​​​​Franklin Hatchett Scam: Will He Rip You Off?

It looks like you Googled Franklin hatchet scam? Good idea! You need to always be sure of something before you move forward.

This is Mathew and I'm part of Franklin's team,  I wanted to help you understand what a scam is and if you have made the right choice researching Franklin.

First of all we need to actually understand what a scam is, you will be surprised at how many people don't know.

What is a Scam?

A scan is when someone gets ripped off. If you purchased something you didn't get what you purchased in return then that would be a scam.

Although there seems to be a stigma online that if someone sells a course they are automatically a scam, this isn't true.

Or a scam could be maybe you invested money into some sort of “investment” where they promised you a return every year and you got nothing, that would be a scam.

Anyway, I'm sure you know that.

Is Franklin Hatchett a Scam?

We get asked this via support sometimes so let's clear that up for you if you are wondering that.

As far as I'm aware Franklin has never ripped anyone off. When they purchase his products they instantly get their logins.

If by any chance they don't the logins they can email support and we will fix that.


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