translation. He translates many kinds of documents that includes gaming texts, marketing materials, educational texts, and websites. He does not use any machine or software. All the translations are manually done, and they will sound like the text was written by a native. 

Overall, he has completed more than 250 orders in Fiverr. As his rating indicates, his work is perfect. If the project you have in mind is not part of his gig, you can always send him a message. You can also ask him for his credentials if you want to. 

The best thing about this gig is that as a buyer, you will get the copyright for your text. He is not like other sellers who will ask for an extra $30 just to transfer the copyright to you.  

9. Coralle

The last on my list is a multi-lingual translator. You can ask this seller to translate into English, German, French, Spanish, and Italian. The seller has so far only completed 15 projects with a rating of 4.9 stars.


The seller only offers one gig that costs $10. At this rate, you will get a maximum of 500 words. The seller offers 100% native translation with no use of any software. You will get the completed project in two days, and you are entitled to an unlimited number of revisions. 

The service is already inclusive of proofreading and document formatting. This is great because you no longer need to hire someone to check if the grammar and spelling are correct. The seller has a commitment that your text will read and sound native. 

By the way, this seller does not operate alone. It is a team of native translators. This is why they could offer translation services in many languages. The entire team is based in Hamburg, Germany. 

Despite their skills and talents, they do not translate legal documents. If you order from this seller for the first time, you will get a 10% discount. They also do Amazon translations for your product listings. 

If there are services you need that are not in the gig, you can contact the seller, and any of their team members will respond as soon as possible. The gig is not limited to 500 words. In their gig page, you can change the number from 500 to more than that, and the price will automatically change.    


The world has truly gone global thanks to the internet. As such, there really is no reason for you not to sell your products or services in all countries. 

It is true that you can use Google translate. However, this is not as accurate as a human being is. Google and other translation software machines will only do a literal translation. In most cases, the translation is laughable, to say the least. 

Invest in the services of a translator if you want to reach out to other people. They can translate your English ad or blog and make it sound natural, which means that the reader will be more likely to buy from you.

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