13 Top Trending Dropshipping Products To Sell Online In 2020

Written by Frank Hatchett

Our goal at EcomElites is to help readers get the information they need, we partner with companies to help bring you that information. If a purchase or signup is made through our partners, we receive compensation for the referral. Learn More

Our goal at EcomElites is to help readers get the information they need, we partner with companies to help bring you that information. If a purchase or signup is made through our partners, we receive compensation for the referral. Learn More

So you’re about to test the ecommerce waters by launching an online store.

That’s fantastic! Selling products online can help you quit the 9 to 5, be your own boss and achieve financial freedom.

If you choose dropshipping as the order fulfillment method, you don’t even need to worry about inventory.

You’ll only need to add products to your store and when someone places an order, your supplier will ship the said item directly from their facility to your customer’s front door.

But, that doesn’t automatically mean that anyone who starts a dropshipping business is going on to write their own success story.

In fact, according to ShipMonk’s Media Relations Director Augustin-Kennady, maybe twenty percent of beginners to ecommerce succeed with dropshipping.

Why do so many people fail?

One of the biggest hurdles they face is finding those top trending dropshipping products that can add value to their store.

If you ask me, the fate of an ecommerce business lies in the demand of the products it sells.

If the demand isn’t there, you can put your whole life savings into marketing, and they still won’t sell.

Finding dropshipping products with good sales potential doesn’t have to be difficult.

Using insights from Google Trends, you can see which dropshipping products are currently in demand.

Top Trending Dropshipping Products

To inspire you to take action I did my own research and found that the following are the top trending dropshipping products to sell in 2019.

Whether you’ve launched a brand new store or your revamping an existing one, these picks should help you generate revenue FAST.

1. Crystal Water Bottle

Fruit-infused water is no longer the talk of the town. Nowadays, you’re more likely to see Instagrammers sipping on water with healing crystals in them.

For crystal healing advocates, this is hardly anything exciting. But crystal water bottles with gemstones already fixed inside of them are making the spiritual process more trendy and accessible.

Google Trends shows a big surge in demand for these bottles from September 2018 onwards.

These type of bottles are quite popular among people who’re into new-age wellness, as well as those who practice Feng Shui.

Since crystals are believed to have healing properties, selling a water bottle that features them allows you to market it using that angle.

Crystal water bottle

When marketing  health products, the key is to have good with product descriptions.

Instead of claiming that this water bottle will heal your body, say something like “crystals are said to increase mental focus.”

Marketing like this would help you gain traction among people who’re looking to up their Instagram wellness game.

2. Athleisure

When it comes to fashion, trends constantly come and go. However, athleisure wear is one fashion trend that continues to see a rise in demand.

A survey of 6,166 18+ US-based consumers found that athleisure contributes to almost 25% of total apparel industry sales and its market share is expected to grow in 2019 and beyond.

Data from Google Trends too shows that there is a growing demand for athleisure.

For those unfamiliar, athleisure refers to fashionable workout clothing that doubles as everyday wear.

Within this niche you can dropship everything from yoga pants and sports bras to sneakers and headbands, all in countless styles and colors.

Young females are usually the target market for athleisure. You can easily reach them on Instagram using hashtags like #workoutfashion.

You can work with a fitness influencer to grow your brand. Influencers can model your product and give your store a shout-out for a commission of sales or a free sample.

3. Posture Corrector

With new research out almost every month about how sitting all day is killing your back, there’s no better time than now to add posture correctors to your store.

They're especially a hit in countries with an aging population (one example is Japan).

Office workers worldwide are increasingly taking an interest in mobility improving products, as an improved posture is known to boost happiness and productivity.

Google Trends also reveals searches for posture correctors are surging.

dropship posture correctors

As the name suggests, posture correctors give support to the spine reducing stress and pressure on the back during physical activity.

People who are suffering from pain in the neck, shoulder, and back can greatly benefit from their use.

Perhaps the easiest way to get sales with this product is to market to specific groups of people.

You can create personas of the most common buyers such as seniors, office workers, or homemakers.

Then, you can run ads conveying the specific advantages of owning a posture corrector for each group.

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4. Beard Oil

Bearded men are getting some hair-taming pampering with this hot grooming product.

Meanwhile, companies like BeardBrand are rushing to make introductions that promise to turn those wiry whiskers into radiant, fine looking beards.

Part of the beard oil trend is driven by changes in women’s preferences for men’s facial hair, with over 60% females saying they find facial hairs on males attractive.

Google Trends searches for beard oil have increased in the past five years.

Beard oil products mainly contain essential oils and vitamins for healthy skin and hair.

By putting a few drops on dried out facial hair, bearded men are able to address the imbalance of hair proteins, reducing those unpleasant symptoms of ugly growth.

ecommerce beard oil

You can easily promote beard oil products on Instagram. With hashtags like #beardgame and #alphamale trending.

You just need to find an influencer who’s willing to post a caption or an Instagram story while using your item.

The good news is that you can find dozens of micro-influencers who’re eager to try out products from brands and give free shout-outs.

5. Car Phone Holder

Tech products continue to make our lives convenient.

A decade ago, you had to stop by and ask people for directions. Today, you can just ask Siri (or another voice assistant app) to open a virtual map or guide you to your destination.

How do you use a smartphone while driving? That’s where car holders make a splash.

While this top trending dropshipping product has been in the market for a few years now, demand analysis shows there’s still an opportunity for merchants to make money by selling it through their stores.

Car phone holders are handy pieces of equipment that keep your phone secure in a number of ways.

Most people use them as a hands free device when driving.

They also help people keep their eyes on the road, which is essential considering the fact that 9 people are killed each day because of crashes resulting from distracted driving.

car phone holder

So whether you have a car-centric Shopify store or a general ecommerce shop, adding car phone holders to it should get you more orders.

Products like these can be marketed through unboxing and educational videos that show the item’s design, function, and personality.

6. Vape Cartridge

Vaping has come a long way from the stage of mediocrity and is now the reason behind a billion-dollar industry.

Many people around the world are taking up vaping as a healthier alternative to smoking.

The latest trend in the domain of vaping is the use of vape cartridges. They can be either used as a standard vaporizer or an eVape pen.

Google Trends shows that people everywhere are looking for vape cartridges.

You should consider adding this item to your store to improve sales revenue.

Vaping cartridges contain a chamber, a mouthpiece, and a heating feature, which gets activated upon contact with a vape battery.

Its chamber is filled with distillate or oil, which typically has concentrated quantities of terpenes and cannabis cannabinoids.

Vaporizing liquids are also sometimes used to pre-fill vape cartridges.

pre-fill vape cartridges

When it comes to marketing vape cartridges, you probably won’t be able to use Facebook as they don’t allow ads for such products.

However, with nearly 8 million posts on Instagram for the hashtag #vaping, you’d find dozens of influencers who’re willing to lend you a helping hand in terms of promotions and shoutouts.

Instagram is a great free traffic source to promote you dropshipping products online.

More Trending Dropshipping Products Worth Selling

7. Enamel Pins

Enamel pins had to be featured in the list of top trending dropshipping products to sell in 2019.

These little pins allow you to show your affection for anything you like. Plus, they make awesome gifts.

As you can see from the Google Trends forecast the demand for enamel pins has seen a sharp rise in recent years.

Therefore, 2019 is a great opportunity to start selling these nifty items through your ecommerce store.

From animated characters to official flags, enamel pins allow people to express their likeness for certain things.

You can sell them to consumers who want to show off their passion for the things they like.

For instance, superhero-themed enamel pins can be sold to individuals who are fans of Spiderman, Iron Man, and other characters from the Marvel Universe.

ecommerce hot product enamel pins

Promoting enamel pins is easier than promoting other trending dropshipping items.

You can run Facebook ads and target people based on interests.

For example, if you’re planning to sell car-themed enamel pins you can target interests like auto, cars, super cars, etc.

A few posts on Instagram won’t hurt either.

8. Dog  Bowls

The world may be bitterly divided over a lot of things, but we all agree on one.

Our dogs deserve whatever love and care we have to offer. So it’s not surprising to know that one of the hottest selling online products is a bowl.

Dog bowls are trending as more pet owners around the world take an interest in their Dogs health and nutrition.

Of course, dog bowls come in different shapes and models to hold up for a journey, repel insects, feed with convenience and so on.

But, regardless of the type of bowls all dog bowls serve a similar purpose of holding food and water.

You can sell a foldable model or go with an ant repellent bowl.

What’s most important is you pick a high quality bowl and find a unique angle to promote it.

finding products to dropship

You can bank on “durability” if you decide to sell stainless steel dog bowls.

These are sometimes fitted with a non-skim rim in the bottom area to keep spilling at bay.

Talk about the features and benefits of whatever bowl you sell in your ads’ and marketing copy to make people take notice.

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9. Compression Socks

Increasing numbers of diabetics and elderly groups with venous ailments are driving up the demand for compression products.

Persistence Market Research forecasts the global compression products industry will be valued at $3.23 billion in 2020.

One of the most popular compression therapy products is the compression sock.

Google Trends reveals the global demand for compression socks is on the rise.

Compression socks are uniquely designed stocking and socks that help improve blood flow in a person’s lower legs.

They battle conditions that may cause pain and swelling like aching legs and impairments of venous walls.

These medically-beneficial socks are especially loved by women who want to prevent or are suffering from such conditions, so they’re always in demand.

compression socks

You can market compression socks through YouTubers.

Send a sample or two to a fitness influencer or a physical therapist asking them to make a detailed video about the benefits of using your product.

Instagram is another great place to find influencers who’d be willing to promote compression socks.

10. Specialty Coffee

By far the most exciting and trendy coffee niche of this modern era is specialty coffee. It turns out that, amid of a whole lot of beverages consumed, more and more people care about the quality of their morning brew.

This growth in  the specialty coffee culture is proportionate to the growing number of coffee drinkers and artisan roasters.

They are embracing new micro-lot and single origin coffees that are batch roasted for optimum flavor.

Unsurprisingly, Google Trends’ demand forecasts seem to back up these claims.

While commercial coffee is produced and packaged in large plants under nationally promoted branding, specialty coffee is roasted in small facilities using the highest-quality coffee beans.

You can source specialty coffee by roast, by blend designed for a particular flavor, or by the origin of its beans.

It’s one of those top trending dropshipping products that’ll drive a good portion of coffee lovers to your store.

selling specialty coffee

The best way to promote specialty coffee is to post on Instagram.

Use hashtags like #coffeebreak and #espresso to reach your target audience, and look for influencers who can post a few stories about your product on their Instagram handle.

11. Smartwatches

The growing popularity of Samsung Galaxy Gear and Apple Watch has led to a rise in the demand of wearables and smartwatches from other manufacturers and it’s unlikely to subside in the near future.

The fact that these watches are now smarter, stylish and functional than some smartphones means they’re poised to become everyday devices for a good portion of the world’s population.

This vision is in line with the growing trend of these devices.

From traditional watchmakers like Fossil and Tag Heuer to a range of lesser-known brands, dozens of manufacturers are producing smartwatches that deliver emails, apps, notifications and more to your wrist.

Although features and shapes vary, smartwatches can help you keep a better check on your health, attend calls, listen to music, and carry out many other tasks that you’d typically need a smartphone for.

selling smartwatches

Smartwatches are easier to promote than most other dropshipping items.

You can do unboxing videos with influencers on YouTube, ask Instagrammers to post high-quality images of your device on their accounts.

You can even target businessmen on LinkedIn by presenting a unique angle (for instance, you can say that smartwatches are an ideal way to keep tabs on company emails).

12. Bamboo Toothbrush

Minimalism is quickly becoming the lifestyle choice for many families, leading to a rise in demand for sustainable alternatives to the essentials they often use.

This has put products like bamboo toothbrushes on the map.

Google Trends shows a rising interest from global consumers which means capitalizing on the sustainable products opportunity early can be a game changer for aspiring merchants.

Made with bamboo, the bamboo toothbrush helps in eliminating one of the biggest contributors to ocean pollution.

The bamboo used in these brushes is grown naturally, without any use of pesticides or chemicals.

Additionally, it’s coated in natural wax to keep it dry and silky.

bamboo toothbrushes

Lifestyle and eco-conscious influencers can be used to promote bamboo toothbrushes.

Hashtags like #minimalistic and #ecolifestyle should get you front of the right audiences. You can even experiment with Snapchat if you have a decent following on that platform.

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13. Microfiber Towel

Microfiber is a synthetic material that is used in many households for cleaning purposes, and it's popularity continues to rise because of its effectiveness.

Technological improvements have made microfiber affordable enough to be used in varying shapes, such as towels.

People using microfiber towels don’t need to use chemicals as the material sticks liquids without fully absorbing them.

There has been an increase in demand for microfiber towels over the last few months, as data from Google Trends indicates.

Microfiber towels are a piece of cloth that traps moisture and dirt, making cleaning windows, door and other household fixtures a breeze.

Polyamide gives microfiber towel its softness, while polyester gives it the durability it’s popular for.

Overall, microfiber towels are affordable, lightweight, and fascinatingly absorbent.

cloth of microfiber

You can run Facebook ads targeting homeowners and family-based households to get eyeballs on your product.

Another option is to work with cleaning products influencer on YouTube.

YouTube influencers can talk about the benefits of microfiber towels, as well as demonstrate how to use one effectively for maximum cleaning impact.

These Are The Top Product Winners!

So, there you have it!

13 top trending dropshipping products to start selling in 2019.

Integrate these products into your new and existing online business or use them as inspiration to self-produce items that people can get excited about.

Make sure you find a good Shopify theme before you add products to your store!

After checking all the trends on these products, I personally believe these are the best products to sell in 2019

  • Crystal Water Bottle because it's super popular right now.
  • Smart Watches because the trend will keep growing.
  • Microfiber Towel for its great use in video ads so you can make easy ads.
  • Compression Socks since this trend is also growing at a very fast rate.
  • Phone Holder For Cars because it's these sell fast and good profits.

I hope you have enjoyed our guide as much as I enjoyed writing it!

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