How To Make Money With The Cloudways Affiliate Program!

Written by Franklin Hatchett

Our goal at EcomElites is to help readers get the information they need, we partner with companies to help bring you that information. If a purchase or signup is made through our partners, we receive compensation for the referral. Learn More

Our goal at EcomElites is to help readers get the information they need, we partner with companies to help bring you that information. If a purchase or signup is made through our partners, we receive compensation for the referral. Learn More

Cloudways is a hosting company. It offers web developers, companies, and bloggers a place to store their files, host a website, and a means to back up their data.

To increase the company’s sales, Cloudways is offering an affiliate program to marketers who can successfully refer new customers.

Today, you will learn how to join the company’s affiliate program, what benefits are in store for you, and how you can best promote the company’s products to your audience.

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is program where a company pays the affiliate marketer a commission. The affiliate marketer has to register to the program, and he would receive a personal link.

He has to use this link in his blog posts, videos, and other types of internet posts.

If someone clicks on this link, he would be taken to the Cloudways landing page. And if this customer make a purchase, Cloudways knows that this customer was refereed by an affiliate marketer.

It is this link that allows Cloudways to track the person who made this sale possible. After a successful sale, Cloudways is going to disburse the payment at regular intervals.

How do I become a Cloudways Affiliate?

You have to go to the Cloudways website and click on the Affiliate link from the menu. After that, click on the button that says Become an Affiliate.

Fill up the form, and then contact the Cloudways team to activate your account. Once you have activated your affiliate account, you can now access your dashboard, marketing materials, and then get your affiliate links.

How much am I going to earn?

The Cloudways Partner Program has two main types. These are called Slab and Hybrid.

The Slab payment structure is a one-time commission. A Slab refers to a tier, and the size of your commission depends on the Slab where you belong.

Here are the Slabs and how much you can earn per sale:

  • Slab 1: 1 to 5 customer – earn $50 per sale
  • Slab 2: 6 to 20 customers – earn $75 per sale
  • Slab 3: 21 to 45 customers – earn $100 per sale
  • Slab 4: 46 to 80 customers – earn $125 per sale
  • Super Affiliate: 81+ customers – you must contact the company

How does it work?

Let us say that on your first month, you made five sales. At that point, you will be paid $50 per sale, so your total commission is $250.

If another customer buys—your sixth—the commission for that sixth sale is now $75. However, the first five commission has already been paid, so you will not receive an extra $25 for the first five sales.

The Hybrid program, on the other hand, offers smaller earnings per sale but it has a lifetime recurring commission. In the Slab program, the smallest commission is $50 per sale.

In the Hybrid program, the commission is you get is a flat commission of $30 per sale, but you would receive a 7% monthly commission for as long as this customer is actively paying a subscription.

Since the prices of the services vary, the actual amount of 7% commission would also vary. Regardless of the plan that your customer purchased, you would get an initial $30 commission, and the 7% would start on the second month.

Here is how it works:

  • Customer buys a hosting plan worth $10 per month
  • You get $30 as initial commission
  • You earn 7% of $10 every month the customer pays

If the customer stays for five years, your total recurring commission is equal to:

  • $10 x 60 months = $600
  • $600 x 7% = $42
  • $42 + the initial $30 = $70

The Hybrid plan is best for people who want a consistent income on a monthly basis. However, it makes much sense only if you are selling the expensive packages, and if you have a huge number of sales. If you have 100 customers at the $10 plan, your commission per month is $70.

Comparison of Hybrid and Slab

To help you make a choice, let us look at a 12-month scenario between the two plans. In this example, we will use a $10 plan that 27 customers bought. We will see which plan has a higher yield in one year.

In the Slab plan, 27 new customers means that you get paid $100 per sale.

Month 1 $2,700.00 $810.00
Month 2 $0.00 $18.90
Month 3 $0.00 $18.90
Month 4 $0.00 $18.90
Month 5 $0.00 $18.90
Month 6 $0.00 $18.90
Month 7 $0.00 $18.90
Month 8 $0.00 $18.90
Month 9 $0.00 $18.90
Month 10 $0.00 $18.90
TOTAL $2,700.00 $980.10


In the Hybrid plan, you have 27 customers. For each customer, you receive an initial commission of $30.

$30 x 27 = $80.

Now, each customer pays $10 per month, and you receive 7% of that.

7% of $10 is equal to $0.70. If you multiply $0.70 per customer by 27 customers, you would receive $18.90 commission per month.

At the end of the year, you would have earned $2,700 in the Slab plan, but only $980.10 in the Hybrid plan.

So, when does this makes sense?

If you stopped doing affiliate marketing already, you will no longer earn from the Slab plan. In the Hybrid plan, you will still earn.

Here is the same scenario, but we will calculate per year.

Year 1 $2,700.00 $980.00
Year 2 $0.00 $226.80
Year 3 $0.00 $226.80
Year 4 $0.00 $226.80
Year 5 $0.00 $226.80
Year 6 $0.00 $226.80
Year 7 $0.00 $226.80
Year 8 $0.00 $226.80
Year 9 $0.00 $226.80
Year 10 $0.00 $226.80
TOTAL $2,700.00 $3,021.20

On your first year in Hybrid, you got paid $30 per customer plus the 7% commission. If these same 27 customers stayed for ten years, you would have earned a total of $3,021, not just $2,700.

How can I market Cloudways?

As an affiliate marketer, you have several ways to promote the product. You can choose one or a few simultaneously to test which one works best for your market.

1. YouTube

Create videos if you already have a YouTube channel. If not, it is easy to make one. Upload videos to gain a following, and also earn credibility.

The more credible you are, the more likely your audience is going to purchase.

Do not forget to ask your subscribers or viewers to click on your affiliate link. Place your Cloudways affiliate link at your video description.

2. Social Media

You can build a social media following and post helpful content for you target market. Affiliate marketing is best used in huge platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. You can build a Facebook page, and then start building followers from there.

3. Paid Ads

If you have the financial resources, you can post ads that leads your target audience to a squeeze page. In that squeeze page, you can get the customer’s email address and direct them to the landing page of Cloudways.

Do not post ads that directly take the customer to the affiliate landing page as this is not allowed.

4. Blog

Put up a blog and start writing content. You can advertise this content or promote it in several ways. Blogging is a cost-effective means to do affiliate marketing because you can create a blog for fee.

Blogging is also great if you want to see long-term results. Once your blog has been ranked by Google, you will see more and more traffic. The higher the traffic, the better sales conversion you will get.

5. Forums

Forums are places where you can provide help. You answer questions and build credibility. What you can do is to leave links on these forums, but make sure you are not violating their terms and conditions.

Most forums do not like affiliate marketers, but you can get around this if you provide value. What you have to do is to lead them to your videos or blog posts.

On these videos and blog posts, they will find your affiliate link. Do not leave your affiliate link in forums, as you can get reported and banned.

What types of content can I produce?

As an affiliate marketer, you can produce several types of content. You have to test each one to find out what your customers love.

1. Tutorial

Whether it is a video or a blog, you can create tutorials that will help people learn how to use a product or service. Tutorials are great in demonstrating your knowledge, and it is one of the most effective ways of building credibility.

2. Listicle

A listicle is an article or video where you present products and services. For example, you can create about the “Top Ten Best Web Host Providers” and then include Cloudways in that list.

It is like a review where you are telling people why these are the best. In a list like this, you have to put the good things about Cloudways, and attempt to convince your reader to get that service over the others.

In this list, you have to make sure that you put your affiliate link in your posts. You also need to have a call to action button that your viewer or reader can click.

This call to action button must have the affiliate link. If clicked, the site visitor or viewer will get to the landing page of Cloudways.

3. Review

A product review is both based on opinions and facts. Product reviews are great for audiences who already want to buy, but they are undecided which one to purchase. In a product review, make sure that you have no bias.

People will see through you if you are marketing a product to earn a commission, and this is not good. Make sure that in your reviews, you present the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Product reviews are great at convincing buyers to take action now, or at least visit the Cloudways website so they can see the offer.

What support do I get from being a Cloudways affiliate?

Affiliate marketers and the companies they promote succeed if they work together. As such, Cloudways has several features and benefits that the affiliate partners can take advantage of.

1. Dedicated Affiliate Managers

These are dedicated marketing specialists who help you succeed in your marketing efforts. They plan the marketing program, help you produce the right content for your audience.

They also answer questions that you may have as an affiliate marketer, such questions about as payment calculation, policies, and legal issues.

2. Learning Resources

Cloudways has a ton of resources that allow you to learn how to become an effective affiliate marketer. These resources include blog, videos and tutorials.

Apart from these, you can also get the actual marketing materials from Cloudways such as graphic art. You can also use banners and articles that are proven to generate content clicks. The more people click on your articles, the higher your conversion rate will be.

3. Real-time Tracking

With Cloudways, you immediately know how many clicks your campaign has generated by going to our dashboard. There is no need to wait for a week or a month to end to see how you performed, or how much you are about to earn.

4. Performance Tracking

You can track your performance in the dashboard to see which of your campaigns are working well. This is an analysis that you can use to make wise business decisions.

You will know which of your campaigns are not generating results, and then optimize them so they would bring in more clicks and sales.


Cloudways offers one of the top-paying commissions for web hosting services. The great thing about this offer is that as an affiliate marketer, you have the choice to get a one-time or a recurring commission.

Many affiliate programs only pay a one-time commission, even if they charge their customers monthly. The commission rates are also small, and they range between 10% and 30%.

With Cloudways, you can get as much 500% commission. If a customer purchases a $10 plan, you still get at least $50 if you are in the Slab plan!

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