Shopify Context Theme Review: Tell A Story With Your Store

Written by Franklin Hatchett

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Our goal at EcomElites is to help readers get the information they need, we partner with companies to help bring you that information. If a purchase or signup is made through our partners, we receive compensation for the referral. Learn More

Have you already set up your Shopify store? A good theme may be the missing link to generating more leads and boosting your sales. An appropriate theme for your online store is the one that helps you create an unforgettable user experience.

A memorable user experience can be created by focusing on the functionality of the theme. Your shoppers will normally ask themselves questions such as; where is the product category menu? What products are on the main display? What is the image quality of the products? Are there any short videos to give me a better look at the product? The theme you choose should accommodate these and other factors through its features.

Low sales can be attributed to having an inappropriate theme. Your customers will highly appreciate the user experience and the aesthetic value of a well-designed online store by spending more time to shop. As an online store, you can easily achieve customer satisfaction using Shopify’s Context Theme.

Let’s take a look at the Theme in detail, its features, and what you gain by using it.

What Is Context Theme For Shopify?

Shopify’s Context theme is a highly responsive Shopify theme created by Fluorescent. It's exquisite design helps you to virtually tell a product’s tale. The theme is Search Engine Optimized, helping you to rank high in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

You can purchase Context Theme’s template on Shopify and customize it to suit your needs by integrating products, services, and business information. Using a template theme saves you the time you would spend to build your own.

What’s more, you also save money that you could have otherwise spent to build and to design an entire website. All you need to do is to customize various aspects such as the color, products, and prices to match your brand’s identity.

A Glance At Context Themes Features

  • Three Styles To Choose From – look forward to getting a more personalized touch as you set up your theme. This Shopify  theme has set out three styles to choose from; Chic, Modern, and Essential.

The styles are dominative of the web pages. They mainly feature large pictures and a screen-wide show image at the top of the website. You can set various layout styles for your theme, for example, the grid layout and minimalist style.

The layouts and styles are easy to use and contribute to better user experience.

  • Screen-wide Slide Show – as an online marketer, you have only 40 seconds to capture the attention of your audience. The screen-wide product images at the top of your pages help you draw their attention and retain visitations.

Your prospects will immediately know what you deal in when they stumble on the first image on your Shopify page. The audience will be able to focus and remember the slideshow as they will not find interceding white spaces. You can use the slide show to pitch offers to your customers.

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  • Products and Collections – Lets you add a multitude of products on your store. These products are broken down into categories and collections. Your users will have an easy time to navigate your page and find the products they desire.

Let’s take an example where your store specializes in Slippers wear. You can set up various categories for your wear depending on various factors such as material, origin, style, etc. Your customers will have easy and quick access to the Slippers based on their preferences.

Main Template Features

Medium Sized Catalogs

Does your range of products lie in the middle? Each of the Context Theme styles supports a medium-sized product catalog. You should consider this theme if you are running a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME).

Your intention here is to sell an average amount of products. Not too many and not too little. You will save on space and cost with this theme. You will not face spillover products nor be short of products. To add on this, you will also be able to offer variety to your customers. For example, various styles of Slippers wear.

Live Search

Context Theme offers quick links to your store pages to facilitate access to your products. Your customers will use the search bar at the top of the page to access the products and other store pages.

Live search is a quick navigation system customers use on your store. They just need to input a keyword, and the results will pull up in a drop-down menu. They will select either of the options and will be redirected to what they are looking for. You will create a great user experience as you will save your customers time to navigate throughout the entire website.

Visual Story Telling

Context Theme lets you use brand imagery to inform your customers of your products. The imagery features high-resolution photography, which will attract the prospect to your products.

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Visual storytelling helps a customer connect with your brand. They will be drawn by the quality and aesthetic value of the product. What’s more, you will again save your customers time they would have spent going through the entire specifications list.

Context Theme lets you put together a slide show with a series of pictures. The series of images will create a little tale of your brand, for example, the different styles of Slippers Wear your brand hosts.

Advanced Product Filters

Advanced Product filters focus on the search criteria or the specifications your customers would need from your products. Context Theme accommodates filters such as color, brand, size, and type.

The advanced product filter is different from Live Search. On Live Search, your clients can search for topics such as Shipping and contact information. The Advanced Product Filter, on the other hand, focuses on the products specifications only.

You will be able to accommodate various client needs, and thus, your customer base will grow. For example, your client can order number 8 blue leather pair of Slippers footwear.

Multi-Column Menu

You will need a multi-column menu to help your customer with navigation. The Context drop-down menus have multiple columns.

Take an example of a clothing collection. You may have categories such as Top wear, Pants, and Shoes. If a customer clicks on Shoes, they have more options about the shoes on another column.

The second column can contain Casuals, Office Wear, and Slippers. You will be able to present more options for your client using the multi-column drop-down menus. Furthermore, you may feature unconnected columns such as a collections column and a column with everything else. It is entirely up to you to choose.

Additional Context Theme Features

Shopify Context Theme seeks to provide an all-round shopping experience for the buyer and the customer. You have access to other supporting features that target the performance of your store.

  • Search Engine Optimization – Search Engine Optimization helps your store to appear and rank in search results. The Shopify Context Theme has incorporated SEO friendly measures to help your store perform well in search results. You can incorporate product titles, descriptions. You can also create content around your products to tell a brand story. Your leads will increase, and so will your sales.
  • Customization – The Theme is customizable. You get to add your brand colors, customize your page layout, add images, edit your ‘About’ and ‘Contact’ pages, customize your font style and size and align your content to your liking.
  • Social Media Integration – Social media marketing is on its way to becoming the best mode of marketing. It's compatible with popular social media platforms such as Instagram. You can easily promote your products as you exhibit them on Instagram. You will generate more leads and boost your sales.
  • Promotion Bars – Context Theme lets you create and integrate promotion bars to nudge your customers towards making a purchase. You may add discounts among other offers on these promotion bars. They will pop up frequently, and at one point or another, your customer will find it hard to resist an offer.

Advantages Of Using Shpify's Context theme

1. Very Responsive – It's flexible and responsive to both desktop and mobile devices. You and your user will find ease when accessing your store with either device.

2. Compatible With Shopify – The theme has been developed for Shopify. Your store will be able to stand up to other Shopify merchants and challenge for their customers. What’s more, your store will receive any Shopify updates.

3. Highly Customizable – You can give the theme a personalized touch. Your colors and text can be compatible with your brand image.

4. Value for Money and Time – All the features are geared to create an awesome user experience, generate leads, and boost your sales. You will get better value and lesser trouble if you opt for the Context template rather than building one from scratch.

Context Theme Customer Feedback

The reviews term the Shopify Context Theme as thrilling. Visual storytelling and customization features have made the users appreciate the elegance of the theme. The users have also applauded Fluorescent designers for offering quick responses to feedback and queries.

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The designers are also quick to make any changes you request for. The user experience proves satisfying, and as a result, the theme has earned a 5-star rating so far from the users.

Context Theme Review Final Thoughts

Are you looking to use a theme that supports a medium-sized catalog? Are you looking to create a thrilling user experience? Do you need a versatile theme? Shopify provides a alot of themes to suit various types of stores.

Each theme suits a particular line of products better than other themes. Your store’s performance will improve when you use an appropriate theme on your Shopify store. You should also note that user experience drives customer comments.

Failure to use an appealing theme to your store may have you accompanying affordable prices with high-quality products but still find yourself missing out on sales.

The  Theme has a lot to offer and less to weigh down your mind. This means a great user experience for both the buyer and the seller. You have access to features that will boost the functionality of your store.

The main features you will get to use include: A Live Search bar; Advanced Product filtering; Visual Storytelling; Multi-column menu and supports Medium Catalogs. These features are accompanied by supporting features that help you market your products, such as SEO, social media integration, promotion bars, and customization options.

Add this theme alongside your quality products and right pricing to increase your sales. if you need store design ideas read this post showcasing the best store examples!

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