11 Best Fax Services Near Me To Fax On A Budget

People often scan and use electronic formats to send documents today. Despite these advancements in technology, there are times when you may need to use the traditional fax service. This requirement could be because of these reasons; for instance, you could be skeptical about using the internet, lack a stable connection, need to comply with organizational policy, or be comfortable using a method you are familiar with from previous activities. Some people need to go out there and find a place to send documents the old-fashioned way.

Businesses Where You Can Fax

Major shipping stores often have fax machines that they provide to customers or the general public at varying costs. You can also get fax services from office supply stores and other locations. The services offered by various shops or areas may vary. Consider reaching out to your nearby option on this list before heading out to it.

There are many places where you can fax your documents. Here are 11 best fax services near you to fax for less.

1. Office Max/Office Depot

You can receive or send records through faxing at your local Office Depot or Office Max. The fax can be regional or international in the needed language. Visit the customer service counter of your nearby outlet to know whether a fax service is available and how much it will cost you. If the outlet has a fax service, it may also be providing additional services for faxing.

Fax machines at an Office Depot store are often self-service, and instructions are accessible. Once you finish sending or receiving documents, you receive a receipt that you take to an Office Depot cashier to charge you.Faxing prices vary from one Office Depot store to another. However, the variation is often small.

Here are prices at my local Office Depot Outlet:

  • $1.49 for one page faxed locally ($1.29 for every other page of the document)
  • $1.99 for one page faxed nationally ($1.79 for every additional page)
  • $7.99 for one page faxed internationally ($3.99 for every additional page)

Find out if your local Office Depot offers fax services before going to their outlet. Ask about the pricing at your local Office Depot before you fax to avoid inconveniences.

2. FedEx/Kinkos

Many FedEx and Kinkos stores often have fax services. They allow you to receive or send domestic, international, or local faxes. A sender can fax your documents to FedEx, and an employee of FedEx holds them until you can collect them. FedEx provides a complimentary fax cover sheet and a printed statement of your records.

Prices at a FedEx store near me looks like this schedule:

  • $1.89 for one page faxed locally ($1.59 for every additional page)
  • $2.49 for one page faxed nationally ($2.19 for every other page of the document)
  • $5.99 for one page faxed internationally ($3.99 for every additional page)

Confirm whether your local FedEx or Kinkos store offers fax services and their pricing before you head out to fax your documents.

3. UPS Store

United Parcel Service (UPS) has more than 4600 stores worldwide. Most of these outlets provide fax services to people. If you need to fax regularly, UPS stores are among the best options as they are easy to find. Their prices are some of the lowest you will find for the various packages.

UPS faxing prices in my area are as follows:

  • $1.00 for one page faxed locally ($1.00 for every additional page)
  • $2.00 for one page faxed nationally ($1.00 for every other page of the document)
  • $3.00 for one page faxed internationally ($3.00 for every additional page)

You need to confirm whether your local UPS store has faxing services and its prices. Charges may vary slightly from those imposed in my area.

4. Staples

With locations in the U.S. and Canada, Staples has more than 300 stores. These outlets offer fax services. The company helps people transmit crucial documents fast at affordable prices. Its helpful staff guide anyone who struggles to send or receive records.

Staples' faxing prices in my area are as follows:

  • $1.79 for one page faxed locally ($1.59 for every additional page)
  • $2.39 for one page faxed nationally ($2.19 for every other page of the document)
  • $5.99 for one page faxed internationally ($3.99 for every additional page)

Confirm whether the prices are similar in your nearby Staples outlet before you fax anything.

5. HyVee

HyVee, the nationwide chain grocery store company, offers fax services in some of its shops. The company has about 250 outlets in eight Midwestern states. These locations include Nebraska, Missouri, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois, Kansas, Iowa, and South Dakota.

According to HyVee's website, the company charges around $1 for one page faxed and $0.50 for every additional page faxed. The platform does not indicate whether these prices apply for documents faxed locally, nationally, or internationally. There may also be small variations to this schedule, depending on your location.

You need to find out more information about the faxing services offered by your local HyVee outlet. Consider calling ahead to inquire or asking someone who might be familiar with their services. This preparation enables you to decide whether to visit the store and know how much it will cost you to fax your documents.

6. Your Credit Union or Bank

Every place has a bank or a credit union nearby. These facilities often provide fax services. While the credit union or bank may not be announcing this service, asking the employees will not hurt. The institution may occasionally use the fax machine and allow clients to use them as part of their customer service or alternative revenue stream.

If you are a member or client of the institution, they can permit you to fax for free. Alternatively, you may pay lower rates than in other outlets. For non-members, the service may also be available for free or at a small fee.

7. AAA Travel and Auto Club

AAA Auto Club provides faxing services to its members for free in their offices. Once you visit them, ask for assistance with sending or receiving documents from their staff.

Besides the roadside aid offered by AAA, they provide various services to their clients. This assistance includes discounts for many outlets, banking services, travel consultancy, and community services, such as fax services.

Many AAA offices that have fax services provide it to members at no charge. However, the service is only available to registered members. If you are not a member, you can join them through a call to their customer service number to get roadside assistance and other benefits, such as free faxing services.

8. Postal Annex

Annex Brands, Inc. or Postal Annex offers complete shipping and business services to clients all over America. They have many locations across the U.S., such as outlets in North Carolina, California, Arizona, Texas, Colorado, Tennessee, Florida, and other states.

According to the Annex Brands official site, the company offers fax services in its various outlets. You can send and receive documents through their fax machines. Additionally, they promise to store your records until you claim them safely.

Postal Annex normally charges between $1 and $2 per page you fax. Prices vary depending on the location of the store and whether faxing locally, nationally, or internationally. Contact your local Postal Annex to get an accurate estimate.

9. Various Hotel Chains

Many larger chain hotels offer fax services to their guests. They can put fax machines in a common area for it to be accessible by all guests or private offices for their staff. If you have not seen any indication of faxing services being available, ask any of the hotel's staff about it. If the service is available, it is often for guests only. Non-residents may not have access to it, but it does not hurt to ask.

For guests of the hotel, the faxing service is often free. However, if the hotel's staff allows people who are not staying in the hotel to use it, they often impose a fee. The price they charge may depend on the number of pages of the document and whether they fax it to a local, national, or international recipient.

10. Travel Agent Offices

As you travel through various places, you are likely to be in unfamiliar environments. Getting services such as fax services can trouble you. You may spend some time in the offices of a travel agency. If you need to fax or receive something via fax, many offices of travel agencies have fax services that enable you to fax documents conveniently.

The price you may have to pay varies depending on some factors. Some travel agencies provide services such as fax services as complementary services to their clients. Others charge depending on the number of pages and whether you fax the records locally, nationally, or internationally.

You can easily find a travel agency near you via Google. Turn on your location or input the area you are in to get useful feedback. If possible, get the contact information of the agency and contact them before making your way to their offices. This inquiry allows you to know whether they offer fax services and if their charges are affordable to you.

11. Online Fax Apps and Fax Software

In today's world, you can use online fax apps and fax software from your devices. These platforms often charge per page, but they often allow you to send your first fax for free then a limited free trial membership.

Here are some of the programs worth checking out:

  • Ring Central – with $12.99 per month, you can fax documents of up to 750 pages. Available on phone and PC.
  • Metro Fax – with $7.95 per month, you can receive or send documents of up to 500 pages. However, the platform states that its pricing varies by area.
  • HelloFax – has a free plan that allows you to fax at no cost. You have to sign up for this program, and you can only send or receive five pages in total for the membership.
  • My Fax – at just $10 per month, you can send up to 100 pages and receive up to 200 pages.


Even though technology has advanced, people occasionally need to fax documents traditionally. Many facilities still provide faxing services to their clients and the public. Faxing charges vary depending on the outlet, the number of pages, and the destination of documents.

As most people barely fax documents these days, going to a nearby store to fax is the most cost-effective alternative to fax. However, if you send or receive records frequently via fax, online fax apps and fax software may be worth checking out. Consider all these alternatives to make the best choice for you.