Redbubble Review: What It Is And How It Works!

Written by Franklin Hatchett

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Our goal at EcomElites is to help readers get the information they need, we partner with companies to help bring you that information. If a purchase or signup is made through our partners, we receive compensation for the referral. Learn More

Artists can make money in many ways. Unfortunately, all artists do not share this experience. Some creators struggle for long without getting people to appreciate their work or earn a living. The silver lining is that there is a proven way you can make money from your work.

Redbubble is a print-on-demand (POD) platform that sells user-submitted design items. The Australian based company started in 2006 and is an income stream for about 700,000 artists. The site gets more than ten million unique visitors monthly that are looking to buy its assortment of merchandise having high-quality printing services.

Artists can upload their work and print it on different products on the Redbubble platform. These items include clothing, utensils, device cases, and stickers, among others. Creators retain the ownership of their designs and set a price for the commodities. Interested buyers can check out these goods and make purchases. Redbubble handles the production, shipment, and customer support. The artist retains the markup for each sale.

This review looks at how Redbubble works, Redbubble's products, features, pricing, and other essential details you may need to know.

Redbubble Rating

Redbubble gets a score of 4 out of 5. This rating arises from a comprehensive analysis of Redbubble and looking at reviews of customers and artists using Redbubble.

For beginners, Redbubble is an excellent platform to start a POD business. The platform offers basic POD services. Redbubble provides both the frontend and backend of the POD enterprise.

How Redbubble Works

If you are familiar with how print on demand platforms operate, you know how Redbubble works. The only difference with other outlets is that Redbubble exists by itself. It does not provide applications and support for other e-commerce sites, such as BigCommerce and Shopify.

Users do everything within the Redbubble platform. You cannot sell your merchandise from Redbubble on your Shopify store. Buyers can only access all the products you customize via your Redbubble account on the site.

Having your entire portfolio on the platform makes it easy to oversee your collection. However, you cannot brand these products. This downside can pose a severe threat to your quest to sell your items. You will compete with many other artists offering similar services on Redbubble. This competition can mean your sales decrease significantly. Redbubble does not provide the capability for you to sell in your store under your branding.

You need to create an account to start using the platform. Once you have one, you add your designs to the merchandise they provide. You will need to be creative as potential buyers will be viewing these items before deciding on whether to buy them. The custom product needs to be appealing to your target market to increase your chances of making sales. Pay attention to the size and quality of impressions of the art.

For any sale you make, you keep the profit made. Redbubble retains an amount similar to the base price of the item. For example, if a commodity costs $10 (base price) and your customer buys it for $18, then $8 goes to your wallet.

Redbubble Products

Redbubble has many items on its list. The platform also enables the printing of high-quality designs on their quality merchandise. This commitment to having satisfactory commodities and designs puts the company ahead of many of its competitors.

Artists and customers have a variety of items that are available to them. Redbubble provides the following products in distinct variants. Artists need to go through the various types of merchandise to find those fitting their designs. Similarly, buyers have many options to find those suiting their needs.

Categories offered by Redbubble include:

  1. Bags
  2. Men's products
  3. Kids and babies’ items
  4. Women's commodities
  5. Wall art
  6. Gifts
  7. Device cases
  8. Stickers
  9. Home decor
  10. Stationery

Redbubble allows you to print on as many categories or commodities as you choose. You need to pay attention to the image size and quality of various items. For example, a picture you choose for a t-shirt may not be ideal for a mug. You need to resize the image to suit the item you want to print on it.

Customers often prefer images they can see clearly to help them when deciding to buy the merchandise.

Redbubble's Pricing Plans

Items on Redbubble have a base price. This amount is visible to all users of the platform. Sellers or artists then set their markup on each product. They can determine this sum through different criteria.

You can set a percentage markup that the program applies to all products and categories. For example, you can specify a 25% markup on the commodities that you offer. For a product having a base price of $20, you will sell it at $25.

You can also set a percentage of markup for each category. For example, you can have a 10% addition for clothing, 12% for wall art, and 5% for stationery.

You can also choose a number-based markup. For example, you may opt to add $5 on all products or select categories.

You need to be critical when adopting a markup for your products. Redbubble retains the base price, and you keep the additional amount. You should not be too ambitious, especially if the new price will be too high for your target market. Competitors are offering products similar to yours. Therefore, if your price is too high, you are likely to lose customers to your rivals.

You should also remember that having higher prices does not necessarily guarantee that customers will choose other sellers offering lower rates. Some buyers are willing to pay more for better designs. Sellers need to gauge the price sensitivity of their prospects before establishing their prices.

Redbubble Payment Process

Sellers on Redbubble receive their payments on the 15th of every month. The pay cycle runs from the 15th of a month to that of the next month. In this duration, you are likely to make sufficient money on the platform.

You receive your payment through direct deposit in your bank account or PayPal. A direct deposit alternative is only available for sellers from select countries. Fill out all your bank details accurately to avoid payment delays due to discrepancies or other problems during payment.

Redbubble Shipping

Customers can see an item once you list it, set a price, and provide a description for it. If someone wants to buy it, Redbubble will manufacture and print it for the specific buyer. The company then organizes to deliver to the client. This process can take some time as they have to customize orders for each shopper. They also ship to and from different locations.

The period it takes to manufacture and design the product depends on its specifications. Manufacturing and branding typically take between 1 to 3 days. After these processes, the company ships out the order.

1. Shipping Timelines Vary Depending on Some Factors

These aspects include the point of origin, the destination of the product, and the shipping method chosen, among others. Buyers can track their packages via the “Where's My Order” option on Redbubble's platforms. This section provides comprehensive tracking of shipments, which makes it easy for customers to trace their parcels.

2. Redbubble Does Not Provide Free Shipping

Their high-quality shipping service makes every shipping charge worth it. Customers can determine the shipping cost in the check-out page before they order. This capability enables them to assess if they can afford the total cost of the merchandise. Charges differ depending on the type of shipping a customer chooses and distance, among other factors. Prices indicated on the page do not include customs and other fees.

User Experience

Redbubble is easy to use. Beginners often do not struggle to get accustomed to the platform. Redbubble has simple and straightforward processes. You do not need extensive knowledge to be successful on the platform. Self-explanatory features and buttons help users who are not that familiar with technology use it without challenges.

Redbubble can improve the experience of its users. Deselecting items and uploading designs need some experience to use adequately. New users need time to be familiar with these options on the platform.

Redbubble Customer Support

Redbubble has a helpful customer support team that seeks to assist various users of the platform in the best way possible. The group typically addresses any issues or questions within 4 hours. Users can contact Redbubble and get customer support through its contact us page. The team always seeks to provide timely, relevant feedback.

The live chat capability is also available. This feature enables users with urgent questions or concerns to get instant feedback. It may take a short period for you to connect with one of Redbubble's representatives. However, once you link up, they assist with your urgent issue or inquiry.

The customer service team also runs the company's Twitter page. The platform's handlers are typically active during weekdays. Consider tweeting any concern or question you have. One of the employees tasked with managing the company's platform gets back to you as soon as it is possible.

The customer support team has vast knowledge. This capacity enables them to address issues or questions that sellers or buyers raise. The team helps customers and sellers by addressing their issues, which makes them enjoy the platform.

Redbubble F.A.Qs

1. Is Redbubble Worth It?

Yes. Redbubble can be an excellent platform to make money without spending any of your money. You do not hold any stock or incur any significant expenses. These privileges allow you to make a significant amount of profit. You also get a wide variety of merchandise for branding using your art. This capability opens up a large client base for your art. You can target buyers of garments, gifts, phone covers, and wall art, among others.

2. How Can I Upload and Edit Designs on Redbubble?

You can upload your custom pictures, designs, and logos and print them on merchandise on Redbubble. The platform does not limit the number of items that you can print with your designs on their site. Products range from clothing to stationery to wall art.

  1. Create an account to start uploading and printing designs on commodities.
  2. Click the profile icon then select Add New Work. These actions enable you to upload your designs.
  3. Click the Upload then select the image or logo that you would like to upload. You will get a variety of products to print the upload on some of them.
  4. Click Enabled to print the upload on the specific item.
  5. Name the design, add tags, and a description to help potential buyers find your merchandise and make their choice.
  6. Save your edits, and the designs will be saved to your portfolio.

Completing these actions enables you to start selling on Redbubble.

3. Can I use my Redbubble Account with Other E-commerce Stores?

Unfortunately, you can only sell your merchandise in Redbubble. You cannot use other platforms such as Shopify to sell products from your Redbubble account. Having all your items in one place helps you manage them better than when you have customers from everywhere.

4. Who Handles Production and Shipping?

Redbubble manufactures, designs, and ships products to your customers. Your only job is to design an appealing image, create an account on the platform, add the image to items you choose and list them. Buyers go through products. If they love yours, they place an order, and Redbubble does the rest.

5. What are Payment Terms for Redbubble?

Redbubble has a payment cycle that runs from the 15th of a month to the 15th of the next month. After each period, artists receive the proceeds from their sales. Redbubble retains an amount similar to the base price and pays you the markup. You determine the amount to add on the base price to induce sales and determine your profit margin.

6. Is Redbubble Safe and Legal?

Redbubble is a legal business that runs a POD enterprise. The entity connects artists with many clients interested in products having their art. It enables them to make money without worrying about the production, logistics, or customer support aspects of running a company.

You can use Redbubble safely. All the proceeds you get from the company will reach you on time. There are often little to no delays for every pay cycle. Your customers will also get the products they order in good condition.


Artists have opportunities to make money through their art. They can find people who appreciate their products and are willing to pay for merchandise having them. Customized products can attract many buyers.

Redbubble is a platform that enables artists to design and print logos or pictures on items. They list these products for potential buyers to see and buy. Once the client likes it, they order the commodity. Redbubble produces, ships the product and handles customer support engagement. Sellers get the markup they add to the base price for the merchandise they sell. Redbubble is an excellent platform to earn a living by selling products having your design or image.

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