Shopify Warehouse Theme Review: Perfect For Big Stores!

Written by Franklin Hatchett

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Our goal at EcomElites is to help readers get the information they need, we partner with companies to help bring you that information. If a purchase or signup is made through our partners, we receive compensation for the referral. Learn More

Are you all setup and ready to start selling on your Shopify store? You may have forgotten one important detail. An ideal theme for your store. You may be offering high-quality products at the right price to your buyers.

However, you may get to a point where you wonder why this is not enough. That is because themes vary and Shopify provides themes uniquely designed to accommodate a particular line of products.

You may find yourself getting low sales just because the theme you are using isn't the best fit for the product you are selling. Various themes have unique features that are specific to that theme. Let's see what this theme has to offer.

What Is Warehouse Theme For Shopify?

The Warehouse is a neat theme with a simple design that you can apply on your Shopify eCommerce store. The theme is a template on which you apply your large product catalog. You simply need to add your products and pricing for each product, and you are good to go.

You can personalize the theme by changing the color, adding images, etc. You will be able to save time you would have spent building your theme from scratch. What’s more, this theme has been tested and recommended by Shopify experts and designers.

The Warehouse theme is a product of Maestrooo. You can trust its credibility form the various other successful themes from the manufacturer.

A look At The Warehouse Themes Features

The slideshow is usually the first thing your customers will see due to its dominance on the page. You need this feature to immediately inform your customers the line of products you specialize in. It also presents an opportunity to display popular products or a sale message.

  • Screen-wide Slide Show – The slideshow is like a banner that showcases your products of choice. You will find it at the top of your webpage. There are no white spaces or empty spaces on the slideshow. The screen-wide slide show will definitely draw the attention of your user.
  • Two Styles – You get to choose between two styles of the Warehouse theme. You can opt for either the wood or metal themes. The main distinguisher between these two themes is the basic color. The metal theme has blue, black and white as the primary colors.
Metal Style

Blue distinguishes the metal theme as it highlights the prices and other essential aspects such as the search bar and titles. The Wood theme colors are Red, black, and white background. The distinctive color of the wood theme is red.

Wood Style

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  • Products And Collections – The Warehouse theme supports a huge catalog of products. Be sure to post over 50 products and host 5 product collections. A collection helps your users to navigate your products through the various categories you will set out.

Let’s take the example of an online electronics store. You will be offering various products on this store from TVs, Earphones among other appliances. You will need to set up categories for each of these products, for instance, TVs. The customer will have access to various makes of TVs. They will compare each of the TVs before deciding on one.

The above features are more like functionalities. The Warehouse theme also come with in-built features, which helps you deliver more to your customers for satisfying user experience. Most themes have these functions like the Supply theme by from Shopify.

Main Warehouse Theme Features Worth Considering

Live Search

Each of the Warehouse theme styles is fit with a search bar that displays live results to your customers. The live search results are quick links to your store pages and products. Part of great user experience is website navigation.

All your customer or prospect does is click on the search bar and start typing. A drop-down menu ensues, giving the customers quick suggestions. You will save the customer and yourself the time taken to make purchase and lead conversions.

Stock Level Indicator

The Warehouse theme on Shopify lets you display the remaining stock on your webpage. For example, the client will be able to see five remaining on a specific TV brand. Stock level indicators on the Shopify Warehouse theme help to install a sense of urgency in your customers.

Your customers will want to quickly grab one before your stock runs out. Stock level indicator can also inform the customer about a brand or product’s popularity. They will perceive low stocks as fast-moving products, especially if other customers have left reviews.

As a merchant, you will also use this to know when to replenish your stock.

Custom Promotion Tiles

You will be able to offer your customers using discounts. You also use unique promotional tiles to promote featured products to boost sales. You get to customize the discounts and products that best suit your customers.

Customers are always looking to bargain. They want value for money and at an affordable price. Discounts will attract them back to purchase more, and they have high chances of generating sales.

The custom tiles will also inform your clients of products they may have missed while purchasing. This is your chance to win over more customers.

Trust Badge Card

A trust badge card is a badge that will reassure your clients of your website security and your payment badges. Your customers will identify your shop as a legit store. They will also feel safe making payments to your business.

They will be confident in your services when they are referring you to other clients. You will be able to generate more leads and retain your current customers.

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Large Catalogs

When you think of a warehouse, you think of a large storage space filled with stock. You will be able to integrate and host a large catalog of products on the Shopify Warehouse Theme.

Customers like variety. Your store will create a great user experience if your customer can access everything they need on the same platform. You will be able to generate more sales as compared to when the customer has to source elsewhere.

Most customers usually engage in impulse purchasing, and a large catalog will help you accommodate that.

Exit Popup

As your clients leave the page, you will be able to offer registration for a newsletter or email. This is a follow-up technique that is present in the most successful online stores. The email sign-up pop-up presents the opportunity to engage with the customer, and you will be able to identify their needs.

Newsletters you send through your clients’ email keeps them updated. You will be able to notify them of upcoming sales promotions and tailor discounts for them. You will be able to generate more leads and boost sales as a result.

This is a chance for you to practice proactive customer relationship management (CRM).

Warehouse Theme Extra Features

The Shopify Warehouse theme also has supporting features. You will be able to generate and convert more prospects into sales with a well-polished theme.

  • Search Engine Optimization – SEO is very vital to your store. It determines where your store will rank in the search results of your customers’ search engines. The Warehouse theme lets you optimize your search engine rank using SEO friendly content.

SEO friendly content contains appropriate keywords, product meta description, and a meta title for each page.

  • Customization – You can customize your Warehouse theme pages. You can adopt a different color scheme that features in your brand personality, fonts, and font sizes. You also get to add various pages such as a team page and a FAQ page.

You may also call upon the Warehouse Theme service team to fix a bug on your webpage.

  • Free Theme Updates –The Warehouse theme has been subject to lots of updates since its launch. Some of the latest updates include hide inventory automatically, categorize H1 and H2, etc.

The theme change log presents a catalog of recent updates by date to keep you posted on new theme updates.

  • Drop Down Navigation – You will be able to set the categories of various of your products. The drop-down menu ensues from the search button and enables your customers to access products with ease and haste.

However, blogs and content pages cannot be categorized. You will be able to access them through the products themselves.

  • Mobile-Friendly Design – The Warehouse theme is versatile when it comes to devices. It is compatible with both desktop formats and mobile formats. The font sizes, navigation panels, and photo sizes change so as to be consistent with the device in use.

The theme is intuitive and will shrink to fit a mobile device and expand to fit a desktop device. If you have trouble designed your store we have listed some great store examples here.

  • Social Media Integration – Social media create more opportunities for your store. The warehouse supports the integration of social media icons such as Instagram and Facebook. You will be able to generate more leads by promoting your content and products to a large mass of people.

You also have prompt communication channels to your customers using social media.

  • Free Stock Photos – Your website and content needs illustrations to help drive your points across to your customers. The photos also help break content monotony. Warehouse theme is integrated with Burst which is a pool of free images you can use.
  • Built-in Styles and Colors – You can pick from various styles of your Warehouse theme. You also have color pallets with numerous colors to customize various aspects of your webpage.
  • Footer – You want your customers to know more about you. In most websites, when you scroll down to the bottom, you will find titles such as Shipping, policy, About, Contact info, return policy, refund policy, etc.

The Warehouse theme has integrated this feature to help your customers know more about you.

Why Choose The Shopify Warehouse Theme?

1. Value For Time And Money

Warehouse theme has a lot to offer. You have access to a ton of features, and it focuses on user experience. You will broaden your customer reach to platforms like social media and email. You will save the money and time you would have spent developing your theme from scratch.

Warehouse is a theme that is tested and receives regular updates to deliver a proactive e-commerce platform.

2. Responsive Theme

Customers hate it when a website hangs or takes too much time to load. The Warehouse theme works excellently and adjusts the size easily to be compatible with your device whether mobile or desktop.

3. Developed For Shopify

Are you a Shopify merchant? The Warehouse theme is 100% compatible with Shopify. You will have access to all updates made on Shopify.

Warehouse Theme Customer Feedback

Previous customers have used adjectives such as impressive, top-notch, versatile, useful, fast, to name but a few. They are happy with various aspects of the Shopify Warehouse theme such as the admin support, regular updates, features and compatibility with large portfolios.

Users are satisfied with how they get to customize their themes to suit their individual shops. Based on this, it would be safe to give it a 4.5-star rating out of 5 based on customer feedback. They are impressed by its functionality and straight forward design.

I am yet to come across any negative feedback concerning the Shopify Warehouse theme.

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Shopify Warehouse Theme Review Thoughts

Do you have lots of products to sell? Are you looking for a versatile theme for your Shopify store? Do you need this theme to be compatible with any device? Are you looking to build a great user experience using various features of your Shopify store theme?

The Shopify Warehouse theme will hardly disappoint. You start by choosing between two themes, which include Metal and wood. You capture your customer’s attention immediately they land on your store using the product slide show.

You have access to a ton of features that work to generate and convert more leads. You can host a heap of products which you can divide into various categories. You can use this theme on any Shopify plan as you maintain great user experience.

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