Top 12 High Quality Wholesale Drone Suppliers (US/UK/China)

Written by Franklin Hatchett

Our goal at EcomElites is to help readers get the information they need, we partner with companies to help bring you that information. If a purchase or signup is made through our partners, we receive compensation for the referral. Learn More

Our goal at EcomElites is to help readers get the information they need, we partner with companies to help bring you that information. If a purchase or signup is made through our partners, we receive compensation for the referral. Learn More

Drones are the future toys and gadget even for professionals. Even Amazon and other delivery services are now looking at drones to do their deliveries. If you are a dropshipper, you may find this niche a very profitable one, provided that you get the supplies at wholesale prices.

Today, I will share with you several wholesale drone suppliers in different regions. In the end, you have to choose one or a few suppliers. Your choices must depend on your buyer’s location. The closer the supplier to the user, the faster the shipping is going to be.

Top High Quality Wholesale Drone Suppliers

1. VeryDrone

VeryDrone is located in Florida, and it is a supplier of high-end drones that can cost more than $1,000. Choose this supplier if you are planning to sell to high-end markets such as photographers and videographers.

Here are some of the products you can choose from:

  • Mobile remotes
  • Toy drones
  • Mini drones
  • Large drones
  • Camera drones

The company also sells refurbished drones. These are drones that have been used before, and they simply replaced parts that have been damaged.

What you will love about this company is that they offer to finance. They have a program called “Fly Now, Pay Later.” The rates of the payment vary from one product to another, but they do not charge repayment penalties. The company ships internationally, and they also offer free shipping for purchases that are above $499 in value.

2. A2 Trading Corp

Also in the USA, A2 Trading is based in Florida. They do wholesale not only drones but many other types of electronic gadgets and equipment.

Here are the drone brands that they support and sell at wholesale prices:

  • Parrot
  • Yuneec
  • Dromida
  • GoPro
  • Hubsan
  • Horizon

The company is also selling spare parts and accessories, which is an important aspect of the drone business. Drones fall all the time, and it is not unusual for customers to have broken parts that need replacement.

Before you can buy and see any product from this company, you have to register for an account. Once your account is approved, you will receive a notification via email. After that, you will be able to access the product list. You cannot view the product list unless you are an approved member. Also, they ship internationally.

3. Drone Nerds

Drone Nerds is located in the US, and it is one of only three authorized DJI support centers in the USA. DJI is a popular drone manufacturer. Drone Nerds does not only sell drones, but they also offer repair services.

Here some of the products they sell:

  • Smart glasses for flying drones
  • Pocket cameras
  • Thermal drones
  • Refurbished drones
  • Enterprise drones
  • Professional drones

One good thing you will love here is that the company offers financing through a company called Affirm. As a buyer, you can apply for this program and you can pay what you owe between three and 18 months. The interest can be as low as 0%, provided that you qualify.

The refund policy is 10 days, including “buyer remorse.” Yes, you can get your money back if your customer simply had a change of mind.

4. ProDrones

This is a Japanese company that operates in the US. It is a wholesaler for professional drones, as it is also the manufacturer. If you are going to target professionals like photographers and rescue organizations, you have to speak to this company and strike a partnership.

Here are some of the products you can get from here:

  • Land survey drone
  • Search and rescue mission
  • Medical supply drones
  • Delivery drones
  • Venue security drones

The drones that are sold here are huge. They are not toy drones that fit your hand. There is no data as to how much these drones cost. However, these drones may cost tens of thousands of dollars because they are used by big companies like Amazon.

If you want to sell these professional drones, the first step is to contact ProDrone from their website. inquire about the prices and what business deals they can offer you as a wholesaler.

5. Drones Direct

A UK company, Drones Direct is like a branch of a larger organization. It also sells appliances, laptops, furniture, and many more.

Here are some of the items you can buy wholesale:

  • Drone accessories
  • Racing drones
  • Refurbished drones
  • Business and professional drones
  • Drones for cinematography

The company also offers services in case you need them. Some of the popular brands they carry are DJI, Parrot, Yuneec, and PRO Flight.

Purchasing is easy, as you can do the purchase online. They also accept several payment methods such as credit cards. However, they prefer to deliver only to the billing address of the credit card. You can ask for the shipment to be delivered somewhere, but the shipping may be delayed.

If you are interested, the company also offers to finance. You can avail this for products above 99 GBP, and you can choose from 6 to 36 months in paying.

6. HeliGuy

This company does not just sell drones, but they also offer training and support. Based in the UK, they have received several recognitions and awards already.

Here are the supplies you can get from this company:

  • Different kinds of drones
  • Gimbals and stabilization gadgets
  • Cameras
  • Other accessories

All the parcels that they ship are packed and protected. They are listed as fragile items. They deliver not just in the UK, but the rest of the world. The cost of shipping depends on the courier that you pick.

The company also offers a global return policy. Buyers have 50 days to return the item. If the item is still sealed, you will get 100% refund. If it is already opened, the refund cost will be decided by the management.

7. Caelus Drones

This one is not the only supplier, but it also offers leasing and aerial services. Caelus Drones is a UK company, but they ship internationally.

Here are the products available here:

  • Basic drones
  • Multi-copter drones
  • Camera attachments
  • Sensors
  • Fixed-wing drones
  • Gimbals
  • Underwater drones

You can also buy and dropship extra batteries and other drone accessories. For delivery, it takes the company between three and five business days to process the order. They mainly use Royal Mail and DPD as couriers.

In the UK, they can guarantee the delivery of one or two days after the processing time. If you need a refund, you have to contact them first. You have to provide your name, your address, order number, the product, and the reason for returning the item.

8. Build Your Own Drone (BYOD)

Also from the UK, this one offers a much flexible product. If you want to give your customers the liberty to make their own drones, then BYOD is one that you should look into.

Here are the products available at the site:

  • Flight controller systems
  • Quadcopters
  • Chips and motherboards
  • LED lights

For orders, just select the item from the online store, and then checkout. There are several payment methods accepted here such as credit cards. For shipping, expect to pay different fees based on the weight and dimensions of your order.

The good thing about this company is that they will give you a tracking number. They use TNT Express GB and Royal Mail. The packages you buy are also insured, so you are guaranteed to have insurance protection in case anything happens.

9. Alibaba

Alibaba is the biggest wholesale online marketplace in China. It is like Amazon, so you will be dealing with lots of suppliers here.

Here are some of the things you can buy:

  • Cameras
  • Accessories
  • Small toy drones
  • Professional grade drones
  • Spare parts
  • Controllers

In Alibaba, you will buy the item as per the manufacturer’s pricing. You have to take the time to choose a supplier. Contact the supplier before making a purchase. Many suppliers here offer really low prices if you buy in bulk.

As a buyer in Alibaba, you are covered by its buyer protection policy. One thing that you may want to really work out here is the return and refund policy. If you are a dropshipper, your customer will have to send the item back to China before you get the refund from the manufacturer.

10. Made in China

Like Alibaba, this is a marketplace where you can get drones and drone parts in wholesale prices, even if you buy in retail.

Here are some examples of what you can buy:

  • HD camera
  • Toy drones
  • Agricultural drones
  • Radio controls
  • Spare parts

Unlike Alibaba, you cannot make a direct purchase from the website. Your first step is to contact the merchant, and you will have to strike a deal. You have to ask the merchant about the shipping cost. It is not like Amazon or Alibaba where the shipment is taken care of their own fulfilment centres.

You also need to be careful about returns and refunds. Each seller here has his own policies, and you will have to comply with different expectations from different merchants.

11. Hi Model

This one is a Chinese supplier not just for drones, but also for other hobbies that require remote controls. They even supply legitimate parts for DJI drones.

Here are the things you can buy here:

  • Multi-rotors Electronics
  • Gimbal Brushless Motors
  • Video accessories and camera
  • Gimbal/Gimbal Controller
  • Multi-rotors Motors
  • OSD/GPS/Auto-pilot/Stabilizer
  • 2.4G Radio Sets
  • Speed Controllers
  • DJI Drone Parts
  • 2.4G Modules & Receivers

There are several shipping options to choose from, and you can expect the package to arrive within days or weeks. The length of shipping depends on your courier of choice.

12. Shenzen Smart Drones

This is also a Chinese supplier but not for toys. Like PRO Drones, the products they sell are for large organizations and professionals.

Here are some examples:

  • Tiltrotor drones
  • Payload drones
  • Control systems
  • Control software

The drones sold here are for business applications such as intelligent logistics, intelligent surveying, defence systems, and even inspections. The drones can also be used in farming, construction works, and many other things.

You have to contact the supplier before you buy, and this is a real wholesale supplier for the big-time buyers and sellers. You cannot buy anything from the website. Instead, you will do a business meeting and sign a contract.

In Summary

The drone business is tough. You have to understand this hobby if you want to succeed. It is highly recommended that you sell this product only if you are a drone hobbyist yourself. The reason behind this is that if you are a hobbyist, you will be able to answer the different questions of your customers about the products that you are selling.

Among the suppliers mentioned above, take the time to contact them and visit their websites. Feel free to browse their products, and then read their shipping and refund policies. I strongly suggest that you also ask them for special discounts and prices. This way, you will get more value for your money and make more profit.

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