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Let me ask you a question...

What if you could wake up one random day, say a Wednesday... And spontaneously book a ticket to go travel to a new country?

Regardless if you want to take a vacation, or you just want to get work done in a different location...

You're STILL getting paid...

The money that you spent on your plane ticket and trip expenses is made back in a matter of weeks. Or even days...

Look, I know that this might sound too good to be true. But people around the world like Phil are completely changing their lives by learning how to build profitable online stores that generate them sales 24/7!

Building online stores is EXACTLY what they are doing.

Imagine Being Able To Start An Online Store That Pays You Every Single Day Without Waking Up And Going To A Job. 

I was recently in Rarotonga then came home and took a trip around the South Island of New Zealand. I must say it was a great time! But even when I'm out having a great time my online business is still running....

It Wasn't Always Like This.... 

Back in 2009 I was working a job and I had to get up at 5am every morning, waking up to that dreaded alarm clock. I hated every second of it. Getting up then sitting in traffic just to earn minimum wage.

Working late nights just to make someone else money. I worked in construction and it involved a lot of manual work..... I needed to get out.

One night after work I started looking online and that’s when I noticed a new trend and the deeper I looked into it the more interested I got. I noticed people selling items on websites like eBay, they sourced the products from overseas.

I thought I would give it a shot so I found a mobile phone supplier and started selling mobile phones online. This was going ok for a while but, there was a problem....

You needed to buy everything in bulk, ship it to yourself then send it out to the buyers, this became a major problem. I would be left with stock I didn’t need, never had enough money to buy larger orders to keep product cost down. In the end, it failed and I was still stuck at my job.

Over the next few years I tried a few other things online and ultimately they failed as well.


Fast forward to 2015 and I figured out a way to sell products and get them sent to the buyers without actually spending any money on the products or touching them!

I'll never forget the first night I started getting sales while I was sleeping! I knew this was it....

After building my first store and taking it to 6 figures I finally quit my job. By 2016 I scaled my store to the moon then shortly after that purchased my dream car and house. 

Why Am I Telling You This?.... 

So you know what's possible, I was just an average guy at an average job doing average things.

I didn't have special business powers, I have no education.

After this system worked for me I started teaching others how to do it. This is just a few of my students.

Look, I'm Going To Give It To You Straight! You Don't Need... 

  • A Fancy Degree
  • Any Technical Skills
  • Any Previous Online Experience
  • Any HUGE Upfront Cost On Products
  • To Hold Products In Bulk
  • To Start A Brick & Mortar Store
  • To Pay HUGE Rents For A Store

You see, you don't need to use all the old traditional ways of running a retail store. Could you imagine trying to run a retail store offline? All the products you need to find and store, the HUGE monthly rent bills.... NO THANKS!

In fact, offline retails is dying just like video stores did.

A new online digital revolution is here and it's time to grab it!

BUT! Before We Move On....

You can't just jump into something like this and expect it to work right away!

You need to be guided by someone who actually has experience doing this and GETS RESULTS!

I made many mistakes when I started, learning from someone who's already made those mistakes is going to give you a HUGE advantage.

Imagine having access to someone who can shortcut your success and has helped others reach goals.

What if you could get access to someone who can actually help you? How significant would it be?

Would that help you?

Imagine not having to go to work, turning on the computer then working from anywhere. because of the technology we now have and easy access to suppliers this is possible.

I believe if you really want to learn something, you will do whatever it takes to learn it and reach your goals.

Having said that, if I were to give my "old me" one piece of advice, it would be "don't  reinvent the wheel". I would tell myself to follow a mentor that's already walked the path.

If you choose to go with learning this method alone, you will find yourself losing time, energy and money. You will have to go through a lot of trial and error to really figure out how to "crack the code".

I have invested 1,000s in my own education including buying coaching, masterminds, live events and courses from other marketers.

So unless you want to spend 1,000s to figure these things out by yourself, I suggest you go with the second and BEST option.

Follow a proven mentor that has helped normal people around the world generate hundreds of thousands of dollars. Even helped a few people generate millions of dollars.

Also, follow a proven strategy that has been tested over and over again to generate consistent passive income. A system that will allow you to save a TON of money, time, energy and resources that you would have to invest if you wanted to learn everything by yourself

If that sounds like YOU, I would like to invite you to join eCom Elites!

Fast Track Your Results By Partnering With Me...

Once a year I open up something amazing!

The chance to get into my world class training. This only opens for a short amount of time because I personally spend time with my students.

Inside my training you will learn...

  • Starting The Foundation - In this section you will learn how to create your very own highly optimized store! I will talk you through step by step from start to finish and get you up and running very quickly!
  • Finding A Winner - In this section you will learn my strategy to finding winning products that you can quickly upload to you store. You will learn how to find products that buyers will be begging to buy from you!
  • FaceBook Academy - Putting your product in front of the right people is the key to success! In this section you will learn EXACTLY what you need to do to bring in a flood of buyers! You will get access to multiple traffic methods that will EXPLODE sales on your store.
  • Instagram Academy - Learn how to reach out to hungry buyers on Instagram! From getting access to the right instagram traffic all the way to become a Instagram ads pro! You will learn it all so your store can thrive.
  • Email Marketing Profits - Learn the automated email marketing systems that literally print you money without your time and effort. You will learn how to setup a system that will allot you to sell specific products to specific buyers automatically!        
  • ChatBot Academy - Never seen before in any ecommerce training! You will learn exactly how we use ChatBots to increase sales by more than 30%. Using this secret technique is going to give you a HUGE advantage!
  • Funnel Mastery - Take your store to the next level by create high converting sales funnels! I will take you through the step by step process of creating a crazy high converting sales funnel. You will also get my proven 7 figure funnel that you can use right away!
  • Google Academy - Take advantage of Google Shopping and find buyers who are super ready to buy from you in an instant! High converting buyers that will convert with ease! You will get step by step training so you can scale your traffic with Google Shopping!

The Ultimate Ecommerce System

My process is proven, I've turned creating a profitable Ecommerce business into a system. From building your store to scaling it to 7 figures, follow it all step-by-step.

Get access to all my EXCLUSIVE bonus content and secret videos inside this training! Never seen before methods and bonuses that will help you explode online sales fast!

My students can't be wrong! Today this training has helped people from all over the world start an online store! Not only that get results and achieve there online goals!

Everyone needs a little help on a personal basis. Get access to millionaire experts on Facebook via a private inner circle group, weekly Q&A live streams  support.


$197 One Time

Special Pricing Normally $497!

  • Over The Shoulder Store Setup Training.
  • Full Product Research Training Using My Methods. 
  • Complete Facebook & Instagram Traffic Training. 
  • Complete Email Marketing Setup & Training.
  • Google SEO Traffic Mastery Training.
  • ChatBot Academy To Explode Your Online Sales. 
  • Weekly Videos Including Q&A Sessions
  • Module With My Super Secret Videos Inside.
  • Private Inner Circle With Me & Other Members.
  • Instant Access & Lifetime Updates
  • Plus Extra Bonus Content Below

This package has everything you need to get started and build your own online business!


$297 One Time

Special Pricing Normally $697!

  • Over The Shoulder Store Setup Training.
  • Full Product Research Training Using My Methods. 
  • Complete Facebook & Instagram Traffic Training. 
  • Complete Email Marketing Setup & Training.
  • Google SEO Traffic Mastery Training.
  • ChatBot Academy To Explode Your Online Sales. 
  • Weekly Videos Including Q&A Sessions
  • Module With My Super Secret Videos Inside.
  • Private Inner Circle With Me & Other Members.
  • Instant Access & Lifetime Updates
  • Plus Extra bonus Content Below

Ultimate Pack Includes These Extras!

  • Complete Step By Step Sales Funnel Academy!
  • Complete Google Shopping Ads Academy!
  • Done For You Complete 7 Figure Funnel!
  • BOOK: My Top Selling 6 Figure Products!
  • BOOK: My Top Selling Niches Of All Time!

This package has everything you need to get started, build then scale your business to the moon!

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The "Insider's Playbook" to unlocking Facebook for unlimited targeted traffic that puts money in your pocket. Get the Facebook marketing excellence training guide, cheat sheet, mind map, resource report, and 10 info-packed training videos! ​

Learn how to drive a torrent of traffic to your offers, increase visibility to potential followers, get more website visits in no time flat, attract engaged traffic to boost sales and profits, and access a huge targeted audience base using Instagram ad marketing!​

Get my 7 Figure eCommerce funnel that you can edit however you like!  After spending nearly 4k to get this made you don't want to miss this! Multiple pages so you can add upsells to maximize profits. This is absolutely insane and you get this for FREE when you get eCom Elites right now. The funnel is preloaded with one of my winning products do you can see exactly how it's laid out. Don't miss this awesome bonus and get in now! ​

Not sure what products to sell? I've got you covered! You will get two booked showing you the best products and niches that have worked for me. This is just insane because you will have access to a list of product and niches that you can start using right away. No more guessing or just stabbing in the dark when it comes to product research!

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