eCom Elites Refund Policy

** Hi, please understand we have a refund policy for a reason and its because we don't promote get rich quick schemes and if our training is followed results are possible. This is an online business not a get rich quick scheme. We also have this is place to stop people stealing our content. Stealing includes downloading the videos, you must watch them in the members area. Once you have sent us all the details we need you will be refunded within 14 days depending on your country and bank. Our refund policy is linked on all our landing/sales pages**

When you purchase our products you agree to the terms and can clearly see before purchasing. It's impossible to buy our products unless you agree to our policy.

We don't do course exchanges for our other courses or "refund me so I can buy your other courses" It's clear what our training is about before you purchase it.

eCom Elites comes with a 30 day money back guarantee as long as action was taken and proof is sent.

  • The member has logged into the training at least once. (we can check that)
  • The member has watched at least 50% of the training. (we can check that)
  • The member has joined the private Facebook group. (we can check that)
  • The member has made an effort to post and run a Facebook advert following what we teach and time stamped. Or use one of the other traffic methods we teach. (please attach this to an email)
  • The member must provide proof that they have a completed store up and running. (please attach this to an email)

  • This course is in English and no other language. We are teaching you how to start a real business and we want you to succeed and for that to happen you need to take action and ask for advice when needed.

You MUST actually run proper traffic methods, We don't accept ads that are pending or have just been started to try cheat this refund policy. You must put in effort and we have the right to refuse a refund if effort has not been put in. Running an online store is a real business and you should treat it that way. We do not allow you to just run ads after asking for a refund to get a refund. You must provide proof that you followed our training. If in anyway you have tried to cheat our policy, sent ads that are not related to our course, sent ads that were do created following our methods or start ads after asking for a refund with no intentions to take action on the training and follow it we have the right to refuse a refund. 

We have this refund in place because this is a business and treated like one. Money that comes from purchases goes into the time spend helping student, doing live weekly events and other various things that are required on a weekly basis.

We don't offer refunds after the refund period no exceptions. 

You can't on sell this training, if you do you will be locked out as this is an illegal act. You will not be refunded and your membership will be closed.

Once again this IS NOT a get rich quick scheme and although we provide training you still need to work and take action to get results. We are helping you build a long term business, not make you a millionaire by next week.

Refunds can take up to 14 days depending on your bank and country,

Our policy is linked on all our landing pages and it's up to you to do your due diligence before purchasing products. We also state on our landing pages that action needs to be taken in order to get a refund. This is a portion of that "If you do this program and DON'T get the results you were looking for we will gladly give you a full refund" "This is an action based policy and action will need to be taken."

This means you actually need to take action and we have this in place to stop piracy as well. We have this in place to stop people joining our program and downloading the videos then asking for a refund.  We are not responsible if you purchase our products without looking at our policies and terms. Our 30 day guarantee is if action has been taken.