TeeChip Review: Best Platform For Selling Custom products

Written by Franklin Hatchett

Our goal at EcomElites is to help readers get the information they need, we partner with companies to help bring you that information. If a purchase or signup is made through our partners, we receive compensation for the referral. Learn More

Our goal at EcomElites is to help readers get the information they need, we partner with companies to help bring you that information. If a purchase or signup is made through our partners, we receive compensation for the referral. Learn More

TeeChip is a platform that offers print-on-demand services. It goes beyond clothing and accommodates other items like a mug you could sell to someone, jewelry and other accessories. It provides affordable print-on-demand services and provides full  payment methods, shipping tools, and more.

You can choose from over 26 products to start selling with the bestselling products being T-shirts, Ladies T-shirts, and Hoodies. TeeChip is a print on demand platform that lets people create campaigns and sell their custom merchandise designs.

You can select from a wide range of products to get started. Creating a campaign on TeeChip is absolutely free, and you can sell any number of items. Having many items will give you higher profits, of course.

One of the best options that TeeChip provides to users is the ability to create custom domains to sell your products. TeeChip allows you to create your store and use a custom domain to brand and market your products. Custom domains, however, are subject to approval by TeeChip.

We are going to discuss at length the features, the products and all you will encounter on this print on demand online service.

What Is TeeChip?

Among the many features of TeeChip is the Unique Selling Position (USP) it offers you. The TeeChip platform lets you create your own store and hosts it using a custom-domain offering. You will be able to input your domain name to your store.

The custom domain for your online store is a better option than the TeeChip sub-domain. The TeeChip Subdomain does not let you brand the on-demand store. However, the custom domain you will employ for the on-demand store enables you to build a brand.

You get to establish this brand without the tediousness that comes with building a website from scratch.


  • The sign-up process is easy. You are not charged any fee
  • You have access to customizable products on a large scale
  • The online storefront can be themed
  • Facebook Pixel support
  • The store is incorporated with easy upselling features
  • Your TeeChip store is hosted by a custom domain
  • You have an extensive tutorial that will help you launch your online store seamlessly


  • Phone support is unavailable for the store
  • The shipping times tend to be longer

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How TeeChip Works

You can learn and get used to TeeChip navigation because it's easy to navigate. You have access to a variety of products that you can sell after customization. TeeChip offers a simple work process for its users. You will only break a sweat when you are formulating unique designs to sell.

Using TeeChip is a relatively simple process:

  1. Start by creating a TeeChip account
  2. Upload your unique set of designs. Ensure that you upload images of high quality. The quality of an image affects the final print on the products.
  3. Select the products you wish to work with. You can choose t-shirts, mugs, etc. Apply your designs on products of your choosing. You need to consider the relevance of a design to a product before you integrate them.
  4. Scrutinize the appearance of the design on the products
  5. Set a price margin for the products with your design. TeeChip only charges you the base price. The base prices on TeeChip are low, which increases your profit margin.
  6. Market and sell your products.

Once you have made a sale, TeeChip will deduct their base price and you are left with the profits. You will notice that so far you have not had to pay a single cent!

Teechip Tools And Training

TeeChip supports your selling functions using multiple tools. They also offer training on the functionality of the platform. As a seller, you will have an easy time generating leads and selling your products.

You have access to tools such as:

  • An email marketing campaign to send out professional emails.
  • Email leads capture to help grow your email marketing list.
  • Upsells to encourage your customers to make a purchase at every stage.
  • A market place with a custom domain. You will be able to make your products accessible to the public.
  • Coupons to help your store generate more sales.
  • Shopper accounts to ease purchasing for your buyers.
  • Two Factor Authentication to beef up security on your TeeChip account.
  • Default product order to help you quickly arrange your products.
  • Mock-up generator to help you and your clients see how your designs appear on real models.

TeeChip runs a blog post to keep newbies in the loop. The blog post will teach you how to get the most out of your TeeChip experience.

TeeChip Pricing

Any business needs to weigh up the costs of obtaining the product before setting a price. What costs do you incur on TeeChip? Zero. You are not charged any starting or subscription fees. Unless you incurred any costs to obtain your designs, you can say that getting into this business is risk-free.

Thus, pricing gets very simple. Each of the products has a flat rate. This is the rate TeeChip usually deduct after a customer makes a purchase on your store. You don't need to worry  about support hidden charges. You will need to look at the prices of the products before you set your own. This way, you will be able to determine what profit you will make upon a sale.

Payment Methods

How do you get paid? TeeChip supports three payment methods. You can opt for either PayPal, Wire Transfer, or Payoneer. As a remote marketer and seller, the payment methods mean you can get paid from any corner of the world.

You will need to take note of the processing fees charged by every payment integration. Payoneer charges a withdrawal processing fee of $3. Wire Transfer sets you back $25 for each withdrawal. However, PayPal does not charge any fees. Most of the sellers on TeeChip opt to use PayPal. Thus they can minimize their cost while extending their profits.

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TeeChip Shipping

You need to be aware of the shipping costs for every item. You will need this information as you set the products price since it affects the customers. The shipping costs are dependent on the quantity and shipping destinations.

The following are the shipping costs for products on TeeChip:

  • $4.99 each for most items are charged, and each additional item costs $1.99.
  • $6.99 for one Hoodie. Each additional item costs an extra $1.99.
  • $5.99 for mugs and sweatshirts. Each additional item costs an extra $3.99
  • International rates include the standard of an item plus an additional $2. Each additional item is charged $1.99.

TeeChip Products

There are multiple categories to accommodate a wide range of products available on TeeChip. The product catalog features almost anything from phone cases to apparel.

The following categories are used to describe the products available on TeeChip:


  • Classic T-Shirts
  • Youth T-shirts
  • Ladies T-shirts
  • Premium Ladies Tee
  • Premium Men’s Tee
  • Sleeveless Tee
  • Long Sleeve Tee
  • V-Neck T-shirt


  • Crewneck Sweatshirts
  • Hooded Sweatshirts

Tank Tops

  • Ladies Flowy Tank
  • Unisex Tank

Other Apparel

  • Trucker Hat
  • Classic Hat
  • Leggings
  • Onesies


  • Mugs
  • Color Changing mug
  • Phone cases
  • Tote Bags
  • Posters
  • Drawstring bag

TeeChip Refund Policy

TeeChip considers returns and refunds, depending on the case. They will accept returns and initiate refunds if:

  • The product bought has flaws
  • The wrong size was delivered
  • The printing quality is poor
  • A product material different from the one featured on the website was used.

TeeChip has a claim form you have to fill out before they approve your refund or return request. You need to fill out this form within 15 days from the date of delivery and submit it within the same period.

Your order email and order number in the claim form has to correspond with the email and order number you presented during the order. TeeChip will review the claim within 72 hours and get back to you.

The returns and refunds for domestic order will take 5 to 10 days while the international orders take 2 to 3 weeks. Your customer pays for return shipping expenses.

TeeChip User Experience

Your customers will put much consideration on the user experience. The user experience determines whether a lead will convert to a sale or whether the lead will be lost. TeeChip uses a very user-friendly design. Your sales journey is a very simple and a seamless process.

The users can efficiently utilize the platform to upload designs, run marketing and sales campaigns and perform various other tasks such as pricing. You will be pleased with both the backend and the front end of the website.

TeeChip Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are usually based on user experience. Most of the customers are pleased with their orders. They have praised the materials, printing quality, delivery rime to name but a few.

TeeChip is SEO optimized as it greatly supports and appreciates customer feedback. They offer quick responses on the customer feedback and are open to corrections. 72% of the customers are pleased with TeeChip.

Some have had some negative experience, but TeeChip has been prompt in addressing them. You can read through some of the user experiences on Trustpilot.

TeeChip Customer Support

TeeChip has opened communication channels to its clients to offer support and receive and address feedback. There are two different methods a user can use to contact TeeChip support.

You can use live chat or email. If you are in search of quick solutions, the customer review platform is always an excellent place to start.

Help Centre

The Help Centre is an extension of TeeChip. It is the platform that features frequently asked questions. The questions address both buyer and seller needs. TeeChip puts efforts to answer most questions that arise on this platform.

It is an excellent place to start when you are seeking support. You can contact the platform customer support if your query is not addressed in the Help Centre.

TeeChip MasterMind

TeeChip considers the journey of a newbie seller. They will need to know how to set up their stores, how to sustain their stores and all the other logistics to help you boost your sales. You will learn all this on the TeeChip Mastermind program.

You will be educated on various tips of running your store, for example digital marketing and design tips. The mastermind is free and is capable of guiding you throughout your sales journey.

TeeChip Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Q: How do I get started on TeeChip? TeeChip has a short and straightforward registration process. You will need to visit their website. Look to the top right of your page and click on Sell on TeeChip. A short and simple registration process ensues. You will also have access to tutorials to help you get started and navigate your online shop.
  • Q: Is TeeChip legit? Yes. TeeChip is safe and legit. TeeChip depends on delivering an excellent user experience. You can be sure of the safety of your products and the payment methods.
  • Q: How long does an order take to reach customers? The average delivery period is 5 to 10 days. International shipping takes longer, and the transit time is 1 to 2 weeks. TeeChip offers rush shipping within the US only for selected products.
  • Q: Which File format do I use to upload designs? TeeChip accepts PNG files. The design’s maximum area should be 10,000px by 10,000px. The minimum DPI accepted is 150.
  • Q: How long will I wait to receive payouts? As a beginner, the first payout takes five days to process and to be approved. The transfer could take between 1 to 2 hours before it reflects on your account. However, Wire Transfers take 2-5 business days to reflect. You will be able to withdraw your profits 24 hours after a sale.

Final Thoughts

TeeChip is a growing print-on-demand platform that provides you as an artist, designer, and entrepreneur an opportunity to create and sell custom-printed merchandise. The pool of tools and features let you explore every possibility to maximize your sales and make a profit.

TeeChip takes care of all printing, sales, customer support, and shipping, and leaves you with only one task; to grow your business. The user interface is simple and easy to navigate even for anew user.

How do you like the idea of running and branding your store without posing any risk? TeeChip gives you access to your domain to set up an online store. There is no need to rely on subdomains or having to create a new website for your store.

TeeChip also has the credibility and large customer interface you can customize using its various tools and features. You will need these features to grow your online store. They include an Email marketing campaign and Email leads capture, Upsells A market place, Coupons Shopper accounts, Two Factor authentication, Default product order, and a Mock-up generator.

You will be able to apply your designs on a huge number of products which include Shirts such as Classic T-Shirts; Sweatshirts such as Hooded Sweatshirts; Tank Tops such as Ladies Flowy Tank; Other Apparel like hats and Leggings and Accessories like Mugs and Phone cases.

TeeChip is all about great user experience for both buyers and sellers. As a result, it has earned a rating of 4.5 out of 5.

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