Ultimate Special Offers Review: Do You Need This Plugin?

Written by Franklin Hatchett

Our goal at EcomElites is to help readers get the information they need, we partner with companies to help bring you that information. If a purchase or signup is made through our partners, we receive compensation for the referral. Learn More

Our goal at EcomElites is to help readers get the information they need, we partner with companies to help bring you that information. If a purchase or signup is made through our partners, we receive compensation for the referral. Learn More

Merchants that run both physical and online stores may have a hard time formulating discounts and special offers.

The ones with a store on Shopify may have a slightly easier time, but most apps only provide up to a couple of types of promotions.

The costs increase when you have to pay for multiple apps that perform different functions. Moreover, you will have a hard time managing your discount list.

Ultimate Special Offers has made it easier for the merchants on Shopify. This app will cover what Ultimate Special Offers is, how much it costs, its main features, and what customers say about it.

What is Ultimate Special Offers?

Ultimate Special offers (USO) is a Shopify app created by Pixel Union. The app offers its users an all-i-one sales solution. You can initiate eight types of sales, which are also the main features of USO. It even lets you create special offers for tagged and signed-in customers. The app also makes it possible to promote your sales using unique links. Moreover, you get to choose what deals your customers will see.

Pixel Union and Shopify have continuously upgraded the app to make it more user friendly. Ultimate Special Offers has a stable performance even during the busiest times in your Shopify store.

Ultimate Special Offers Main Features


Discounts are a classic sales technique. Ultimate Special Offers makes it possible to discount specific products, collections, and even your entire catalog. It is very easy to apply discounts on your Shopify store using USO.

You simply need to set the discount percentage for the product, collection, or catalog. This discount will appear on the chosen products, and it will automatically deduct the equivalent amount in your customer’s shopping cart.

Discount is a type of sale that is ideal for products and collections that have low sales. You can also use it to attract more customers to your store during special occasions such as the Christmas holidays.

Buy One Get One (BOGO)

The Buy One Get One (BOGO) feature is a sales technique that motivates buyers to buy a product as they will get another free. Ultimate Special Offers is not fixed on offering just one product for every product purchased under the BOGO sale.

This type of sale operates on the principle of Buy ‘x’ number of products and get ‘y’ number of items for free. This means you can even offer two products for every purchase made during the offer.

Moreover, USO also lets you a percentage offer under the BOGO feature. This means you can offer a discount for the second product after the purchase of the first. For example, the sale could feature buying one product at full price and getting 50% off on the next one.


The bundle sale in Ultimate Special Offers covers offers for complementary products, a specific collection of products, or the entire collection in your store. We advise that you use bundle offers for related products. For example, you can offer bundle offers for your entire clothing collection. Another good example is jewelry.

You can have bundle offers for necklace or earring collection. Photography is an important aspect of advertising your bundle offers. Ensure you use clear pictures that feature the bundle collection or complementary products like the earring and necklace.


Bulk sale is a type of sale that looks at the quantity threshold of a customer’s purchase. You should apply this type of sale in instances where the buyer is more likely to buy multiple units of a single product.

A bulk sale offer will entice your customers to buy a minimum amount of units to get a discount. To set a relevant bulk amount, first, analyze the average units per order for your products. You should set the bulk amount above this average. Let’s say you are selling tea bags, and the average order amount is around 3.5.

Set the minimum bulk amount at five units, and offer a discount to anyone who purchases at least five units. This will encourage your customers to buy more units to benefit from the discount. It is easier to analyze and set the bulk amount with the help of Ultimate Special Offers.


Successful eCommerce platforms like Amazon have adopted upselling and cross-selling. Ultimate Special Orders makes it possible to upsell and cross-sell on your Shopify store. To upsell means to encourage your customers to buy products of a higher price.

Cross-selling means to encourage your customers to purchase complementary or related products. You can upsell and cross-sell using two main ways; by use of pop-ups and in-cart upselling and cross-selling.

Pop-ups will display the products you want to upsell and cross-sell as your customer views your products. In-cart upselling and cross-selling is a major type of sale used by Amazon. You may have seen some products listed below the product description on their product pages.


Ultimate Special Offers also offers goal selling. Goal selling makes use of order value to motivate your customers to buy more. You will offer a discount when they achieve a certain order value. This discount can be either a percentage off or dollar amount.

Goal sales are more effective when you have a collection of items with varying prices on sale. For example, you can have a collection within a price range of $10 to $50. You can decide to give 20% off for purchases of at least $100, or you can offer a cash reward of $20 for purchases that hit the $100 mark.


Volume sales usually focus on setting a price for multiple units of a product. For example, you could list two units of a product at $100. However, the price will be slightly lower per unit when you list more units.

For example, you could list five units of the product above for $200. The price has decreased by $50 for the given volume, and your customers will be motivated to save this $50.


You can also use Ultimate Special offers to offer gifts to your customers. Like most of the other types of sales, the customer needs to purchase a certain type of product or a set number of units to get the gift.

A common example of a gift sale is the glasses that come with certain types or quantities of liquor, wine, or beer. Gift sales are usually more effective during special occasions like festivities. You can also use them for seasons like back to school. For example, you can offer a free big notebook for a backpack purchase.

Ensure that the gift you give to your customers relates to the amount they spend. For example, the backpack gift sale will not have a high turnover if you offer pens instead of notebooks.

How Much Does Ultimate Special Offers Cost?

The pricing for the Ultimate Special Offers depends on which Shopify plan you are using. However, all these plans start with a 14-day free trial. There are four main plans for Shopify and Ultimate Special offers.

Thus the price for USO will depend on what Shopify plan you have subscribed to. They include:

  • Basic. You will pay a monthly fee of $19 for the basic plan. This plan gives access to all the USO features and unlimited orders.
  • Standard. The Standard plan costs $29 per month. You still have access to all of Ultimate Special Offers features and unlimited offers.
  • Advanced. Any merchant on the Advanced plan will need to pay $49 per month. Your store has unlimited orders, and you can use all of USO’s features.
  • Shopify Plus. You will need to pay $99 per month if you are on the Shopify plan. Merchants have access to all the features in the previous plans.

What Customers Say About Ultimate Special Offers

Ultimate Special Offers has an overall rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars from 339 reviews on the Shopify app store. 277 of these reviews were 5-star ratings. The various users have been impressed by various features of Ultimate Special Offers.

Most merchants are attracted by the fact that they have eight types of selling at their disposal. It helps them make their store more appealing and increases inventory turnover and profit rates. Furthermore, they are impressed by the intuitive interface Ultimate Special Offers has. They appreciate the regular updates to promote a stable selling experience.

Ultimate Special Offers customers also applaud the highly responsive and helpful customer response team the app has. You can easily install and configure to make use of the various types of selling. Some are impressed by the fact that USO can be integrated into the shopper’s cart to ensure the selling methods are effective.

There have been little complaints that the automatic discounts may take a while to reflect on the shopper’s cart. However, the new updates have been able to fix these delays.

Ultimate Special Offers is a package of various types of selling to help boost conversion rates in your store. We award it a 4.5 rating out five based on the effectiveness of its features and feedback from past and current users.


Ultimate Special Offers (USO) is an app made by Pixel Union, which is a reputable app developer. It operates solely on Shopify stores. The app is a package of various types of selling techniques to help improve your store’s turnover rate. Previously, sellers on Shopify had to integrate and pay for multiple apps just to access some of the types of selling available on Ultimate Special Offers.

Ultimate Special Offers has eight types of selling, which are also its features. They include:

  1. Discount. You get to apply discounts for your products and categories to encourage buyers to purchase a certain product. USO lets you set a percentage-based discount.
  2. Buy One Get One Free (BOGO). This type of selling encourages your customers to purchase an ‘x’ amount of products to get a ‘y’ number of products for free or for a discounted rate.
  3. Bundle. The Bundle feature lets you list a specific collection, entire collection, or complementary products together. Bundles usually sell for a reduced price.
  4. Bulk. Bulk selling usually applies to units of the same product. The app will help you identify the average order number. Set the bulk number above the average and offer a discount or reduced price for bulk purchases.
  5. Upsell. Upsell goes hand in hand with cross-selling. Upsells provides pop-ups of more expensive products and cross-sell list related products.
  6. Goal. Goal selling usually relies on the order value. You will set a price goal for your customers. Once they attain the order value, you can award them with a percentage off or cash discount.
  7. Volume. Volume sales use tiering of quantity and cost of products. This means that buyers will save by buying a larger volume of products.
  8. Gift. Gift sales offer gifts for purchases made. A good example is a free glass for a bottle of liquor. Gift sales usually apply during special occasions.

Ultimate Special Offers pricing starts at $19 and depends on your current Shopify Plan.

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