An Example of a Pure E-Commerce Dropshipping Business

After reading through some tutorials about dropshipping, you may now be close to finally taking action and building one of your own. Or perhaps you already built one, and you need an example of a good and 100% e-commerce store to get inspiration.

Here, we will review a company website that uses Shopify as its platform, which also qualifies as a 100% e-commerce store and try to see the good points that make it a good dropshipping model.

The Ecommerce Store

The store we will take a look at is Gazzall. A lot of the clothing sold here come from one company from AliExpress. The name of that clothing manufacturer is SheIn. It is an international brand that has warehouses over the world, and it ships products to customers worldwide.

Gazzall sells the product on its store, but SheIn is the one that ships it.

The Home Page

As you can see, the front page of this e-commerce store is bold. When you build a store, you must remember that pictures speak a thousand words.

As much as possible, your sliders must immediately tell the website visitor what your business is about. Try not to use too many words for promotions. Instead, use photos that are bright photos that tell customers what you are selling, and what they can get from it.

In this example, you know right away that the website is selling clothing for women. You can do this if you use a theme that has sliders.

The Product Page

If you click on the products from this store, you will be taken to a page like the one below. Take a look, and we will discuss the good things about it.


First off, the company uses good SEO in its product title. People who are looking for Neon Orange clothing may come across this product, and so are those who type the words “knot back halter top”.

If the company only used “orange top,” this product may not even appear on the first page of a search engine.

Urgency and Credibility

Below the product name, you will see how many of the items have been sold. This tells a customer that there are others who have tried this product. This builds credibility.

You can also see that it is on sale. From a price of $26, now it is being sold for $16. There is a 39% discount, and it also says that only three are left in stock. The sale ends in three hours and 48 minutes.

With this strategy, the store owner creates a sense of urgency. If you do not buy it now, you will be paying $10 more three hours later. So, what do you think is the customer going to do?


As you access the website, you will be presented with a spinning wheel below. It is a game that does not require anything from the visitor. You can win up to 80% discount, which you can apply in your purchase.

Customers love discounts because they save money. If you build your own store, make sure that you have some discount to offer, so customers feel that they got more value out of their money.


If you investigate further, this website also has complete information about the shipping info, product sizes, and product details. They are arranged in tabs, and they do not clutter the page.

The website looks really organized. And you can do the same for your e-commerce product pages by using Shopify apps. Many of these apps are free to use, and they can help you build a professional store.

Always remember to make your home page bold and simple, create a detailed product page, and offer promotions to attract buyers to make a purchase now.

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