5 Best Done for You Amazon Store Services (Best Value)

Written by Franklin Hatchett

Our goal at EcomElites is to help readers get the information they need, we partner with companies to help bring you that information. If a purchase or signup is made through our partners, we receive compensation for the referral. Learn More

Our goal at EcomElites is to help readers get the information they need, we partner with companies to help bring you that information. If a purchase or signup is made through our partners, we receive compensation for the referral. Learn More

Amazon is not stopping. What I mean is that it will continue to grow and dominate the world as far as e-commerce is concerned. If you want to build an Amazon store, where do you even start?

Instead of studying how to build an Amazon store, you have to focus on what products to sell and how you will market these products. Then, ask someone to build the store for you.

Today, I will show you my recommendations on the top five done-for-you Amazon store builders. They charge a minimal fee for their services. In the end, choose from one of these service providers, and outsource your Amazon store-building activities so you can focus on marketing and product selection.

1. Amazing_tech1

Although this seller is new, he is one of the most recommended on the platform by the Fiverr algorithm. He has completed 1000s of orders and has a 5 star rating. He will build your Amazon store from scratch, and he will also help you upload products. Check out the seller here.

He has three plans that you can choose from, ranging from $100 to $300. These plans are called Basic, Standard, and Platinum.

  • Basic – costs $100 and the delivery is in two days. He will upload four different products on your Amazon store.
  • Standard – this package costs $200. Here, he will build our Amazon store and he will also upload twenty products. The delivery period is three days. You get unlimited revisions just like the other plans.
  • Premium – this one costs $200. He will build your Amazon store, and also do search engine optimization. What this means is that he will help you know the right keywords to use for your product title and description.

For the Premium package, the delivery is in five days.

If you need more services, you have to visit his profile page. He has services that will complement your Amazon store, such as creating a business plan, creating a marketing strategy, and planning a business growth strategy.

Click here to get your store started today

2. Remonh2632

With 29 survey feedback returns, this seller has a perfect rating. Remon is not your typical virtual assistant. He is an Amazon expert. He is also an expert in dropshipping. When Amazon store-building and dropshipping are combined, you have a store that is bound to succeed. Get started here on your store.

Remon only offers one gig. The cost of this gig for building your Amazon dropshipping store is $550. With this service, he offers not just one thing but multiple.

Here are the things you can expect:

  • Products finding – he will search for suppliers and recommend what products to sell in your particular niche.
  • Products listings – he will upload the products in your Amazon store. This includes all that Amazon expects from your listings.
  • Order process – if a customer orders, he will take care of the order fulfilment. It does not mean he will ship it, but he will update the Amazon records.
  • Customer email – he will email your customers to do marketing or to update the customer on the status of the order. This service is great so you can manage the expectations of your customers. 
  • Account health – he will take care of doing everything to make sure your Amazon account is in good standing. What this means is that he will contact customers, fulfil the documentation required mange returns, and so much more. This way, your Amazon account will not get banned.

Remon is also an expert in Walmart dropshipping. If you want more service, he offers a daily Amazon store management where he will work for you for eight hours per day. He will do inventory management, order management and product marketing on a daily basis.

See his service here to get started

3. Mashoodmalik98

This guy is one of the fastest Amazon store providers on Fiverr. Currently, he is a Level 2 seller with a perfect rating out of 100 reviews. Apart from building an Amazon store, he also has other services he can do for you.

He offers one package only, which costs $50. The amazing thing is that he delivers this service in only one day. What he offers is to manage your Amazon store if you are in the dropshipping niche.

What this means is that you have to register your store, and then he will take care of the rest. At this rate of $50, he will upload 10 products on your store.

Here are the specifics of the service:

  • Product Sourcing – he will look for products in platforms like Walmart, Costco, and other platforms of your choice. He will also take care of identifying which products have a huge demand.
  • Product Listing – once he has found a product, he will upload it in your Amazon store. He will also be the one to write the product description, and then also the product title.
  • Product Hunting – if you do not want to do the research, you can depend on him to do it for you. He will visit various websites and determine if these products are sold at a low or high price. He will match your rice with these other sellers. He will also look for new products out there that are not yet being sold by a lot of dropshippers.
  • Order Processing – once a customer has placed an order, he will do the order processing from your Amazon seller dashboard. He will also track the package and update your customer.  

This seller has over five years of experience in the Amazon dropshipping industry. He has a really strong grip of knowledge on how it works.

See his service here to get started

4. Edisonshehaj

Edison is a Level 1 seller, but he has 30 reviews and a perfect 5-star rating. He is an expert in Amazon FBA, or Fulfillment by Amazon. He is not just a store creator, but he is also an Amazon coach and seller for the past ten years.

Here are is services:

  • Basic – costs only $5; he will look for a product that you can ship to Amazon. This is only one product, but he will do comprehensive research about your competition.
  • Standard – this package jumps to $620. In this package, he will give you access to his one-on-one Amazon FBA course. He will teach you everything that he has learned over the past ten years.
  • Premium – this plan costs $995. He will be involved with your store as a coach. He will also help you grow your business into a 6-figure income-generating store. On top of this, he will manage your store and he will give you many 1-on-1 coaching sessions.

He will build your store at the premium plan. What this means is that he will build it for you from scratch. He will also coach you and manage the store for you. The premium service includes product search, finding a supplier, creating the product listing such as the barcodes.

5. Rexwaan

The last on our list is Rex, a specialist who can build both Amazon or Shopify store. The seller is new and has no feedback yet, but she is one of the few people on the platform who will actually build the store for you instead of just doing product research.

She offers only one package, and this package costs $10. The delivery will take four days, and you will be able to ask her to revise this two times.

Here are the things you will get:

  • An Amazon store
  • Addition of trendy products
  • Product description
  • Product search
  • Search engine optimization

Take note that her method is that she will build the store on Shopify first. Then, she will integrate your Shopify store with your Amazon store. All managing aspects will be done from Shopify. You have the option to ask her to install apps on your Shopify store. You can also consult with her to get some coaching.  

If you want her to build a solo or dedicated Amazon store without Shopify being involved, you have to contact her and ask her if she will do it. The rate may be different.


These Amazon store builders are the best on the platform right now. If you are looking to build an Amazon store, you have to check out their services. Very few providers offer this service today, and the best ones are found on Fiverr.

They are also affordable, easy to work with, and most important of all, they will give you a store that is made with the customer in mind.

Do not waste your time experimenting on how to build an Amazon store. Outsource this work to somebody, and then simply tell them what niche you want to target. Or, you can give them photos of your product and then they will take care of the rest.

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