Loox Review: Why Do You Need a Photo Review App?

Written by Franklin Hatchett

Our goal at EcomElites is to help readers get the information they need, we partner with companies to help bring you that information. If a purchase or signup is made through our partners, we receive compensation for the referral. Learn More

Our goal at EcomElites is to help readers get the information they need, we partner with companies to help bring you that information. If a purchase or signup is made through our partners, we receive compensation for the referral. Learn More

Stock photos are cool, but studies reveal that consumers are more likely to respond positively to photos generated by other users. The reason behind this that these photos are authentic, taken by normal day-to-day persons.

These pictures are much more credible, and they represent actual products bought from an online store, not a photo that was taken by a professional photographer for marketing purposes. Customers know that stock photos are somewhat edited and made to look at its best possible shot.

Surely, you want to have these on your online store. But how?

The solution is Loox, an app that you can integrate to your Shopify store, which lets your customers post photos of the product they bought from you.

What is Loox?

Loox is a photo review app. It allows your customers to leave product reviews, but with pictures. Normally, people can only leave text feedback. The internet has changed, though, and the generation today prefer photos and videos.

With photo reviews, your happy customers will become your brand ambassadors, like as if they are giving you free advertisement.

And as more and more people post positive reviews on your online store with photos, your store will have better credibility, and those who have not yet made a purchased will be influenced by your loyal customers.

Loox Features

This photo review app is loaded with features. You do not just get a photo review application, but you also get to import product reviews that have a picture from AliExpress.

Here are the major features of Loox:

Import AliExpress Reviews

If you are importing products from AliExpress as a dropshipper, then this app works best for you because you can import reviews from the same product.

Let us say you are selling Bag A, all you need to do is to download and install the Loox app extension on your browser. Once you are in the product page of Bag A in AliExpress, just click on the app extension and select “Import”.

The product reviews of Bag A with photos will now show on your store. This works best if you have a product that has no sales yet; you can add reviews to them on your website, but these reviews are from purchases made by customers from AliExpress.

One-Click Set-Up

The app is easy to set-up. All you need to do is to select it from the Shopify app marketplace, and then install it. Once done, it should be ready for your use.

Compatibility and Customization

The app is compatible with all Shopify themes. It is also responsive to mobile and will change in appearance if the customer is using a tablet or smartphone.

You also have the option to change the colors, fonts, and the position of the app, so it does not look awkward once it is live on your store.

Automatic Email Reminders

Sometimes, customers want to leave a review but forget about it. One of the things you will love with Loox is that you can create an email message reminding them to leave a photo review, which the app will send once the customer has received the product.

You can change the contents of the email, and decide when to send it. The app also allows you to change the question in the feedback survey.

You can also add your brand logo in the email, plus you can change the subject title if you want to.

Discounts for Reviewers

Some customers need a little nudge to take action. What you can do is you can encourage your customers to leave a review in exchange for something. You can give them a discount if they leave a review.

Do this in the app setting. The app will automatically recognize the customer's identification if he leaves a review, and he will receive a discount coupon that he can use on the next purchase.

Reply and Moderate

Once a customer leaves a review, you can reply to this and thank the customer for the positive feedback. All the replies you leave will be publicly visible, so use this opportunity to show your appreciation to your customers.

The app gives you the ability to choose which reviews to show and which ones to hide. If the review is offensive, you can go to the admin panel and choose not to show it.

Text Reviews

Customers are not obligated to leave a photo with a review. They can use plain text, but they will have the option to add a photo later on.

Dedicated Pages and Carousel

If you want to, you can create a page that only shows the reviews. This is called the Happy Customers page. Some people who browse online stores would appreciate this, as they want to see what people are saying about your store and your products in one simple view.

If you want, you can create a carousel that a site visitor can swipe. The contents of the carousel are reviews that have photos.

Product Rating Widget and Pop-Up

Each product has a star rating, and your customers will see if that one product has many positive stars or if it is performing below average. You can choose to show this rating widget to your collection pages or on your product pages.

You can also program the app to pop a box showing a product review. This will randomly show to a customer who is browsing a product on your site, and you can expect this pop up to positively impact his decision to buy.

Loox Pricing

Loox is not free, but you can try the app for free for 14 days. After that, you need to start paying a monthly subscription.

The lowest cost is $9.99 per month, and you will get all the features to work on your online store.

The only difference between the different plans is the number of emails you can send to your customers to leave reviews about their purchase.

Loox Benefits

Why do you need an app like this?

Here are the benefits that you can get from your paid subscription:

  • Credibility – new visitors to your site will trust what other customers have to say
  • Social Proof – you can share this on your social media channels, and people who view this will know that you are a real business and not a scam.
  • Email Campaigns – you can add new promotions on the email reminders.
  • More Sales – if you give discounts to people who leave a review, they are more likely to buy more products so they can use the discount coupon.

Loox: Is it worth it?

Certainly, the app is worth it. Although it costs $9.99, this money will pale in comparison to the benefits you will get.

A positive review on Loox on your online store can be shown on your Facebook page. And because this is social proof, there is a better likelihood that people who see your product will be convinced to buy.

In the customer satisfaction industry, it is always said that one customer who leaves positive feedback is a better way to get new customers than paid advertisement.

Word of mouth is still the king when it comes to sales growth. A happy customer can influence his family and friends.

In social media, it is much easier to trust consumers than advertisements, knowing that customers who leave positive feedback do not have anything to gain from it.

On the other hand, a bad review will do damage. The great thing is that if a customer leaves a feedback that is not fair, you are in a position to decide whether you want to display it or not.

And the best thing?

You can show your customers your appreciation publicly by responding to their reviews. This action will make you look like a business that has a heart, and that your business is run by people who care about what their customers have to say.

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