Shopify Boundless Theme Review: Keep It Clean & Minimal

Written by Franklin Hatchett

Our goal at EcomElites is to help readers get the information they need, we partner with companies to help bring you that information. If a purchase or signup is made through our partners, we receive compensation for the referral. Learn More

Our goal at EcomElites is to help readers get the information they need, we partner with companies to help bring you that information. If a purchase or signup is made through our partners, we receive compensation for the referral. Learn More

A great theme for your store is one of the many factors that ensure you’re on top of your game. After launching your online business you need to smoothen the processes and most importantly enhance the user experience.

You may have quality products, but how you present them to your potential clients is critical for your success. Your competition is always looking for ways to lure your customers away from you. Do not give them an opening.

An excellent way to get ahead of the competition and ensure people choose to do business with you is using the right theme. Buyers are very choosy today. Your customers want the best shopping experience.

What Is The Boundless Theme For Shopify?

The Boundless theme is a clean, free background that improves the look of any Shopify store. It allows you to showcase excellent images to help boost your sales. The pictures help create a memorable impression of your shop and highlights the quality products in your inventory. The theme features two styles that you can choose from.

Black & white style

It is easy to get it for your store. You only have to download it or integrate it with your Shopify shop. Once you are through, you can add quality photos, excellent product descriptions, and a stunning web page.

Vibrant style

While the Boundless theme is mainly for bringing out your excellent photography skills, it also performs essential functions like other backgrounds. It caters for functionalities such as sticky navigation, homepage video, and search optimization.

The Boundless theme is the right pick for shop owners who must have great visuals to improve their conversion. It allows them to post quality pictures, which are critical for their success in the various niches of the e-commerce industry.

A Look At The Boundless Theme Features

The Boundless theme has many useful features. Here are the ones that make it an excellent fit or your e-commerce campaign.

Can Be Optimized For Large Photos

Shrinking your images too much runs the risk of distorting your message and adjusting your picture resolution. If someone on a small device comes across the photo you modify for your store, getting through to them with your intended message might be difficult.

Thankfully, The Boundless theme can avoid such an incidence. Its coding allows users to make the necessary modifications to support their image sizes.

You can showcase your high-resolution imagery throughout your Shopify shop.

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Slideshow With A Fading Effect

Your presentation of your inventory is critical for your e-commerce stores. You must have a way for visitors to quickly go through your stock and see if you have anything for them.

The Boundless theme allows users to have their brand or product images on their homepage. These pictures feature in a fade-effect slideshow; hence, your visitors can easily see your goods and branding photos.

Sticky Navigation

Your customers want a smooth customer journey. No user likes encountering problems or struggling to look for essential functions on your web page. If it is performing a search, they want to find their product seamlessly.

They are likely to leave if they come across challenges such as not locating the search bar. The Boundless Shopify theme helps you smoothen the experiences of your clients. It maintains your menus in one place as your buyers scroll down.

This positioning is strategic as it helps them search easily.

Single Product Gallery

As businesses continue to compete for online customers, online buyers reward creative firms. They stick with companies that find ways to simplify their shopping experience.

The Boundless theme can help you come out on top of your competitors. It permits you to categorize the items in your online store into galleries of similar products. These groupings make it easier for potential buyers to compare your goods before choosing the ones to buy.

Once they have such a seamless process on your store, they are likely to come back and turn into a positive referral source for your store.

Full-width Collection Images

Many businesses offer products that are closely similar to yours. Your potential customers are aware of this. They need as much information before choosing to buy from your store.

If you fail to give them the comprehensive information they need, they are likely to go for the items your competitor sells. Additionally, they may form a bad impression of your business.

Your users are likely to think either you are hiding something or your customer service is simply poor. As such, you must offer them the details they need. Collection images with a full-width presentation that The Boundless theme provides is an excellent place to start.

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Home Page Video

Videos continue to be excellent sales tools, your potential customers like them since they are easy to digest, engaging, and entertaining. Your conversion rate is likely to be high if they are the first media your prospects meet in your page.

Creating them is easy, especially with the programs and tools available today. The Boundless theme allows you to share them. You can display them strategically on your store. Its content can be about your service delivery, products, and the procedures in your shop.

Boundless Theme Extra Features

The features above do not sum up everything for this theme. You can also enjoy other essential features, such as the following:

  • Customization –The design team responsible for The Boundless theme account for diverse tastes and preferences among its users. It has built the background with the ability to modify it to suit your needs.

You can make adjustments if you think specific customizations are critical for the performance in your niche. You can change your fonts, color scheme, and parts of your webpage to suit your needs.

Toggle to the specific tab and make the changes.

  • Mobile-friendly Design – More than half the number of people using the internet are utilizing their phones. If you fail to configure your theme to suit such people, you will lose out on a significant revenue stream for your business.

Boundless allows for modifications to suit their devices. It has an intuitive feature that allows your page to respond to the prospect's phone. It readjusts the site's navigation panels, font size, and photos size to suit your customer's electronics.

  • Search Engine Optimization – Search engines are an excellent way for buyers interested in your products to find you. A simple search query returns your shop among the top results, and they can check you out.

However, given that many businesses are competing for these searchers and search engines rank stores, you must optimize your Shopify for search. The Boundless theme allows you to make the necessary modification essential for higher rankings.

You can use top-performing keywords. Additionally, you can have a specific meta description and meta title of each product page.

  • Social Media Icons – The traffic that can come to your store from social media is unimaginable. More than half of the world's population has an account in at least one social network.

As much as they are using them for personal reasons, a significant portion uses the platforms for businesses. They are looking for you.

Additionally, satisfied clients should be able to share links to your business to their friends on social networks. The Boundless theme provides icons that allow your shoppers to share addresses to your business. You can link your Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter with your Shopify account.

  • Footer – This feature is essential for any high performing page. As customers go through your site, they may want to check out your contact details. They must find them with ease as they may be trying to contact you.

They may reach out to ask a question before deciding to make their purchase or ask for the procedures for buying. A footer contains all your necessary details, such as your location, telephone numbers, and email address.

It may also include your refund policy, About Us page, and shipping policy. All these information are critical to your prospects. You can also create a subscription section where people can sign up for your newsletters and promotional emails.

  • Free Theme Updates – The Boundless theme undergoes occasional improvements. The creating team modifies its layout, features, and processes to improve the user experience.

If you use it, you will get these modifications once the technical team releases it. You can incorporate them into your setup to create a memorable purchase cycle for your clients. Happy customers are likely to return and spend more on your products. Additionally, they can turn into free brand ambassadors for your business.

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6 Reasons To Get This Theme

There are many benefits of using the Boundless theme for your Shopify store. Some of them include:

1. Happy Customers

The Boundless Shopify theme ensures that your customers are satisfied with your products and services. It improves your visuals and user experience. Fulfilling the needs of your customers is vital for customer retention.

When they return, the clients are likely to spend more than their first time. Additionally, they can turn into a positive referral source for your business. It means that you will enjoy free marketing. You can free up a percentage of your advertising expenditure for other services.

2. High ROI

The e-commerce space is highly competitive. Unless you are willing to be better than your competition, you will fall behind. The Boundless theme allows you to present your products and services memorably.

Great visuals and neat organization are critical for converting customers. You can get them to easily buy, sign up to your email directory, and click your links. The setup helps you better your expenditure by improving the user experience of your customers.

3. Leverage Images

Digital generations today rely on multimedia to make decisions. They will not just take your word for it. They must see pictures that back up your claims before they choose to buy or not.

The Boundless theme allows you to present quality photos for your pages. You can make modifications to suit the picture size. Additionally, you can alter the size without jeopardizing the resolution of your photo.

Quality imagery can help you convince the buyers that you are selling some amazing products.

4. Integrations

Innovations are making the work of online entrepreneurs easy every day. They are coming up with excellent ways of generating traffic, handling the business process, and evaluating performance.

The Boundless theme allows you to link up your store with these tools and programs that facilitate your e-commerce. For example, you can link your store with social platforms to increase visitors or pay processing firms to smoothen the paying systems on your shop.

These connections are crucial for smoothening your processes.

5. Smooth Processes

Customers desire seamless online purchasing processes. They want to quickly find the products they are looking for, make transactions for them, and get you to deliver it to their doorsteps.

The Boundless theme facilitates its processes. It offers a footer for valuable information and a single product gallery to help your prospects go through your items. These functions are vital for smoothening the buying process.

6. Responsive Design

The Boundless theme is highly sensitive. It adjusts with the devices of your customers. It senses the electronic your visitor us using and makes the necessary changes to give the user the best experience.

These modifications ensure that all your clients get fantastic services on all gadgets. These benefits are critical for the success of your online campaign. You must leverage them to better your competition.

If you fail to take advantage of them, your competitors will use them against you. You are competing for the same clients; hence, they will drive you out business using the Boundless theme if you fail to use it.

Final Verdict

After comprehensive research, we find that there are very few themes that compare to the Boundless setup. We give it a rating of 4.5 in a 5-star rating system. This score is superb.

If your online shop is not appealing, you are likely to lose your customers. We recommend you check out the Shopify Boundless theme if you want to increase your sales. Since its inception back in 2004, Shopify continues to grow into a leading e-commerce store.

Shopify currently has more than 800,000 shops and has been responsible for sales worth more than 4 billion dollars. Many online sellers realize the platform's potential. Everyone wants to set up a Shopify account.

Themes are critical for a successful e-commerce business. It helps you better your competition through smooth processes and great visuals. The Boundless theme setup helps users showcase the quality images of their products to prospective buyers; hence, it influences the decision of the buyer in favor of your business.

Try it on your Shopify store today, and you will reap from it in no time.

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